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  1. Tanaka_15

    Important message to the Player Community

    3 years after rework. You are still "working" on fixing issues, but you force put subs in game. Right. "Working" ....
  2. Tanaka_15

    Why is Tier X cheaper than Tier IX?

    Yeah i think t10 ships shuld be more expensive.
  3. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    again you dont have arguments. you have baisless and pointless statments. No. I do belive that pepole with higher number IE 5.0 or 70% have better opionons and knowlagde. To make it simpler if you have 40% WR in wows it is like 1.0 grades in school you are not smart and you dont know anything cos you lack beeing smart. Therefore your opions in matter of this game are worthless cos you cant play it, you dont undrustand it and you cant evem make one single ship work on avg level for like 100 games. So again and agian we are geting back to simple thing if you dont undrustand someting your opinions about it are irlerelevant. You are very bad at plaing wows. so your opions about wows have no value.
  4. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    Jeusus. Even in this Arcade discison you were wrong you know? Agani and angain you are doing this thingk You say someting. you are worng, people tell you that you are wrong you say untrue and ou say i win the dabate. You dint you were wrong you are wrong and you will be wrong. :)
  5. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    more like @fastmotion and my posts will get removed. In a way aruging with him is strangly funny.
  6. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    I dont belive so. Well your last 7 days are 132 games with 32% of wins 20k dmg and 1 kill for about 3 games. Do you agree that this means you play very very bad? I see your stats know. And thery are more like 30% of win. With my own eyes i can see it. Can you?
  7. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    MATE: This are your ranked stats: Look at them you kill less than 0,2 ship per game. you win less than 5 games in 10. Your afv dmg is at level of 30k (one good salvo from bb or one good torp run). Why sould i care about antyhing you say if you cleary do not posses any skill in this game?
  8. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    Entifre forum proved you wrong showed and point by point explained you you why you are wrong. your inablity to comprehand answers you get prove anny attempt to posint arguments, knowagle and so one just usless. Again and agian you proved you can listen only to your own voic so why sould i try to expalin you antyhing?
  9. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    Agian. you are wrong. simple as that.
  10. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    Foodball is about creating and blocking space not about kickng the ball. Well this is definition os ignoracne you cant see your errors cos you dont have nessesary tools (knowalge) to see them. Community precicted that CVs rework will be dissater and it is a dissaster. Dead eye is another example. There ar littelary toons of examples where community was right.
  11. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    Ofc. This is one of the simple facts. Most peapole dont undrustand football. No. And you show in this sentence show a lot of ignorance. This is your problem you are ignorat and you are advocating for ignoracne. We all proved tyhat you are worng many times your problem is ignorance. You cant undrustand our answers and opions. This is your problem not ours. Agian ignorance.You dont have opions tbh you dont kave knowlage nesseary to have an opion. You have some belives you created to cheat yourself in beliving you know something but you dont.
  12. Tanaka_15

    General Submarines related discussions

    You are so wrong, that is hard to even start expaling how badly you are wrong. You are like a preson who watch 45 mins of football game and think that he knows how te game works.
  13. Tanaka_15

    Submarines: Thinking outside the box!

    Better option do not include subs in game.
  14. Tanaka_15

    General CV related discussions.

    Lol yes. doing dmg killing ships and winning games is doing anthing. no. Same for silver or gold. no. there avg skill is same. In some ways in qualifaction it is even worse. Or in save ranks liek 5 for example.
  15. Tanaka_15

    General CV related discussions.

    So for last 163 games you did nothing in your games. It is that simple.