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  1. Freyr_A2

    Operations - Balance

    Played this with a clan. I was the only person not in a division. Worst game so far on this game type. I politely enquired what their plan was at the start, only to be met with silence. Every single person then camped in a clump. Being a T6 BB I demolished the first attack wave pretty single handedly (T4 ships, not actually that hard. No idea why people hide from them, nothing could pen me) only to then watch them fail to deal with the second wave by long range and inaccurate spamming. Their clump got torpedoed out of existance by the attack wave. There is only the one mission active at the moment, the others are coming soon. I'm actually glad you need all 5 stars to do any of the other campaigns, this one should weed out the hopeless! Why not create a forum group for people to play with? All you need is a group of 3 people that'll actually engage the enemy at close range and it's pretty easy to beat.
  2. Freyr_A2

    Operations - Balance

    I've completed this several times. Like every player on the day this was released I had the premium account given as a freebie for the server problems. I don't agree that either the AI is nerfed if you have a premium account or you get better matchmaking. My first game (playing the British T6 cruiser) VERY shortly after the patch was released was a total win, winning every bonus objective and getting (IIRC) 9 kills and 150k damage, but we had a chat at the start and everybody agreed to attack and almost everybody did it, other than the guy with mildly scratched paint who sailed all the way across the map to repair at the port and leaving everybody else to get stuck in and not rejoining the game until we'd basically finished it. My initial thoughts was that the game mode was way, WAY to easy frankly. However, pulling that off got progressively harder over the next few days as more and more people joined in who don't communicate and just camp behind an island all game. I really like this game mode, it forces people to communicate and work as a team to win. It might be harsh, but it should get people to communicate more as you can't really win without some teamwork. If anything, when you have a functioning team it's way to easy. Looking forwards to the hard version. People need to learn that camping in the base and shooting shells at things 20k away really does very little use. I'm currently enjoying using T6 BB's and simply wading in and smashing everything up at close range. The joke of it is that when going out to meet waves, i've gone onto win with a couple of stars several times even after the rest of the campers have failed to stop the immediate final wave thing because if they are sitting in the base inaccurately and uselessly throwing shells then everything arrives in the base at the same time then they haven't got anywhere to go when they all throw torpedoes at them. Charging in however means that firstly you massacre one of the wings of the attack wave, and are broadside onto another while it's concentrating on the campers leading to lots of citadels on the opposition while having very little attention paid to you as they are wiping out the campers. I particuarly like this sort of encouragement to not camp, though I understand that a lot of campers are going to scream about it incredibly loudly.
  3. Freyr_A2

    Japanese Cruicers versus British.

    British cruisers aren't worthless- many people complain about them being severely overpowered. It really depends on how you play them. Each ship in the British line teaches you things that you need to know. For the Emerald it's really learning how to use concealment, positioning, angling, your manoeuvrability (speed IS armour) and above all, torpedoes. Early on, I was playing her as a cruiser and discovering the pain of multiple citadels and little damage handed out via guns. Later on I wised up, and played her very much lone wolf as something akin to an overgrown destroyer and had great fun in her. She is so utterly lethal against people around islands it's really not funny. 8x 15k damage 60 knot torpedoes on each broadside? Most destroyers can only envy that level of firepower in total, let alone per broadside. And uniquely you can individually aim each torpedo which lets you set up your own practically inescapable torpedo spreads from a distance. And that's before getting into rude party tricks the Emerald can pull. One game I sank 4 out of 5 BB's on the opposition team successively with close range torpedo attacks just by charging at lone BB's at around a 20 degree angle and then slamming the helm hard over when they fired. Even from relatively close ranges (~8km) by the time the shells arrived they'd land alongside me to a howl of rage from the BB player. You've then got 30 seconds until the next broadside so you can rapidly run down on the BB and toss in an 8 torpedo broadside. Now, they can either take this torpedo spread and die, or turn towards you to evade. This is an equally bad mistake, as BB's don't exactly have a great turret turning speed and so you can generally cross their bow with impunity and toss in your other 8 torpedoes from such a short range that you have to seriously worry about the arming range for your torps. So while the Emerald has huge glaring flaws it's far from utterly useless even if you get uptiered into a T7 game- you still have smoke, heal and huge numbers of torpedoes. Personally, I had so much fun with her torpedoes that I mourn that you don't get a torpedo setup that good in a British cruiser again until the tier 9 Neptune. I was tempted to keep Emerald, until I'd played Leander.
  4. That sounds fine to me, certainly not something I've complained about. If people want to sit broadside on, stationary in a smoke cloud then they get what they deserve. Smoke is overdue a massive rebalance at some point anyways.
  5. If you fire all of your torpedoes on the same bearing then people are going to do that, especially in destroyers and cruisers. If you fire 2 launchers, then wait a few seconds and fire the third from a different angle then they will cross over the tracks of the other torpedoes in a X pattern. If you get that right, what's in the middle of the X dies. Difficult? Yes. Rewarding? Yes. Having sank a Belfast:- 1) with torpedoes 2) head on 3) in this seasons ranked battles 4) with a Fuji (3 torpedoes total, and obtaining two hits) Then I have to say that I am having trouble finding too much sympathy for you missing with a 3x3 torp salvo. Torpedoes are damaging enough given that one will sink a DD and two a CA. Firing them in generally the right direction and automatically getting an instant kill with no real work required beyond tossing torps at the predicted location indicator would make them absurdly overpowered, and the game utterly unplayable.
  6. Freyr_A2

