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  1. Beaker71

    General CV related discussions.

    I know they are hopefully reducing CV numbers in tier 8/10, but just had a tier 10 game where i was the only DD on my team (in a tier 8 Cossack) - against 2 tier 8 CVs, and also they had 3 radars. Glued to some friendly cruisers as much as possible. I popped some smoke in the cap (still close to islands with reasonable cover) and then someone fires radar - 7 ships target me from a fair old distance (ok only a couple could shoot), then somewhat inevitably - death from above as 2 sets of rocket planes sink me in about 20s I've let my premium time expire, after at least 3 years. I think that last game might be the straw the breaks the camels back . Probably the worst experience i've had in 10k+ games, and although it's not THAT bad that often - I can't see the point playing the game anymore.
  2. Beaker71

    british tokens

    As always (it seems) with WG they intentionally don't provide enough information for someone to make an informed decision. What % of players know when the next patch drops? Ok you can find that information easily enough, but you shouldn't need to go elsewhere to find that out. So either they are incompetent, or they want people to spend money on the crates unnecessarily.
  3. My greatest achievement is not uninstalling the game after just playing in this. Bad enough playing a zero AA Cossack with a CV around - but then 2 afk, and a crayon eating roma who reversed about 1 map square and did nothing else (and was one of the last to die).
  4. Whereas you seem to be able to "adequately" comment on virtually any subject, judging by the volume of your posts. Personally i prefer quality over quantity. But whatever i say, no doubt you'll still think my option worthless, so what's the point discussing something with a troll.
  5. Why don't i play BBs? - because I suck in them, and prefer the DD play style. So because i don't play many BBs or CVs my opinion is worthless in a balance discussion? I don't need to play BBs regularly to know it can be a major pain for BB players to play against a torp focused DD when there is nobody around to spot. Why do i know this - because i can be the one dishing out those torps. Same reason i know CVs have the advantage over DDs - i'm on the receiving end of rocket attacks, and know how difficult it is to dodge. My point, which you seem to have missed - is that the best counter to the DD class, is the DD itself, but there's plenty of other ship types that can cause a problem. A CV cannot attack another CV, that's one of the many problems with the CV gameplay.
  6. The best counter to a DD (in the absence of a CV of course!) is another DD - so no nerfs required.
  7. Beaker71

    A strategy for countering CVs has been uncovered

    Jeez, some people seem to have a sense of humour failure. The "It's ok to never finish building" made me chuckle
  8. Beaker71

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Tier 7 +2 MM is pretty bad, but I can accept a challenge (although would prefer +/- 1 of course!) I think this was the problem with the 3,5,7 MM in wot, and i've been getting quite a lot of this type of split recently in wows. When your top tier players suck, you really have no chance, and the game is decided by those three top tier players. I'd rather be the lone tier 7 in an otherwise tier 9 game, because at least then there's a better chance of the bad players being spread out in both teams.
  9. I free XP'd up a couple of ships to get the Albemarle, still not entirely sure if it was necessary. But 10 tokens a day for one co-op game, thought it was better safe than sorry - seeing as I want the captain. I've never actually managed to get a good captain for free yet (excluding campaign rewards)
  10. Beaker71

    Has anyone ever seen the like?

    That is weird, maybe lots of cap resets?
  11. Beaker71


    I think it's a good idea. I might actually have a chance of getting some - unlike WOT!
  12. Beaker71

    credits, or lack of......

    I've gone from 500 million to about 8 million, thanks to the research bureau. But also because i tend to run all 8 signal flags on every ship, and they eat through credits! I used to use coal, but there's always a ship to buy with coal these days. I have the Missouri, but absolutely suck at BBs - so very rarely play it. I've got -50% repair cost camos (type 61?) on a couple of tier Xs I play a lot of - so that helps if you have some spare gold.
  13. They are much better at not having an influence on the game.
  14. Beaker71

    Petition to Keep Narai

    They are busy writing advanced Excel macros - so that they can prove that all Russian ships are 100% balanced
  15. Beaker71

    Petition to Keep Narai

    For me Co-Op is only good for grinding targets e.g. cause 1 million damage to BBs (or whatever it happens to be) As an actual game mode, a 99% win rate does not make a good game. I do enjoy the special ops as they are more of a challenge. Although it helps that I don't play them much - so i don't know the "go here and do this" tactics