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  1. zengaze

    EU server down?

    WG Y U HEF crap servers when U HEF all the Money.
  2. zengaze

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    I admit to saying stupid crap i should have left unsaid on occasion, and have been justly chat banned for it. I think the whole Karma system is deeply flawed and open to abuse itself, but that is perhaps a different story. I do keep chat on, as every so often you get a couple of people on your team who communicate usefully with it, and it has carried games on more than one occasion, or i would have it disabled myself. The chat in WOT is/was on another level, that is why they had to stop the cross team chat. It was bad. Arty players especially got abuse, for simply doing what their class did, but it went way beyond that, with dead asshats telling the other team the position of players who they deemed hadn't being playing enough to their liking. it was BAD. I fully expect if it gets anywhere close to that level and frequency in ships for WG to do the same thing.
  3. zengaze

    loyang in tier x battles

    First thing is, the tier is pretty irrelevant, what should have an impact on your plan, is the ship list, in other words don't let the tier dictate your play, let the actual lineup form your play. Doesn't matter what tier DD you are playing, early game your eyes should be glued to the minimap, If i had to guess i probably sail via the minmap 60-70% of the game, with my focus switching only when engaging my guns or torps, and even at that i constantly glance at the map to update my situational awareness. You want to see which ships have been spotted where, that will give you an indication as to what ships you might have in front of you. there is no such thing as a formula, your plan should evolve with the information the minimap gives you. The most important thing early on is to be defensive, that doesn't mean playing at the map border it means always knowing how you are going to get out of the crap if you run into the crap. Playing defensive early game wins most games. Why? because you can almost guarantee that the boat infront of you will over extend and get itself deleted chasing you, such is WOWs, it isn't that complicated. Bait and run, bait and run, then as the game opens up, (the Yolo's get deleted) you can start to be aggressive.
  4. zengaze

    Will get a free musashi within a week

    US boats are my main, if we get to navies rather than designates. i really want to like the salem, but just by looking at her raw stats, i know there's problems. She will play completely different to a DM (that poorer radar completely changes the boat), and whilst she does have a heal, she retains DM profile. That profile is not a brawling profile, the Salem effectively takes a poor brawling profile and makes it not as crap by giving it a heal, but the fact remains it's still a fish out of water. see the problem with brawling in a DM is that you can't [edited]up in your angling even in the slightest. Other ships give you a bit more room to be a potato, the DM gets deleted by giving up a degree more than you have to. The DM is strong as all heck doing what DMs do, the salem is a knife shaped like a spoon
  5. "I have active reasons to object to the Argentine Navy being represented in the game" Thankfully WG doesn't seems to give a hoot about your objection to a nation being in the game, because said nation was at war with your nation, your reasoning is wholly illogical and deserves nothing other than an eyeroll
  6. zengaze


    Yep i really wanted the 6 Lt to stay in my port for missions, she's currently in mothballs, as i'm not sure i want to waste captain XP to try it again.
  7. Yeah the camos are awful, i think the Freedom perm camos was the moment they jumped the shark for me (get it). It's like looking at the clothes you wore as a child in the eighties. The horror.
  8. zengaze

    Gun sights

    Count me in a someone who struggles with it. It is useful for getting hits on stationary or near stationary cruisers island humping, but then when you need to quick change to a fast moving threat, you're screwed or at least I am
  9. I suggest the defense of their favorite broken bote from the nerf bat be hence forth known as Achilles syndrome, nope not HMNZS Achilles, though the naval conection is a bonus, but Homer's Dude, or for those who prefer pop to classics, the guy in a skirt with a sword Brad Pitt played. Achilles wasn't OP because he could be killed with an arrow to the knee heel. Balance Comrade. Edit to Add, it won't be nerfed because KEK GOLD weapons are immune to balance, but it should be removed from the store. They could even do a month long goodbye to it so every [edited] buys one, as it's WG balanced for that very purpose.
  10. zengaze

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    I agree about the need to match radars across teams, it is too powerful a tool for their to be an imbalance in the MM
  11. zengaze

    More radars? Nerfed radars? L2P? Radar counters?

    The meta has changed, but not necessarily in a bad way. There are in my opinion 3 phases of the game, early mid and late, the current radar meta mostly affects the early game, in that it makes capping a lot harder, really that means capping should be shifted to the mid game, it's just that a lot of DDs still think they have to force a cap early. There's nothing wrong with poking the cap early to see what happens, but you have to play a lot more defensively. This is not a bad thing, it's a different thing, and evolution.
  12. The 200% was awesome, i played 2 games of the op nearly daily, with full special signal loadout. The XP gains were real. As to the curse it's more than likely just a bad patch, sometimes no matter what you do you're going to lose, and sometimes you get a boatload of that type of game in a row. i really wanted to like the dallas, but i'm getting kicked in the nuts hard every time i play it.
  13. zengaze

    Tier X Legendary Upgrade for Premiums?

    Yep DPM isn't just reload rate, it depends on conceal too. I don't like the idea of trading coceal on any ship, but it's stupid on a DD in my opinion, it isn't an upgrade despite what it's called
  14. zengaze

    Please some info!

    You've been given acces to tier X ships that are restricted to clan battles, best to forget they are even there, you can't use them in solo, and you wouldn't want to use them even if you could, take your time going up the tiers, or you'll get pissed off and bin what is an awesome game. Scratch what i said.......... you must have gotten drops from the containers
  15. zengaze

    Indy and Halsey

    i got 13 or 14 of the store ones, so yeah, bad rng :) I agree some of the star rewards were weird, like 1 star rewards for missions that had more difficult requirements than 2 star ones.