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  1. RoyalHankey

    Servers down

    How come last few days servers have been down last few days etc, it is VERY intermittent come on wargaming never had this before
  2. RoyalHankey

    USA Wichita

    Hi, when is the Wchita available and how can I get it?
  3. RoyalHankey

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Yes I agree, it sometimes has been almost unplayable for me, sailing a long and next minute its that sluggish u have to wait till it stops to continue sailing/fighting. 7.1 never saw anything like this
  4. RoyalHankey

    Premium Skin

    Just won the 2 Bismarks Premium Skin, I already bought another one ages ago. my question is if I swap the skin to one of the new ones do I have to fork out money to buy back my original bought skin if i want use that again or is it just simply swapped
  5. RoyalHankey

    Freezing Public Beta 0.4.1

    Anyone experienced this, I can play up to lvl 2 ok but anything after that it keeps freezing an I have to end programme and re-enter game then seconds later it happens again. Sorry to anyone who thought I was afk but I wasn't.. Anyone else having this issue
  6. How do you find the current game patch has been installed correctly
  7. My patch version is showing up as, is this right patch as it says patch on website. Also in tech area there is no brittish flag in that area for warsprite??
  8. RoyalHankey

    CBT Wipe

    Sorry search for some reason not worked for me and after missing it first time I chose to ask the question, thanks for the quick reply
  9. RoyalHankey

    CBT Wipe

    Sorry if this has been asked but I bought some iof the premium ships ie warsite and Atlanta. Will they dis-appear after the wipe or do I still get them. Will all the gold I earned be saved too.? Sorry again if this has been asked
  10. RoyalHankey

    Premium Acount

    Thanks for a quick response.
  11. RoyalHankey

    Premium Acount

    If I order the following, will I have 30 days added to my remaining days in my premium account or will it just reset it to 30 days days. Golden Treasure ChestPre-order £22.13 (29.99 EUR) The package includes: 8250 Gold Doubloons You may spend Gold Doubloons on: Premium Account Converting XP Training a Commander Retraining Commanders Premium Ships Purchasing additional slots in the Port Increase the number of free places in the Reserve Demounting Upgrades Important: all Closed Beta Test participants will receive the contents of purchased packages immediately as a bonus. Temporary game currency—tokens—will be transferred to accounts instead of gold doubloons. After the wipe of all accounts at the beginning of the Open Beta Test, all previously purchased goods will be re-transferred to players.
  12. RoyalHankey

    After a battle?

    Cool, knowing my luck I lose both ships, lol. Downloading game when I get home from work. Cheers for advice and looking forward to playing game
  13. RoyalHankey

    After a battle?

    .What happens if I have not got enough credits to repair or buy a new ship. Do I have to spent money to buy more credits etc or can I reset my account and start over again.
  14. RoyalHankey

    After a battle?

    So as I understand, if my ship is damaged after a battle, I will have to repair it before I can use it again in another battle?.
  15. RoyalHankey

    After a battle?

    Just a quick question. Do you lose your ship after a battle if it sinks and have to purchase a new one or do you keep it fully repaired or still have repairs to fix on it before using it again in another battle. Or is the ship lost forever.