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  1. No that is exactly what their business model will be. Bait and Switch, is right in WGs ethics. They don't give a [edited]about anything else than getting money from your pocket into theirs.
  2. WG are a bunch of greedy scum, they have been wanting to play the bait and switch for years, this disclaimer points to that is what they are going to do. If you give them money, and they change what you paid for, it's on you for being the idiot who gave them money.
  3. Played a Georgia earlier, full secondary build. 142 secondary hits= 8K damage. I saw the post where the math was done to show just how bad secondary builds are, which a dev responded to with "mMmM sPReAdsHiTe". The devs either are clueless about the game, are Edited*, or just straight up garbage at their job. It's obvios to me, edited* Edit: Language
  4. zengaze

    italian tokens - Lepanto - V. Veneto

    " but why would I spend 90+ euros to get 2 ships early?" There is your answer
  5. zengaze

    ranked system crap..

    Yes because "save a star" is widely recognised within the community as a good mechanic. (that's sarcasm by the way, incase you cannot parse it) You are clueless, do you have to be spoon fed everything? Does everything have to be typed out for you.................. A RP system could reward actions which are team orientated, and punish those which aren't.
  6. zengaze

    ranked system crap..

    "But your answer I quoted shows your lack of understanding of the game mechanics." The lack of self awareness is strong with this one. I have already explained to you, how all those things a player does are not rewarded, you seem to think because they earn XP they matter in the ranked system. They don't outside of the save a star mechanic which is the only point at which your earned XP (individual performance) matters. XP is also massively weighted to damage. Your team play which creates the win is indirectly awarded with a star if they lead to a win. But just as explained, the idiot who was AFK gets the same reward, because the system is designed to carry rejects. It is binary. A system like APEXs rewards individual performance directly. The things like tanking/team play are rewarded indirectly, as they create the wins which increases the multiplier. This discussion has been had before, the star system is inferior to a ranked points system, if your intention is to reward good play.
  7. zengaze

    ranked system crap..

    The primary difference between the two systems, is that in WOWS you are reliant on the idiots on your team to gain rank. It is a binary system of win/loss. The XP is massively weighted to damage, and the only part XP has in the ranking system is at the end of the match to decide whether you save a star in a loss, (another trash mechanic). The AFK guy with 0 XP and the end of the battle still gains or loses as much rank as the dude with 5 kills. That's it, all those things you do to win the game don't mean jack in the wows system, just as you argue they don't mean jack in the APEX system. APEX uses a ranked model where your individual performance determines whether you gain or lose ranked points. having better teammates helps you rank up faster for obvious reasons, as the higher your team finishes in the battle the more of a multiplier you receive for your earned points. WOWs is not a nuanced system at all. Unless you consider "sAVe a sTAr" complex coding. WOWs could very easily switch to a RP model, where your individual performance determines whether you gain or lose RP, with a multiplier of your base RP for a win. This largely decouples your ranked progress from the morons you are matched with, whilst still rewarding team play for the win. I would argue it promotes playing to win in direct opposition to the "sAVe a sTAr" trash.
  8. zengaze

    ranked system crap..

    I was sure the point would be easily understood. Apparently not. WeeGee's ranked model can be directly compared to Apex's. You earn points (XP) through your individual play which is then subject to a multiplier. If you play well, you will earn rank points and naturally progress up the rank ladder. WOWs rank model is basic binary [edited]. Changing the system to an individual performance metric, would see good players progress regardless of whether or not their team is full of potatoes, and would keep bad players at the rank they belong. But that is why WeeGee won't adopt the model, they currently can reward crap players for grinding rank out. They want crap players to keep grinding. That is their business model.
  9. zengaze

    ranked system crap..

    WG haven't a clue about good game design. Their ranked system is trash. Recently i got a new GPU (my old one flatlined) so i've been playing well designed PvP games the last few months again. Just tonight I had back to back Apex legends ranked wins. I'm rusty as all hell, so that was in Gold tier, i was a master before my card died, and it will take a while to get my aim zeroed in again, but individual skill is what gets rewarded in their ranked system, despite it heavily being a team game. Winning just get's you a massive points boost, how you perform in the battle is what counts. Then again it is by far more a skill game than WG's RNG dice roll farce, so it's focus is on giving you points for your individual play.
  10. zengaze

    ranked system crap..

    Reading it as a non native English speaker I would assume he was not saying when he was AFK but when there was an AFK on his team.
  11. Been playing again the last week. About done again. It's a mess, WG idea of coding is throwing crap at a wall and seeing what sticks. It's lazy and bad, and absent of any originality. Their rework is crap. Other dev teams use reworks to bring new ideas into the game, cut out the stuff which turned out bad, and improve what already worked. WG..................... design systems to bleed your wallet. Every year it gets closer to being a mobile hook and grab cesspit. Scratch that, it already is.
  12. That's a good point
  13. zengaze

    noob Question

    Thanks for that, three months mental deterioration can lead to forgetting such things, plus how to aim, luckily RNG helps with that.
  14. zengaze

    noob Question

    That is all superb info for a new guy actually, but as a new guy i'm talking about it being displayed on your centre reticule.
  15. zengaze

    noob Question

    three months without a game and i've forgotten how to activate your current concealment range indicator on the reticule. Help a new guy out.