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  1. zengaze

    Map boarder

    Should act like a grounding, instead of how it is currently used by players who know how to exploit it.
  2. If WG are actually interested in "fair play" Got to love how they warped that one around on to their customers. Then they should commit to not Screwing the game with over powered premiums in order to fill their bank account. Premiums should not be launched until they are wholly satisfied that their pros and cons are in balance. If the current testing model isn't able to do that, then introduce sea trials, whereby after exhaustive internal testing the ship is sold, and the first 30 days of it's launch are its trials, wherein live data can be collected. Devs can then adjust what needs adjusting, then the ship is officially launched. If you buy the ship during trials, and aren't happy with the adjustments, you can refund it. Or would that be too much of an actual framework for balance and fair play Rather than have the CCs all scream about how broken and OP a premium is, thus driving up its sales.
  3. My position on this is very straightforward, and it is disingenuous to suggest that people who will not support nerfing premiums are not interested in fair play. The problem is WG, and their long history of using OP ships/tanks etc as their business model. Wargaming are not interested in fair play, they are interested in getting cash for ingame advantage, this whole nonsense is a nonsense WG created. Stop deliberately designing ships to be OP and voila there is no problem. My absolute position on this issue is wholly opposed to nerfing premiums, not because i don't support fair play, but because i despise bait and switch marketing, and this is exactly what this is. I will not support that precedent or business model, in any way shape or form. It's simple WG, stop creating the problem, stop creating pay for advantage (WIN) ships/tanks etc. I have to wonder about why this shift in WG, and whether it has anything to do with the Likelihood of the EU banning gambleboxes .
  4. zengaze

    It's getting stupid now, we need to stop this and step up.

    Ubisoft are masters at this dude. Seriously go to their forums, and you will see Community staff in every thread telling posters how great their feed back is and how it will be collated and passed on to the dev team. Community management at its finest. It seems to work too, as the rage posts are pretty infrequent in my experience.
  5. zengaze

    It's getting stupid now, we need to stop this and step up.

    That is some epic 5 dimensional chess trolling on the part of the community team.
  6. zengaze

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Yeah rollback isn't going to come unless there is crippling exodus from the game. There's too much time/money in the new system. I think it has come along from when it first dropped which was a complete mess. If the balance it better, and in particular address the insane block that it is to DDs, it could work out ok in the long run. But yeah limit it to one per team please. Anymore and it is always going to be a mess.
  7. zengaze

    Another radar ship

    The latest line i went up is the US DD line, as a DD main that's pretty laughable actually, but i waas screing around with so many other lines. My first DD line was the IJN, which i recommend for new players who like DDs as it teaches the most important aspect of DDs, concealment. Well i just got to the Fletcher, my stats the whole line have been massively inflated by the fact that i know how to DD now, so the line is all around 60 to 70% WR, but i've been doing this line in the age of radar cruisers, the point of that to me is, a lot of players [edited] and whine when the reality is a git gud problem, the danger is that that leads to WG nerfing the game to please the lowest common denominator, which essentially is self destructive as it leads to a crap game, and exodus of players, resulting in game death. I'm not saying you are bad, but i only realized i didn't know crap about how to DD in my first ranked season. I got to rank 5 without issue, easily actually, but the rest of the season i didn't get past rank 5. There was a reason for that, the pool of players in rank 5+ was different from the pool below that, i wasn't good enough for that pool, and i learnt a massive amount from my trial and mainly error in playing at that cusp. DD play has got a lot more difficult, and i believe cv vs DD needs better balance, but really dude, look at what you can do better first. Not Editing my spelling cause i have a lot of rum on board, but editing to add something more constructive. If you want to play DDs, learn your maps more. There is a reason there are islands at the edge of caps, and sometimes in caps. these are radar armour. Go to the cap expecting radar, though you should always look at the team composition before hand. Setup to defend against radar, and an enemy DD counter cap when you first contact the cap. Your contact will draw radar, and potentially torps. Defend against that. Play the cap through it's cycle, with your objective being to cause the defeat of the enemy DD who is in direct opposition to you. Via direct damage or setting him up to take damage from your support. It's cat and mouse dude, if you defeat the enemy DD in your cap, you've done your job, and usually that will lead to a win.
  8. zengaze

    WG, Tell it as it is.

