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  1. chahuru

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    40 mega crates Kii Texas Arizona Abruzzi Z39 Monaghan Perth KrasnyKrim Cesare Roma 8000 doubloons 50 000 coal others were camos and flags about € 135 in, 350 to 400 out. Not that bad
  2. chahuru

    Twilight Battle.

    Ghouls speed boost reduces detectability. Theres your answer.
  3. chahuru

    First poll - best looking ship

    which is the best looking ... representative of fauna ... from the carefully selected list below: stork turtle herring flea elephant totally random, no relation whatsoever. ... That aside - what is the concept behind this selection of 20? Tier, class, nationality, specific feature, anything?
  4. chahuru

    PSA: Some nice deals in the premium shops right now

    so far no scamming in my port ... that twitch harbour perhaps to blame?
  5. chahuru

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Have same issue - though FPS does not drop below 50 - game stutters horribly. Not entirely unplayable, but extremely inconvenient. Also noticed that stuttering levels at some point and does not get worse. For me it is crystal clear that that new guy - John Doe - is not on par with his responsibilities ... Although personally I really dont like Steven Seagull, I have to say that under his management all those pixels were under strict discipline. Unfortunately most of old time masters of badassery are old or dying ... Would love to have Clint Eastwood as one of my captains - does not say anything - just stares. Very intensely.
  6. chahuru

    Explain this before I lose my s**t

    No - it is not about working up. Sometimes it is just so. Today had 30 games with 35% winrate. Running also Aslain matchmaking monitor at times ... today was evil in earnest. It IS so that enemy team WAS mostly bluish purple and our sorry bunch of bathtubes were reddish yellow. I could almost predict the result by that info only. What was actually strange - even when you could see the color variation somewhat equal or at times in our favor - we lost. Mostly landslides too. Tier X. In under 10 minutes half the team is dead. Even with teams that seemingly had very good players ... There is no shoulder wide enough in the world to carry those games out from that. So you try, but with those odds there are just more ships shooting you and you dead quick. OK - I would buy a bit of averages if our victories were landslides also - but they were really feral fights with tooth and nail - like defying the odds. With 30 battles just got enough - took out some clubs for sealing and enjoyed some nice and smooth low tier mashup where you dont die in one salvo, shells will not arrive from other maps, skies are not filled with planes, air with radar and water with sonar. Nothing beats some close quarters knuckle bruising and knife flashing. So - two men enter a room, play poker. One loses everything. But in average - in that room there is still two men and ALL their money. So, in average one lost more other won more - OK? I think that by averages it is expected that game environment behaves in certain period of time similarly, no matter where you are. So if most of the wins are landslides, most of the losses too. Same applies even to lesser details - like the average behavior of players is more or less equalled out. Technically, since rather substantial RNG factor is also present in game behavioral mechanism, the one or two odd worse or better players should even themselves out. But somehow it does not work quite so. Still you can observe that other or our team is much more skilled/experienced and dominates the field. Losing one or two ships is not so fatal as it is many cases RNG dependent, but if you take into account the skill difference of shooting accuracy from 30 games per ship vs >200, it is obvious that enemy team with many more skilled players has very big advantages out of the box. So - technically speaking - it wouldnt be bad to actually do skill based MM, but not so that higher skill level players have to wait match time among themselves, but so that opposing teams skill level weights are somewhat equal. So maybe on very unicum player finds itself among total newbs as teammates. And against a more level enemy team. Of course, this will open up a whole new world of new frustrations definitely :)
  7. chahuru

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    Oh. Thanks. That brightens my day :)
  8. chahuru

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    You can switch them off? Which mod? Aslains?
  9. chahuru

    Emblems and insignias huge success

    Utter crap by my opinion. Childish actually. Since those choices are so limited, crafting something actually unique is not that much possible. Also, lets assume you do craft yourself some flashy patch - except from looking a bit military (which 99% of the cases means horrible artwork btw) and flashy, means nothing. If you could design your own, reflecting something unique indeed, id say be interesting. Or include at least your own national colors or something. It was possible at WoT. Exceptionally stupid is also that emblem showup when anyone sinks you. Zero information about your killer. DEFINITELY not a "personal message" they want to implement. More like showing a cheap fake police badge ... I would understand, perhaps put it like suggestion also - if this deathscene insult to injury would to work as intended, do it like you have your killer name appearing + medal patches panel aside - like you see them at military uniforms. The biggest the admiral, the bigger and shinier hist chest is. Current insignia system i really dislike and it angers me also that i cant turn them off ...
  10. chahuru

    New bonus codes

    Thanks a lot! Webpage ate all of them. We'll see what they actually do.
  11. chahuru

    Public Test Rewards

    Hi there! @Crysantos Can I make one tiny suggestion? Would it be possible to make a small "check your rewards" button or something available at your profile page at warships official page? Much more convenient - you are logged in, dont need dedicated mail (which arrives weeks after bonuses are available), everything related to you in one place - is it possible?
  12. chahuru

    How many 19 points captains do you have? (February 2018)

    3 ... Anshan, Leningrad (Kiev) and Atlanta (Farragut) Would have 4, but my most honourable and cool as liquid hydrogen, captain for Kamikaze commited seppuku after zero damage match one day. The shame was so unbearable. One day he was there and one day was not anymore.
  13. chahuru

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    cant tell if oil was with them ... in notification list it is not mentioned, but i suspect a bump in an inventory :) so far pretty happy with result - 20 huge ones to burn through and the result is more than satisfactory - 30 Wyvern - 90 Hydra - 30 dragons - 270 pointy tree camos (fugly as hell - eyes hurt - camo removal mod must kick in I think) - 30 type 59 camos - 6000 dubloons - 180 days premium time - Gallant with 10p cap Everything is pretty useful
  14. chahuru

    the higher the tier the less I enjoy it.

    Hehe ... funny and interesting find! I personally also agree - lower/mid tiers are much more engaging. At those tiers you cant be shot from EVERYWHERE on the map by BB's. Big guns are way less accurate at your effective range (as I play mainly DD's or CL), you wont get instantly deleted by lucky shells. You have much more variation in your tactics - you can yolo, you can stay behind. Reloads are faster (it is interesting though - BB's at tier III have SAME reload as tier X? Why's that? They are much more relatively powerful compared to any other gun ... ), making duels more intense, etc. Quite often you actually can get yourself into actual proper knife-fight - face to face, close range. Very rare at higher tiers as usually you get deleted without even getting anywhere close to anyone ... Cant say low tiers make you broke - with 3000+ games there sits about 300M silver and 400k exp at my account - nothing to spend it on :) If given some thought about it - I dont think that high tiers will ever be comparable to lower tiers - ever. Just because the damage potential at high tiers is so prohibitive, that it by itself is forcing this cat-and-mouse-merry-go-round-find-and-seek that is going on at the top. If you like the comaprison would be like at tier I you have sword - you have to play with that - so "eliminating" your enemy is very intense and up close business. But at top tier you have H-bomb - so most of the game there would probably be hiding ... maybe a shot or two, with couple of years worth of reload or something ... Ofc by some standards it is very thrilling ... but not for everyone.
  15. chahuru

    Rolling barrels sound when zooming in

    I guess, if one plays for instance mostly BB-s - barrels in every 30s is not such an issue compared to every 5 sec or so ...