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  1. Yoshi_EU

    Clan Battles: "Land of Fire" Season Results

    6.304 Teams played this season. A total of 97 Teams are in Hurricane at the end of the season, across all regions. EU had 35, ASIA 21, US 23 and RU 20 Teams in Hurricane. No exact numbers, but Typhoon Group 1 was reached had about ~400 Teams across all regions, with 90-100 Teams per region.
  2. A basic tool to rename your ships, with just a few click. No extra software, install or manual editing needed. This tool edits your language file and replaces anything you want with anything. What can I change with it? This tool can be used to rename Ships, Captains, Modules, Missions or Weapons. How to use: 1.) Close World of Warships. 2.) The langue file (global.mo) is located in: .../World_of_Warships/bin/2744482/res/texts/<your language>/LC_MESSAGE/global.mo Make a Copy of the global.mo! (Duplicate the file) 3.) Now Simply place the "rename.exe" (from inside the downloaded "wows_renameShips.zip") next to the langue file (global.mo) from step 2 and run it. 4.) After opening the application simply fill in what you want to replaced with what, and use enter to continue. 5.) The program will start working: It will automatically close once the file is saved. Do not close the program while saving, it might damage the file! 6.) Done! You can now view your changes in-game: How to undo changes: Either undo it, by replacing the edited names, with the normal ones. (if you can remember them) Delete the edited global.mo file, and replace it with the original that you created in step 2. Download: Windows download: DOWNLOAD (Binary .exe) (No install needed) Other OS: Just use the python3 script on my github. Version: Should permanent work with all versions of WoWs, and probably other Wargaming products as well. Find the code on github: https://github.com/Yoshi-E/Rename-Ships-in-World-of-Warships The python code is extremely simple, and you can use it to make your own tools :) Similar Tools: For more in in depth editing of text lines, I can recommend the tool by Aessaya https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/154616-mo-file-editor-v12/
  3. Yoshi_EU

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    1. filled with dirt 2. Giant Cigars for victory parties 3. Helium Bottles, for "high" karaoke nights 4. Swim Noodles, together with other inflatable water toys (and compressed air bottles) for beach parties 5. Teleskopes, so they crew can enjoy clear nights and their stars 6. Alcohol bottles, what else?
  4. Yoshi_EU

    Okhotnik in the premium shop

    Its worth it, the number of Torps make it a mini Kitakami, togther with its speed and guns it can be quite a beast!
  5. Yoshi_EU

    Arp-Kirishima voice again scrambled with Iona one...

    Well to my understanding normal sound mods should still work, so you basically just need an old version of Arpeggio and install it as a sound mod (that is not compressed, and you might have to rename it to prevent duplicate issues). There you should be able to move and edit the files as you like. If you need an old version I could provide one. Right now we have means to unpack the files, but not to repack them, though if somebody else has a better suggestion feel free to add it. Wargaming to change those sound files: ARP contracted ended, so its pretty unlikely that they will touch it (even though its not much).
  6. Yoshi_EU

    One sided battles

    I made a folder just to collect screen shots of 1 sided MM, ive got over 180 so far
  7. Yoshi_EU

    WG EU, this is getting ridiculous...

    Guys, just see the mission was a reward for archiving such a goal. Nobody forces you to complete it, and the reward is not that special that you have to get it... If you happen to complete it... good for you If you dont... notching changes
  8. Yoshi_EU

    the "carry harder!" thread

    1 vs 12 is that a new gamemode? 5 out of 5 kills, with more time, more would have been possible.
  9. longer DC party for BBs and the new BoS skill on tier 3... good buff for HE spamming Ca *Zao wink wink* (2% DE doesn't make a big difference). Not sure what to think about that active time of fighters 360s nerfed to 60s...
  10. Yoshi_EU

    Progression for the new captain skills

    The total Xp needed for each Captain lvl in 0.6.0: 1708000 The table seems to be correct except the last 3 values: 927000 1149000 1408000 1708000
  11. It seems you are misunderstanding something here, the combat strength of a Bismarck lies within its excellent close combat fighting abilities, turtleback armor, secondaries, fast guns, high speed. With a normal Bismarck Build even the worst hydro in the game is enough to spot Torpedos in time to outmaneuver them. The point he is making here, is that the combat abilities will not decrease by decreasing the hydro range. For example: Ferrari vs Porsche Do you think the power difference will change if you decrease the headlight distance of the Ferrari? You are making the Headlights weaker, but the car won't get any weaker, maybe only at night when the vision is bad... Same goes for the Bismarck, Hydro is the "Headlight" when the vision is bad, but reducing the hydro wont effect its combat strength. ** My examples are usually quite terrible, please forgive me.
  12. Every CA can easily outplay and win against any bb on tier 7+. In a CA you make 1 mistake and you are a goner, but if you are not making many/any mistakes you will win easily against any bb. Cruisers just have a higher skill cap by default. If you buff Cruiser Unicum+ players would just dominate the maps in them.
  13. it's known for about 1 month that the devs wanted to Nerf Bismarck hydro for Ranked as it was over performing on those tiny maps. Tho I would say Bismarck Hydro could be nerfed, im not saying that they should ( I main Bismarck ;) ) but other tier 8 ships deserve a nerf a lot more e.g. kutuzove. Bismarck and Tirpitz just forgive more mistakes than e.g NC. As stats are made by an avrg potatos it makes the Bismarck appear UP.
  14. Yoshi_EU

    WoWs Competitive Gaming - Looking for volunteers!

    So here you apply for Organizing an Event? Or to take part? Abit more information would be useful. Apply as a Team or multiple persons to organize it, so we have to do it ourself? Or just das a helping hand to volunteer for helping on an Event organized by you? Interested as a Viewer, spectator, taking part or as an Organizor?
  15. Yoshi_EU

    Kurfurst Vs. Yamato?

    Yamato is better on medium-long rang and Long range combat (outranges GK). GK is better in close range (secondaries are setting constant fires, can not be citadeled, has faster turrets. In a GK you can drive by Other battleships shoot them in the broadside from point blank, and there is nothing they can do about that: