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  1. Yep it's good old money grabbing WG at it's finest, instead of treating it as a skin, as any decent company who gave a [edited]about their public image would, they treat it like a new premium ship drop. Laughable. Just make people aware that it happens, and then don't buy their crap.
  2. zengaze

    Anchorage do you like her?

    Yeah, me too, the difference is you aren't a sitting brick at blap range though. Anchorage needs distance in order to attempt to disengage IMO
  3. zengaze

    Anchorage do you like her?

    Tried it with both, spotter is the beter option imo, although i normally go hydro with smoke cruisers for obvious reason. The spotter is needed because the stock range is dogshit, the magic 8 ball that thought of that was broken, It's a big floating brick, so eats damage, is shite for going forward, so the shite range is even worse. It's a sit at the back in smoke and spotter and farm POS, torps are decent for kiting, but since the design is shite at kiting their usefulness is trash too. All in all it's garbage, i won't ask about the testing or design philosophy they had for it, because it's obvious, there wasn't any.
  4. zengaze

    Anchorage do you like her?

    Floating citadel, handles like crap, trash range, good broadside, WG should have given me dubs to buy it, spent the 3500 on it, which was in my account, regret it, POS.
  5. zengaze

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    New black friday ships? You mean old ships black paint job, sold for obscene amounts of real money? Nobody would be dumb enough to buy that.
  6. zengaze

    1000 karma

    WOWs target market are useless stupid [edited] who can't grasp basic concepts, hordor is too cognitively gifted to be targeted by wows, wear your negative karma badge with pride "wows the thinking man's game" LOL.
  7. zengaze

    1000 karma

    As someone who is essentially on perma chatban, i say you deserve an award. I mean that literally @MrConway @Crysantos make the karma system actually mean something, when you hit 1000 karma, you get a reward premium. This should also reduce the toxicity ingame, or atleast help to shut a lot of us up. it's a win for WG, make it so!
  8. zengaze

    WG the badest gamecompany to balance

    Devs are told what crap to put into the game, so they put it in, it's a job, end of. WG business model which is the game (it's a coin box with flashing lights) is the reason people think it is unbalanced, when it is perfectly balanced for their desired outcomes. This is proven across all their titles, the exact same model different paint job. This is also why subs are coming, new class, new broken crap, new dollars to milk. That's all it is, they know it's balanced because muppets keep giving them money.
  9. zengaze

    Florida - just don't, ever. Kansas ... humble pie...

    Got Kansas, won't be playing it, piece of crap, will sell it as soon as i'm able, give me the silver instead, (that extends to the whole dumb line) anyway too many tard BBs camping behind [edited]islands already, game is already full to the throat with special need idiots in bbs.
  10. zengaze

    No Camo

    No it defaults to the standard camo visual (as far as i know)
  11. zengaze

    No Camo

    Yeah that's true, and works fine for silver camo. It's maybe only happened to me a few time in thousands of battles because i rarely push the "battle on" button. Though it doesn't work for some camo/some camos are dubs.
  12. zengaze

    No Camo

    The credit argument (that camos are expensive) is in my view the same false economy that was the premium consumable argument. Both should in theory average out to allowing you to do more in battle, and so be a net positive.
  13. zengaze

    wg needs to rework Co op match maker

    Pretty sure co-op exists to complete directives. Hence yolo.
  14. zengaze

    free xp conversion discount?

    Everything Dfens said............ FXP isn't the grind currency now, coal has replaced it. The exchange rate hasn't changed to reflect that though. FXP should be a lot cheaper. EDIT: Actually RB is probably the new grind currency, and it is accessed through XP, haven't done the math.
  15. zengaze

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    WOWs is also not fun because of decisions on mechanics such as CVs and subs. Who actually has the final say on these horrible designs? We know the devs think (thought, they're paid to think it's great now) subs are a really dumb idea, yet the whole shitshow keeps on coming. Fired up the browser just now and an article about their dumb sub gameplay popped up. Disgusted me so much i quit out of the client. Keep on making WOWs trash WG, you're doing great. LOL