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    1. Description Today i tested the new CVs. I started two Ranger battles. During flight the Planes fly unintentionally circles. I.E. a Torpedo run on a lone BB, just before drop, the planes decide to fly a circle. No Controls were hit. Aim is lost. Run is gone. 2. Reproduction steps It happens during flight, in two battles. No reproduction known. Saipan and Langley games in the same computer session were ok. 5. Technical details No Crash occurs. Replay files are added Added: In a new game i read the messags like "to much traffic on the server". In a game i joined, i experienced a lot of lag. Possible reasons to much server load. The same Problem can occur in the Ranger games, setting the Planes for some seconds on idle mode. 20190131_195014_PASA106-Ranger_46_Estuary.wowsreplay 20190131_200356_PASA106-Ranger_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay