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  1. chahuru

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    They are meant as gifts and motivotional boost for my brave captains - they have died and spelled blood for my cause countless times - time to give them something back! Some flags for dumbest ones. New camo falls into same category - those are easiest to please. For some new ships are preferred. For some doubloons and for some promotion. But best gift for them all would be Premium Time. No substitute for that. What do you imagine they are doing while on shore leave, me not around beating quarters?
  2. chahuru

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    57 with latest addition of shitbuckets from crates :)
  3. chahuru

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    Not bad - THAT at least has some real value + 22 000 doubloons, which equals another year of premium time - add some ships too - not that bad at all. You dnot have to spend anything for next three years on! :) It was two years ago when WG outright cheated in the middle of loot sales where they drastically reduced the drop chance of stuff with hard value - but still you could get more or less manageable outcome. But this year it seems that they have dumped the chance all time low for better stuff. Lets be honest - 30 flags or 20 camos (one of the UGLIEST in the game) are not actually worth anything. Coal and doubloons have some value - at least we can trade them into something with value.
  4. chahuru

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    definitely do so - unless you plan to spend it on worse crap - then you might get lucky probably :) I guess this money spent on two bottles of Rum Anniversario or selection cognac is WAAAY better spent
  5. chahuru

    Christmas Crates Drop Rate Project

    40 times mega pack 3 x ships - Mutsu, Genova, Ark Royal 2 x 12500 coal 4 x 2000 doubloons 15 x premium flags 5 x premium camos (5) 11 x ugly camos (20) 4 times small 1 x Viribus Unitis 3 x economy flags. So far crappiest NY event. And even if I am aware that it is a gamble, it has previously been that you at least get your value back, but not this time :)
  6. chahuru

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    crappiest loot so far. in whole 4 years of loots ... Did 40 huge boxes - with agenda to get at least one 180 day premium time + some doubloons to top it off for a year, if any ship there - it will be a bonus ... but nothing ... 8k dbl, 25k coal, shitload of flags and ugly new year camos and four ships. CV, which i do not play, two crap ones - viribus and genova and lastly Mutsu, which will decorate my port as I am not BB fan :) Feel quite ripped off compared to previous years. Actually pretty massive ripoff if I have to compare ...