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  1. TheodorosK

    IJN Mogami

    I have sold the Mogami. I have bought the Ibuki and I am having fun now. I spent 74k free XP to get rid of her and it feels like is the best thing I have done to this game. If WG feels like torturing her clients and don't let them have fun then tell the to play the Mogami. That's how bad it was or me.
  2. TheodorosK

    Grand Naval Battles: Battle of the Coral Sea

    Try this link. http://worldofwarships.eu/en/gnb/missions/
  3. TheodorosK

    IJN Mogami

    Also the majority of the battles were before the AFT nerf. People who have the Mogami now have different stats and we don't know which guns they use 155/203.
  4. TheodorosK

    IJN Mogami

    Maybe you are doing well with the Mogami, mrak1979, but, WG must take into consideration the majority of players, not the elite. Everyone here admits that Mogami has legit problems that are obvious to anyone with some experiance with the game. Fix them and we will have no problem. And because i cant speak for everyone else i will say how i feel about the game here. I dont care about weather effects. I dont care about ARP ships. I care about the ships that we have now to perform well and within acceptable gameplay parameters.
  5. TheodorosK

    Match Maker Hell

    From the Yamato weekend with the 3x XP bonus and afterwards the MM has gone crazy. In Random is always pick me or my team vs higher tiers and inferior ships. Sometimes we face 2 Montana/Yamato and we are on T8 BB, or vs 4 T9/T8 DDs and we have 1 or 2 DDs in. The same goes on lower tiers like today we had T4 BBs and we were vs 2 NM and a Kongo vs our Arkansas? I am sorry to say but WG has completely broken the game in Random. If WG wants to save the game she has toi fix this asap.
  6. TheodorosK

    IJN Mogami

    The problem with the Hull firing penalty is know and we know its not tied to the guns, and its be like that for sometime with the Mogami. To have the 5th skill for the camo on your Captain is rather difficult for most of us players, hence why we are suffering alot with the Mogami, still WG imo should had made the ship more fun to play instead of having the majority of players abandon her asap. Me personally i hardly play her now as i can hardly perfom well with her and mostly because i get no fun whatsoever in any of my games and thats the more pity. Citadel and the the switch from Hull to Guns detection is a MUST FIX for me.
  7. TheodorosK

    I found old Yubari replay, before this ship was nerfed

    I got it to the game with the Yubari package and into the CBT. I have tried to play her but unfortunately I got kill before I even know what happens. As all other posters above have already mention her AA power has gone. On her pakage |Yubari was mention as the planeswatter or something similar.
  8. TheodorosK

    IJN Mogami

    Mogami has better armor than the Atago. The Citadel area of the Mogami is just too large, that's her main problem. If anyone has photo I would appreciate it.
  9. TheodorosK

    IJN Mogami

    The range is bad still imo. And the armor needs a buff.
  10. TheodorosK game crashes and bugs

    I had Alains on, and then I had it uninstall but it crashed again on Team. Well it was 4/5 of us that crash. We know it has nothing to do with the mod as me and another we were play on the vanilla. Game crashed on the end of the Team battle when the report was coming up and we had to restart the computer as we could not bring up even the Task Manager.
  11. TheodorosK

    Game constantly crashing

    No problem in Divisions either, only on Team.
  12. TheodorosK

    Iwaki Alpha .... is now useless

    I believe the Iwaki has the same destiny as the Yubari in the WG books. Unplayable ships be kept as memorabilia.
  13. TheodorosK


    I would not mind to try this ship!
  14. TheodorosK

    Game constantly crashing

    My game crushed even without the Aslains. I had it removed and in Team Battles right at the end when the report was to show it crushed. It has nothing to do with the mods. I play Random and everything is ok so how is that could be happening?
  15. TheodorosK game crashes and bugs

    When i am have finish a Team Battle the game is always crushing. I have to reset the computer because i get a black screen if i try to bring the Task Manager up. No problem apart from this. Any help for this?