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  1. I'm not that far in KM BBs though. Still at Bayern, Queen Elizabeth, Amagi and New Mexico. I only started playing the German BBs because I thought they were supposed to be more tanky and good for pushing caps from the front. I feel like I need support in this ship more than any other. It's true that they work better at the front, because they can't hit Jack from the back, and when you do get 3/8 shells on target the AP doesn't penetrate at range. Bayern doesn't take cit hits but it just doesn't seem to bounce ANY AP shells from ANY direction and melts under HE fires. In comparison I'm also playing QE and find it takes big damage and eats cits if you're angled poorly, and burns the same but you can pull back more HP with repair party and has decent barrel accuracy at any range. QE feels like it punishes poor decisions but rewards good ones. Support for the first half of the match accumulating damage then pick your moment to exploit a weakness and push up. Bayern gets punished whatever I do. From the back I'm ineffective early match. Up front I'm manoeuvrable vs torps but take a ton of damage I can't recover after an encounter and just don't seem to have enough damage output in return. Reload is 30s which is a bit unfair given the guns dispersion. If she had the 26s reload it might balance out a little better. I've researched Gneisenau now but am putting my money into RN BB and CL lines as I find them much more rewarding. Still playing a few games in Bayern if my other ship is down but just can't find a playstyle that works with it.
  2. The 20% AA range buff helps a lot when up tiered. Secondaries less so.
  3. pomathoin

    The Amagi Wiggle

    Amagi is my favourite ship period. There's no ships except RN cruisers I only fire AP though. I like to start the match with HE loaded and AP preloaded for the follow up, alternating between the two until a more specific situation. Have cit'd cruisers at max range or start fires on BBs. Closer in I'll stay AP unless a DD is lurking but HE can tear up cruisers just fine if your facing a mixed force.
  4. Have been experimenting with captain skills while it's free to redistribute and had moderately more success when I equipped concealment and survivability perks to get me closer and keep me alive longer. Went back to PM, EM, SI and AFT though for now. This ship feels like lots of perks can make a difference but you have to focus them to be really effective. It's very jack of all trades but the dispersion forces you in closer. Also got the hull B and engine upgrade which made a good difference. 25kts feels like the minimum speed I can handle in a BB. More of a BC player I guess. That and 11.1 rudder shift and I feel like I can finally insert myself where I want to be and swing about effectively. Had a few 40-60k damage games and finished with a 99k. I had a couple of good 1v1s bows on and managed to turn across their bows to get onto their blind side. The turtle armour really helps with that as you don't have to worry about the citadel taking hits from their bow turrets as you turn across them. It would be nice if WG could include stats for °/sec turn rate for each ship. For example Kongo at 30kts and 770m turning circle actually 180s faster than New York at 21kts and 600m even though it'll be 85m further away. A tight turning circle isn't everything if your slow as balls getting around it, and it makes a big difference brawling.
  5. I've played a few more games and the thing I'm struggling with the most is manoeuvrability. It doesn't play well at range so I close the distance only to be out manoeuvred close quarters. Hopefully the hull upgrade will feel a lot better with 11.1 rudder shift and I can start to brawl. FCS seems pointless so hull B then propulsion and we'll see.
  6. Ok so Nassau was good, but after that Kaiser and Konig were awful. I'm at Bayern now and thought it would be good for aggressive play leaning into caps but it just melts away to 50% hp before I even get close enough to start firing. I pick up citadel hits a lot more often than IJN BBs where I'm up to Amagi but it really seems like I can push caps better in the Amagi and that's a BC! Eating 3-5k AP damage every salvo even angled at 30°. What am I doing wrong? I have for captains skills PM, EP, BFT and about to load AFT but I can't even get my secondaries into play yet. The rudder's too slow to dodge torps, the turrets feel slower than iron Duke when combined with the rudder speed, concealment vs range is shocking and it feels so slow to get anywhere useful. I like the guns and the dispersion seems fine despite everyone else complaining about that. I wanted a more tanky BB as people are constantly moaning that BBs don't do their job and soak up damage while pushing, (probably guilty with Amagi) but even when I state at match start I'm pushing X everyone else just peels off and leaves you solo as soon as the opposition appears and I can't escape like the IJN BBs. Turning away through the broadside is a joke. Can't keep turrets on target and what little hp was left is gone. Most of the ships people hate on I've quite liked (Danae and Emerald are fun despite getting deleted easily) and ships people love I hated (I shudder at the thought of playing Konig again with 10% hit rate on mains). How people describe ships on the forums doesn't add up. Amagi is nowhere near as fragile as it's reputed and 26k damage per salvo on Yamato at 20km is not unusual. I played most of the IJN BBs with secondary builds to deal with DDs and aircraft so as not rely on teammates and thought this would suit the German line better I'm a below average player I admit so shouldn't a tanky German BB suit me better than the more fragile RN and IJN BBs?
  7. pomathoin

    reverting to directX9 out of game

    Thanks it worked. For anyone that gets into the same situation, the setting to change is the graphics API from 1 to 0 to get back dX9.
  8. pomathoin

    reverting to directX9 out of game

    So I switched to dX11 in the graphics and I'm on an intel integrated HD laptop. Now the game won't load and I can't find a way to switch back to dX9. Is there a config file somewhere I can mod? Been looking but no luck yet.