    Cruisers 152-203mm AP really bad?

    Because it reliably does more damage. Taking your figures gets this:- 98964 / 113 = 874 damage per shell (AP)9978 / 14 = 712 damage per shell (HE) That's not a radical difference. HE also starts fires and destroys modules even with non penetrations, and 127 HE with a 3% chance of fire is likely to start at least 4 fires. If they then burn for more than like 10 seconds and you add the damage to the HE shells then it adds up to make things more damaging than non citadel AP hits. Everybody knows this, which is why everybody fires HE. Increasing the penetration of HE with IFHE obviously makes HE even more potent. Why would a cruiser (other than a british one) fire AP?
  7. Freyr_A2

    Patience and aiming

    Firstly, don't run straight in. Head off at full speed at a diagonal angle to use the starting time to open up an angle and preferably put yourself in an advantageous position (with a destroyer or cruiser this means "island to hide behind") when the shooting starts. Shooting at the front of a ship is difficult and rarely causes serious damage. Shooting at the sides gives a much bigger target meaning that you hit more, and can deal citadels. Personally, I feel that the biggest help to me with aiming has been changing the crosshair. There's several different types available in the options, most of which aren't quite as good looking but are a lot more functional. Personally, I prefer one that looks somewhat like a spiders web, as it gives the approximate angles that you need to drop shells on target with your first shots. On the spiderweb type aim points the second marker will put shots on (or close to) targets doing 20kts where as the third is around 30kts. With practice and knowing the arcs of your guns you can get direct hits with your first shots
  8. Freyr_A2