    I consider myself on the sans BS end of the spectrum, in that if i think something is crap i say it is (edited it for you myself, bad word sensors :eyeroll: By the way that reminds me of the line in Apocalypse now "We train young men to drop fire on people but their commanders won't allow them to write [edited] on their aeroplanes because... it's obscene" that got edited didn't it). So the last updates are great, genuinely great. The notifications of consumable usage is bloody awesome and should be developed on more, it's amazing how such little changes can add so much to gameplay, especially in randoms, where teamwork is, well, random. The Alaska is pretty much my favorite ship in the game, despite my inability to come to terms with it's not montana not Dm arcs. you know what's great about it, it's pretty much perfectly balanced, played well it's a monster, not played well, it's a horror. I appreciate that. Cvs are moving to a better place, though you realy got to fix their ability to completely negate DDs. The new lowering of flood impact may screw with my damage numbers, but overall i think it's an awesome improvement to the game in general. So Thankyou Devs at WG, as non angryjoe wouldn't say "ya done greated it up".
  9. zengaze

    Penalty for players rushing to their death

    What he said. It's very easy to overextend in a DD without even knowing you're doing it, and takes a lot of losses for dd pilots to learn to ignore the average moron, telling them in chat how they should drive their bote. My usual response if someone is being a total tard is "[edited]off you fat BB bastard". It's nearly always a BB moron telling a DD what he should be doing.
  10. zengaze

    Player Numbers. How much are they actually down?

    I see people making the argument, that CVs counter DDs like DDs counter BBs, *edited*. For a DD to get to a position to actually damage a BB, isn't as easy as zooming crap over the map and, bingo DD spotted. Plus i'm going to assume those making the argument aren't DD players as they seem to misunderstand DD play at its very foundations: Newsflash; The counter to DDs is fecking DDs. I don't play DDs to sail round the map sharting out torps every couple of minutes. For me it is all about DD counterplay, the jousting and knife fights in and around caps. It's mano e man crap (or however you say that). It's a style of play in the game that is unique to the class, and can be high intensity risk reward play. I can deal with radar, because you just need to switch on your thinking dongle more. But this new skytard mode completely blocks DD play. DDs are glass cannons, in that if you stay spotted in range of an enemy gun, it's [edited]coming for you. I never minded the BB pen shells either, if it happened to me, it was usually me being a noob to be spotted at that moment anyway. *edited* One more thing about BB pens deleting DDs, that in my opinion was a defence against YOLO DD play. I've only had it happen to me a few times, in all the games i've had, but damn it can be awesome to see. Couple of ranked seasons ago A Montana (top clan) player announced "Show me the DD" that was smoke farming, i forced him out of his smoke, and boom near full health deletion from over 15K.m
  11. zengaze

    Teach me how to play - USN CA's

    That's why you should use spotter pain on the Mo rather than radar.
  12. zengaze

    When is a carry never enough?

    And a 187K defeat just now, though again saved a star, something just doesn't make sense, how do teams fold like this, is it just a random as [edited]party game? I know what i'm supposed to do as a DD through each phase, and sure i [edited]up make bad calls, get deleted way too early, but something is very wrong lol.
  13. zengaze

    Teach me how to play - USN CA's

    Us cruisers light or otherwise, you either love em or hate em. The us Cruiser line is one of the first i went up, and it's painful. What makes it so is the gun arcs, and if you get rusty with them it takes a while to zero back in, so you need to play them regularly. But they scale well, in that you can put out some serious DPS. Island arnor for the DM line and even more island armor for the warchoosetur line. You're a utility cruiser in both cases, that means setting up somewhere your utility can zone out the reds, map central if it's possible is nearly always a good idea, ontop of a cap is always where you should be, if you're open water kiting, something went to crap.
  14. zengaze

    When is a carry never enough?

    Never wanted the Mu, as i'm not much of a BB driver to begin with, and the Mu never appealed to me, though got the Mo, cause Mo money. But yes it is THE best ship for ranked, cause ranked isn't about winning games it's about how many stars you save,. If you're only deleting broadside noobs, you're doing it wrong, because the Mu doesn't give a crap what angle you shoot them at, that's the point. Ranking out in a MU should be piss [edited]easy.
  15. zengaze

    When is a carry never enough?

    I've lost a crap ton of games actually, and rarely kept a star, which is why i haven't ranked out. Smart dudes play for the star, and drive a musashi which is the stupidest ship in the tier, then when its a certain loss, they point their BB at the nearest BB and ram, instant star save. My point is how much are your wins/losses down to you, and how much are down to the reason the game is laughed at as an Esport.