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  1. Good show old chap, you tell them, those barbarian Johnny foreigners. Not up to our standards of conduct old chap. Let's talk naval history old chap, Like the heroic evacuation of Dunkirk. Which in fact was caused by the British General in command of the BEF PULLING out of the line without informing his French allies he was about to do so. This left the line untenable and forced a withdrawl. The British were mostly mechanised, the French weren't so the British were better at running away, a run they caused. The French fought a rear gaurd action to PROTECT the Brits running for the sea, enabling all the heroes to swim for their lives. Only the British could recast a disgusting rout as something heroic, lol, but then again the only wars they won were against armies with bows and arrows. Jolly good show old chap. The Unit I served with (obviously post war) suffered 90% causalities in fighting the rear guard action for the cowards who would not fight. Every single Light armor vehicle that was in the unit was knocked out in repeated counter attacks to attempt to hold the line for the brits to swim. Glorious Britannia
  2. zengaze

    How to become better in reading of the map?

    @wildwind 84, i'm not quoting all of that and editing to reply so I'll say this and hopefully you will get the gist. You cannot decide what others do in their ships, always assume it will be the stupidest play possible, and you will generally be right. Your actions should be shaped by what is happening on the map, not by pinging some clown and pinging a square for him to go to. You are not an admiral and he is not mentally capable. I am usually chat banned for calling senile halfbrains exactly what they are. WOWs players by an overwhelming majority are completely useless.
  3. zengaze

    superships MM

    You actually think what the community managers say is anything to do with reality? You don't understand they are a branch of the marketing department, they say whatever dung has to be said and its usually lies.
  4. zengaze

    How to become better in reading of the map?

    The start of a battle is probably the most important time to read the map, look at what your team has on your flank relative to the enemy teams, in terms of numbers and threats. If you're in a DD and they have 3 rdr cruisers at your cap, contesting it isn't the brightest idea. You have to shape your battle decision on the info the map gives you. If you are weak on the flank you have to go defensive, and hope your strong flank aren't the average clusterfucks that make up the WG playerbase (they will be). Secondly is understanding axis. It's a near universal rule that ships are easier to delete broadside over bow on. Seeing the reds get another axis on you and your flank before it happens, and repositioning to reduce the chance of being deleted is the other main use of the map. You can tell with 99% certainty when a game is lost by doing this, because 99% of the mentally deficient rejects have zero idea of what is happening on the tactical map, and therefore don't react to it.
  5. That is one long post of horseshit
  6. May I remind you of garbage in garbage out. You get what you deserve.
  7. And you prove my point, if you think WOWs could even clean the feet of a game like CS:GO you are delusional, or have never played games designed to be competitive platforms.
  8. This is why the only people who consider WOWs a competitive pvp game, are people who don't play competitive pvp games. WOWs is a nonsense arcade mobile game. There was a time when they could have made something of it, they made a different choice and chose the facebook game model.
  9. zengaze

    do WoW become more bandwidth hungry?!!!

    Run the tracert cmd to see what is happening https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traceroute
  10. zengaze

    Sub counters

    Lt cruisers have it the worst I think. I have become the problem to try and solve the problem, over the last few days i've played 32 games in the tier 8. I have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses now. 32 games 59%WR learning curve built into that too. Their real strength is the mayhem they cause rather than their damage output. A lot of ships are played around their ability to disengage. Subs nuke that, they are a more powerful spotting tool than CVs. Early game they can screen DDs but their real strength is in the mid game when lanes open up. A sub in your back lines, burning DCPs, spotting and causing chaos is where a sub wins games. End game they are not a carry boat at all, maybe i just don't know how to play them well enough end game. As for counters. Teamwork, in a game without teams. You want to keep a sub under water as long as possible. If the def AA ever had any value over hydro, it is now extinct. The sub ASW consumable is the teams primary weapon against enemy subs, hope your sub knows that. I expect a line of surface ships to be released with this, they are probably already done, create the problem sell the solution is WG's model.
  11. zengaze


    Not even midnight and WG can't put together a full tier 6 game, 23:00hrs it was and got dropped into a 9vs9. Tell me again player numbers are fine. That is tragic.
  12. zengaze

    Sub counters

    Creating this thread to try to understand sub gameplay better, so add what you know about the mechanic and how best to counter them. Pings -- In nearly all instances don't DCP them, subs' ping reload is too fast for it to be effective, and your DCP too valuable to be burned. When pinged your best defense is to go defensive, angle (away if possible) to the ping, your defense is speed and rudder, torps lose their homing when close to your ship, at varying range dependent on the ship class. Island armor is the best defense against homing torps. Question: does a double ping increase the damage of the torps (I heard double pings give citadel damage), and does a double ping increase the tracking of the torps?
  13. zengaze

    Dropping playernumbers

    As someone who didn't play for a long period of time, i've noticed a massive drop in average player knowledge. You are right that there was always a lot of morons, but in the old ranked system from rank 5 on you would normally get challenging games. When i mostly played DDs it was very much a game of attrition, and a defensive style. Compare that to gold tier rank and it's like playing at rank 10 in the old system. A smattering of players who understand the mechanics, but the vast majority are just full send YOLO [edited].
  14. If you watch the video, it is not one instance, nor is it one problem. Flamu demonstrates a multitude of different problems that affect the artillery gameplay, and therefore the supposed core mechanics of this shitshow. From garbage tier servers, to garbage tier code.