    Ships stop to fast after death

    Have you been rammed recently? Somebody rammed me in the last ranked season from astern with a Bayern, with me in Warspite. He was at about 10% health, I was at about 40%, and the relative speed of the impact was under 5 knots. We did get exactly the sort of grinding noise you get when a friendly ship runs into you, but health was dropping at about the speed of a fire. After about ten seconds of this it started dropping faster, and faster, and he then blew up leaving me afloat and able to continue with the game. The only time ramming becomes life ending in my experience is if you the collision takes place with a relative impact speed of like 20+ knots.
  9. Firstly, RN light cruisers don't have HE except Belfast, making IFHE pointless for the RN line in general. Every RN CL in the tech tree only has a "Super" AP shell with a hair trigger on the shell arming so that it never over penetrates and bounces somewhat less. To make up for the HE spamminess of Belfast I'm given to understand that she doesn't get either heal or torpedoes, which the rest of the RN CL's have so it's not the case that the CL is just out and out "better" than a CA. A properly handled CA (excluding Pensacola) is a practically insurmountable obstacle to a RN CL unless they are obliging enough to get torpedoed.
  10. Further to my point above about too many battles with too many BB's with Fiji, it occurred to me to look at the warships today stats for each class of ship. Ranked, number of games played. CV - 72,048 DD - 140,423 CA - 747,334 BB - 2,237,895 This would explain why we are getting really, really BB heavy teams with a couple of cruisers as targets.
  11. It depends. I have just done something like 40 games in the Fiji in ranked, and it's been a mixed experiance. In games with 3 DD's, 2 CA's and 2 BB's I have ended up with 4 kills, top gun and have had BB's running away from my light cruiser in sheer terror screaming "MAKE IT STOP" as SAP rains down on their superstructures. I have had precisely two cases where somebody has angled to bounce my shells in a deliberate manner. First was a DD that ran aground and then used angling to reverse off without taking to much damage from my gunfire. (he took the damage from a torpedo instead...) Second was somebody with Indianopolis. He was determined to keep angled against me, and to do that he was having to turn somewhat. I encouraged this until he was at right angles to the rest of the team and then called in a priority target. He was then left in an unwinnable catch 22. So, I wouldn't say that lack of HE been a problem most of the time. However.... Put very politely, when there are games with 4 BB's a side it is exceedingly difficult to meaningfully contribute in a Fiji given the mismatch in firepower unless they are obliging enough to line up to get torpedoed repeatedly. Likewise when you have a Saipan on the opposition team, and a useless carrier on your team there is bugger all you can do. Your AA won't even reliably bring down one plane when they hit you.
  12. Freyr_A2

    Sigh.... back to the the pain.....

    Would you say that even lower rank cruiser players know better than to show their broadside to a BB then?
  13. Freyr_A2

    XP for contesting caps

    I'm pretty certain that you get a huge amount of XP for contesting caps. I hit ships trying to cap one of our points in one game like ten times, and I got an XP amount around triple that of the next player who I'm pretty sure did more damage than I did in the game given that his ship was a higher tier ship with more displayed kills.
  14. Freyr_A2

    what playing the Yamato taught me about the high tier BB meta

    The BB took six torpedoes and was still floating and fighting afterwards. It required 3 12 gun broadsides to kill it after this. That's six torps and 36 shells. Had one or two of my torpedoes missed, it's almost certain the BB would have won our little duel. This would have resulted in a BB's taking 4 (or 5) torpedoes, winning a gunnary duel and then mildly worring somewhat about further damage while retreating to repair afterwards. Would you not agree that this defines taking the damage "easily"? If not, what does? A destroyer dies to one torpedo or ~2 accurate cruiser broadsides. (~24 shells) Most cruisers will be dead from two torpedoes. 3 broadsides (32 penetrating hits) would be likely to cause a percentage of damage roughly equivilant to 4/5 torpedoes on a BB depending on where the shells hit on the target. Personally, I think that damage to the bow would hurt Tirpitz the most. It wouldn't be able to charge through a BB's fire, and then finish the opposing BB with torpedoes point blank. It'd certainly hurt cruisers somewhat, but that'd only really hurt cruisers doing more or less suicide runs in to torp at close range, which is really only worth doing against people who you have already established can't hit a target with a broadside at 5KM.
  15. Freyr_A2

    what playing the Yamato taught me about the high tier BB meta

    Yes, possibly Tirpitz given the torpedoes. Given that Bismark/Tirpitz are the same class and identical in silhouette I tend to get them mixed up. The point is that a BB player says (as quoted) that no BB's can take 4 torpedoes. In my experience of putting 6 pretty powerful torpedoes into a BB which was afloat afterwards, this is perhaps not entirely correct. It would appear that there is a differing opinion of how many torpedoes it requires to sink a BB from the people playing them, and the people putting the torpedoes into them. Personally, I think that my experiences are worth sharing, as people who play say, 75% of games in a BB may just not really realise how many torpedoes it takes to sink them given that the game doesn't pop up a box saying "you were just hit by 5 torpedoes", whereas the things putting the torpedoes in do get indicators showing how many torpedo hits they have landed. The suggestion at the end of my post was to allow BB's to cause flooding to the bow of BB's that sit bow on, which is what would have happened IRL. Would you agree the bow on thing is a problem in higher tiers? I notice that most of your games are in the lower tier BB's- what puts you off playing the higher tier BB's?