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  1. Beaker71

    When DDs lost stealth fire...

    Was just googling a few old forum postings, and yes you're right - but also still a lot of people complaining that this was the end of DDs! Some things never change it seems
  2. Beaker71

    When DDs lost stealth fire...

    I know there's lots of CV threads - with seemingly the majority not liking, but i was curious - when DDs lost the ability to stealth fire - did the forums "kick off" to the same extent as with the CV rework?. i.e. DDs players complaining, and everybody else saying "suck it up"? Although i was slightly annoyed at the loss of stealth pew pew from my gearing - it was a stupid mechanism in the first place. Just strikes me the current CV rework is kinda like late game stealth fire was i.e. short of blind firing there was nothing you could do about it. Which is how it can feel when isolated mid/late game now against CVs
  3. Beaker71

    Fellow DD players...

    Possibly, but as a DD player that tends to focus on other DDs my exp stats are much better than my damage stats (for what it's worth). Because 20k against a gearing is the same XP as 100k against a conq. Pre rework I wasn't really targeted that often by CVs because they could wipe out a BB in one attack, now i am - because of rockets yes, but also because the alpha damage has dropped massively. I don't play CVs, but i know what I'd be targeting if i could "only" get 5k damage per run.
  4. Beaker71

    Fellow DD players...

    Look at the EXP for high tier CVs pre & post - gone up 300 points, whilst everybody else has dropped. That's because CVs actively target DDs. 10k damage against a DD is worth a lot more than 10k damage against anything else. Low tier CVs have dropped a bit - well hardly surprising as tier 4 CV are pretty bad.
  5. Beaker71

    Fellow DD players...

    Whenever i played the khaba, there was a good chance of getting bad karma, simply because i wasn't capping - the "less informed" players automatically assumed DD=CAP. I don't even know where to lookup my Karma now in the revised UI anyway!
  6. Beaker71

    Which tier do you enjoy playing the most?

    Slight update - Tier 2,4,9 & 10 now 2) for the no cv giggles, 4) because the CVs are weak and well - the clubson!, 9) Only see one tier 10 CV, and if you get 2 tier 8s - chances are there's some decent AA around as the CVs aren't top tier 10) As 9) really - but even more favourable I'm still avoiding a lot of favourite 6->8 tier ships - because they have bad AA (RIP Cossack)
  7. Didn't think much of it (only played a couple of games) - just a bit too fast paced for me, but people seem to be enjoying it, so fair enough. I can certainly see why divisions would be massively beneficial
  8. Beaker71

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    "Unlike the rest of the ships" aside from the CVs of course. They are the very definition of solo. Half the replies to the CV "whining" postings are essentially - "you're too bad to play the game, your opinion means nothing, go and learn how to play." I'm a reasonable DD player, i know what to do, but mid/late game you're 100% screwed if a CV wants to get you. If the CV influence was like it was now, when i was grinding low to mid tier DDs - i'd have given up the game.
  9. Beaker71

    Impossible play with DD after this CV rework

    I can think of nothing worse than only standard battles. Yes life can suck in a DD at the moment, but with caps people are eventually forced forward - without them - it's a campfest in my experience - and a sure fire way to end up with 2vs2 CVs at the end of the battle.
  10. Beaker71

    CV Rework Discussion

    Not saying my opinion isn't a tad one sided. But planes that more or less develop shields after they drop ordnance - you'd have to be smoking something to come up with that. And yes, should be balanced with more HP, or less overall effective AA
  11. Beaker71

    CV Rework Discussion

    Can't say I've ever understood that game mechanic. Perhaps you could argue that AA would concentrate on the planes that still have weapons, but that doesn't fit with how CVs work. So therefore - it's stupid!
  12. Beaker71

    CV Rework Discussion

    Seem to be on an endless loop. 1. CV rework/add new CVs, -> 2. No fun -> 3. I stop playing -> 4. Try again after a while when the numbers of CVs have hopefully dropped, -> 5) Have fun again. Then return to step 1!
  13. Beaker71

    ☆ Is it that different? Problem with Gunboat DDs! ♡

    Haven't played the Jap torp boats above tier 8, but compared to USN DDs their gun arcs are way flatter. You'll never be as accurate in a gearing. And with it's fast rate of fire, you're likely not paying as much attention to your situation, instead concentrating on hitting stuff every 2.5 secs. It's a lot easier to do "other stuff" with a slower rate of fire. I used to play the gearing a lot before the stealth fire change (and wasn't that good). but these days when i play it - i play it more like a torp boat, that can fight back, or HE spam when the opportunity presents itself. But without a heal, it's not the ship it used to be - the brit DDs have the edge.
  14. Beaker71

    Random gameplay lost its way

    Nothing is black, or white, it's a shade of grey. I'm still playing DDs, after giving up play my mino. Yes, you can still have great games in a DD, yes you can/should try to adapt when there are CVs in the game. But with CVs around, the chance of a real bad game is increased by a fair percentage. And the worst type - you think you're having a great game, but then it gets down to a 5v5 or 4v4, and you've lost your air cover, running low on smokes - and no matter what you do, no matter how well you try to play/dodge/position - you're going die, and there's nothing you can do about it. Within the next 2 mins your torps launchers are destroyed, you're busy trying to dodge rockets, and if those don't get you then you're blapped by a laser guided Russian cruiser from 14km away because you're spotted. Mid/late game CVs just have way too much influence on the game. I've said it before, but the best moments in WOWs are turning into the worst. Ranked, for all it's faults, is preferable to that.
  15. Beaker71

    CV Rework Discussion

    Had some real nasty tier X battles today, all with CV, all with the better CV player having a massive influence - whether due to weak vs poor AA is difficult to tell when you're in a DD weaving. But when an opposition tier 8 CV comes top by miles in a mostly tier 10 game it's not a good sign (well it was for them!). If you're in a "not good" team, the CVs influence goes up exponentially