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  1. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Radar spoting

    Radar spoting should only work for the ship that have radar or sonar. No other ship in the team should see the spoted ships. Its time to fix this.
  2. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Remove Radar, Keep Sonar

    Its time to remove the rader from the game, and keep the sonar. Its just hopless to play DD, when u got 4 radarships and a CV. Then WG need to buff the range on torps, if they will keep the radar. Now there is even talk about buffing Radar range vs diff. type of ships. Keeping the sonar is oki, the ships have some defence vs torp attack, and even to charge smoking ships. Or they need to fix the MM so u want get 4 radarships on one side, and 1 on the other side. As we all now this game need more balance.
  3. xX_Poseidon_Xx


    i now tha tfie get u spotted for longer time.. i also notice that dds compair to CA stay longer spottet afterfire there main gun also.. but that is an other topic.. sry for bad spelling
  4. xX_Poseidon_Xx


    not talking when am firing in smoke .. just running away in both smoke or no smoke.. turning like a stupid rabbit running from a fox.. still getting hit after deitcion is out for 20 sec or so..
  5. xX_Poseidon_Xx


    Why do u getting hit if u are not spotted. Is that a bug in the game? Getting a bit pissed of by getting hit when am not spottet. Is there a mod out there that can calculate where u are when u go out of spotting?
  6. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    i can give u many.. its to fast, its fire rate is to fast, its fire damage it to mutch etc.. its just a damn do good ship tbh.. all u may do is sett its fire starter down 4% and its all good or so ..i dont now thb.. but it need to be nefed..
  7. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    non of the ruski cruisers are op tbh. its not many ships that are op.. only one and that is the ruski DD t10.. just nerf it.. and we all are happy
  8. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    and its cool to see that so many post on it .. makes me happy
  9. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    well i can only say what i think , khaba is to strong. i hope the mm is better now. not sure how the cv is now after patch. And i think the t8 jap mogami is oki now. But the khaba have to mutch speed to mutch fps etc.. just put it down a notch. And its oki.They may even made the tirpitz to strong after patch... not sure.
  10. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    i posted a tread about this 2 weeks ago.. that post was removed..
  11. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    the story behind this is that that ship is to op.. no more no less.. the same way kiev was in the start. Balance of the game is importen and the khabarovsk is not balanced like with the rest atm. If ii had been a golden ship it would be fine as it is, but its not any golden ship. And i tbh i dont think am the only one, that think that ship should be nerfed.
  12. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Time to NERF khabarovsk

    WG the Khabarovsk have had its fun time to nerf that ship now. NERF NERF and NERF
  13. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Whats wrong with WoW

    Hey Folks. Whats wrongwith our lovely game. Well its easy to sum up. 1 Kill steal.. slacker that just wait to kill Your Kill. 2 Khobarski just a [edited] to OP ruski DD 3 Campers.. To many happy campers ¨4 Suport.. what do i need to suport.. omg .. so many stupid players.. but what the hell its just a game.. stupid players all over. any ways we all love the game .. have a nice weekend
  14. xX_Poseidon_Xx

    Chickens rule the game.. happy campers

    tbh wonder if many players understand that game at all. Its about cap. its not about camping. players to scared that they will get killed etc.. its sad to see so many happy campers. I think if WG would change the economic in the game, not so many players would camp. But would it fix the understanding of the game? So get out there and cap, not camp