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  1. Beaker71

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Brit light cruisers are a mixed bag for me. Love the fiji, and still play it regularly, despised the Edinburgh and couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Bizarrely I do reasonably well in the neptune, but generally suck in the mino. Overall - i think they are fine as they are. Although wouldn't so no to a slight concealment buff for the neptune! But can't see them changing anything until after the CV rework.
  2. Beaker71

    New "Storm condition" totally suck

    I find all storms a major pain for a DD. Can't see anything, then you spot a radar cruiser, they see they are detected fire radar - and you're often dead - especially if it's a light cruiser. And if the concealment is even better (or worse depending how you look at it!) in snow - yikes. And if I'm playing a khaba - well it's even more difficult as you have a 0 concealment window, and should always be playing close to your max gun range - no fun at all for that ship. Having said that - i do like the variation, and if i happen to be playing in my secondary build Bismarck it's great fun EDIT: Although just had another T10 snowstorm game with epicenter - this time the opposition BBs sat in the middle, with the rest of my team camped outside. But in a Kidd with 1 set of slow torps - no chance of shifting anything. If the opposition know's what to do, and your team doesn't - you have no chance.
  3. Beaker71

    Salty kids reporting for no reason

    I've had one or two "how dare you shoot" me. But it's mostly, as others have mentioned, the "you're a hacker/cheat I'm going to report you" And in quite a lot of cases everybody on both sides pretty tells that person they are stupid for not knowing the game mechanics (e.g. shooting in smoke, hydro etc) - although that's usually after I've fired a sarcastic shell back to Mr/Ms angry
  4. Beaker71

    New "Storm condition" totally suck

    First game in a snow storm, tier 10 + epicenter (I was tier 8). I mean who thought that was a good combination? Turns out two Dez's sat slap in the middle, can't be spotted as our radar cruisers are idiots and nowhere near the outside circle, let alone the inner one. I try and spot in a DD - and blamo, catch a glimpse of the 2 radar ships as I'm wiped out in 10s from less than 4km
  5. Beaker71

    Wg, isn't cossack a bit too much?

    Only played one game so far, so hardly much of a comparison. - but it did seem to take more damage than the lightning (using the same captain). Looks a bit longer, so maybe an easier target - i dunno.
  6. Beaker71

    New MM

    I do wonder if they have turned it off. After a couple of reasonable games on the first day of patch, it seems to be back to normal. Just had a game with two tier 8s - and the rest 10s.
  7. Beaker71

    Tier 8 MM after the change. Poll included.

    Played more games at t8, and I seem to be in less t10 than the last few weeks.. Had a few nasty t7 in mostly t9 games mind you. Don't know if that's a knock on effect - or just bad luck!
  8. Beaker71

    Twilight Battle.

    Only given it a couple of games, but not impressed. The last game i'm a sole DD with 8km guns vs 4 cruisers with 15km radar. So that's something like a 4km window where I can get radar'd before i can spot the cruisers - thanks, but no thanks. I'll be skipping this grind!
  9. Beaker71

    Hiding missions in release notes

    Well, i guess that's me then. I enjoy playing the game, I've played 10k battles - i'd just expect to see these sorts of notifications "in game", but perhaps i should go and play Tetris, as has been suggested so often in chat.
  10. Beaker71

    Hiding missions in release notes

    Nah, got that one - and I certainly don't remember having to click on link to activate it - although happy to be proven wrong.
  11. Beaker71

    Hiding missions in release notes

    Bumped if you happen to be in the forums regularly, and looking in the right forum. And what % of WOWS players visit the forum, or properly read the release notes? Lots of people missing out.
  12. Beaker71

    Hiding missions in release notes

    I was just watching flambass on twitch and saw him playing with overchkin captain. Ok - i'm an idiot for missing it, but why on earth were the ovechkin missions not available unless you clicked on a link from the release notes. Can only assume he'll turn up as a commander in the premium shop at some point - and this is why it was buried. I mean what comes next - 1000 doubloons to anybody that gets to the bottom of the next set of updated terms & conditions?
  13. Beaker71

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    I see in the patch notes, they are tweaking MM for tier 8 & 9. Well that's good news, not only have they listened, but they have reacted quite quickly. Never really noticed it as issue in tier 9, but then again in a Fletcher you'd barely notice!
  14. Beaker71

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    They are/will be experimenting with the MM on one of the WOTs asia regions, so have finally recognised it's a problem with WOT. So hopefully they might look into something for warships. I play mainly DDs, so in some cases it's not too bad - although very ship dependant. The problem is because the MM is so bad, nobody is playing T8 - so the problem snowballs. The last few weeks have been terrible. I'd hate to be playing a T8 cruiser right now (or any +2MM cruiser) that doesn't have smoke. I can't see myself ever buying another tier 8 (or below) premium until there's a more even spread of MM.
  15. Beaker71

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Depends on the delay of course, but i think this could be a good compromise. Ok, you could argue any good DD player should never let themselves get into the situation, but if the Radar lets the team know they are about to radar a contested cap with little cover, you can often be wiped out in seconds. A 5s head start (for example) means at least you can start to get moving - and have a chance to live. Plus there's a risk/reward - you're a fairly squishy cruiser - you now have to risk your ship a little more to make the most effective use of your radar. The only other alternative i could think of would be if you blinked in & out of being spotted every few seconds. (i.e. the radar sweeps round) - which means you have to re aim a little