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  1. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Epicenter :-(

    Several things wrong with this mode. 1. The team that lies behind has a _very_ good chance to lose. In other modes, like domination, a team that lies behind can still pull off a victory, not in this mode. Once you´re team is behind 5 : 9 it´s all over, might just as well jolo in and get it over with. 2. Even if I am in the winning (numerical superior) team, the last half of the battle has me in my cruiser sitting behind an island, waiting for the counter to reach 1000. Boring as all hell. 3. Spawning is complete crap. I once started _literally_ 5m from the outer circle in my DD (which seems to happen quite often, since I see the circle filling within 5 seconds of the game´s start quite often), while the other side takes a minute to get the first DD in. 4. Devs trying to tell me how I am to play their game (promote close combat) provokes a [insert non-printable expletive here] reaction in me.
  2. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Epicenter Maps

    Complete and utter BS mode. Besides, any time a dev tries to ram down his "That´s how the game is to be played" down my throat, I go: "Yeah, ***** you too!" Apologies to all team-mates, but the only thing I´ll do when this mode comes up is "Leroy Jenkins".
  3. MAD_3R_Marauder

    high ping, unplayable

    That´s strange, it shows fine for me.
  4. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Lost interest in game

    And this (the "BBs are not supposed to be for everyone") is something I have a serious problem with. Telling your player-base what they can and can´t play is, in my opinion a _very_ bad thing to do. New players, coming here because they want to play the oh-so-mighty battle-ship (come on, admit it, most of us have been there ) and then having a horrible experience in Kawachi and South Caroline and _then_ being told on the forums: "But you are not supposed to like playing BBs" is, again in my opinion, a sure way to drive many of those new players away. If I´d be the head of WG, anybody suggesting such a move would get the boot in a second. If you want to have less BBs in a game (let´s say 2 to 3 per side), then do it differently, make them more expensive to repair (yes, yes, I know, boarder hugging and all that), make them generate less XP, anything, but don´t make them no fun to play. Same with the "this is supposed to be a team game" thingy. Don´t tell me that, make the game mechanics so that team-play comes naturally to the players.
  5. MAD_3R_Marauder


    Was @Sidian42 sagt Hm, weitere Modifkatoren. Ich hab gelesen, daß das Tier des Ziels die Brandwahrscheinlichkeit auch beeinflußt. Also 100% auf Tier 1 und "Keine Ahnung" auf Tier 10 (hab so ne dunkle Erinnerung an 50% bei Tier 7, aber nagel mich darauf bitte nicht fest).
  6. MAD_3R_Marauder

    How do you report cheaters ( or bugg users ) or what do I miss !

    I have been critical of a lot of "responses" to new player by old hands (talking down to them, telling them "with just 100 battles you can´t judge", when they were describing their first impressions,...), but what I see in this thread isn´t all that bad. Sure, there is some sarcasm and yes, even some "scolding", but come on! When the OP said this: I´m sorry, but he lost all credibility. Most of his post _has_ been asking questions (i.e. how far away can ships be spotted, can ships launch torps at me without being seen,...), but just this one paragraph set the tone of his post soooo much lower (and the threat title didn´t help one bit). In my experience on the forums, if you ask a question, there will be plenty of people answering you. If you describe a problem, tons of people will give you tips and point you towards guides and stuff. If you come to the forum and throw accusations around (threat title, for example), or post with a "I know it all" attitude, you will get what you bargained for. In German, there is a saying: Wie man in den Wald ruft, so schallt es heraus. Litarally: As you are shouting into the forest, so it will response back.
  7. MAD_3R_Marauder

    What do you guys do against the divebombers?

    I guess you are talking about a DD because my BB sure can´t change direction by 45° twice within 3 to 5 seconds and even a CA will have a darn hard time doing that @OP: As for avoiding them, I´m as much at a loss as you are. I am maneuvering wildly (well, as much as I can, depending on what class I am in atm) and try to show the DBs my side (as has been mentioned) but with a BB I feel I am pretty much out of options, as the DBs can just choose which side they will hit me from and the best I can do is make them fly for 5 seconds longer to attack me from the stern if I maneuver while they are approaching instead of just keeping going in the direction I was going in the first place.
  8. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Scharnhorstklasse und Deutschlandklasse

    Also meines Wissens wurde die Deutschland-Klasse _genau_ zu diesem Zweck designed (Schneller als alles was stärker ist, stärker als alles was schneller ist). Die gesamte Konzeption der Deutschland-Klasse war auf Handelskrieg ausgelegt (Diesel Motoren für große Reichzweite, z.B.), da es von vornherein klar war, daß mit der 10.000 tons Beschränkung unmöglich sein würde, ein konkurenzfähiges Schlachtschiff zu bauen.
  9. MAD_3R_Marauder


    Radar was definitely used to spot ships, but usually not in bright daylight. The night battles around Guadalcanal are good examples of that (even if the US, not being used to the use of Radar made bad use of it [Edit: In the early battles], the approaching IJN ships were almost always spotted by US Radar) or the night action in the Battle of Cape Matapan in the Mediterranean. Of course, since there is not night action in the game, I kinda agree that it wouldn´t make a lot of sense in-game. (still, radar could pick up a U-boat´s periscope, so it should be _easily_ able to pick up a DD at 10km (not that DDs need another nerf, lol)
  10. MAD_3R_Marauder


    LOL, hatte gerade zu einer langatmigen Erklärung angesetzt, wie ich auf meine Zahlen gekommen bin
  11. MAD_3R_Marauder


    Ich stimme Dir zu, die Alternativen sind für BBs auch nicht gerade prickelnd. Auf den Schiffen die ich eh nicht behalten will, bzw. durch die ich mich relative schnell durch"grinde" hab, hab ich den Slot einfach frei gelassen. Sicher 250k sind nicht soooo viel, aber trotzdem, wenn ich nur 10 matches oder so brauche bis zum nächsten tier, spar ich mir das lieber.
  12. MAD_3R_Marauder


    Hab diese Tabelle für nen Thread im Englischen forum (und für das Anti-Brand Modul) gemacht, gilt vom Prinzip her aber auch für den Skil (halt -7% anstatt -5%, also ein _kleines_ bißchen effektiver) Oh, und ich hab die reduzierte Feuer-Wahrscheinlichkeit nach Tier-Stufe ignoriert. Ship Class Base chance of fire Chance of fire w. module Fires prevented per 100 HE hits US DD 5(6)% 4.75(4.7)% 0.25(0.3) IJN DD 10% 9.5% 0.5 US/IJN CL (6") 12% 11.4% 0.6 US CA (8") 14% 13.3% 0.7 IJN CA (8") 16% 15.2% 0.8 US BB (12") 22% 20.9% 1.1 US BB (14") 30% 28.5% 1.5 US BB (16") 36% 34.2% 1.8 IJN BB (12") 31% ~29.5% ~1.5 IJN BB (14") 27% ~25.6 ~1.4 IJN BB (16") 32% 30.4 1.6 Yamato 37% ~35.1 ~1.9 Damit das Modul also (im Durchschnitt)_1_ Feuer verhindert, muß ich 200 bis 400 mal von einem DD, 150 mal von einem CL 100 to 150 von einem CA und zwischen 50 and 100 von einem BB (das idiotischer weise HE benutzt (außer ich bin ein DD und dann sind nach 50 bis 100 Treffern _Feuer_ mein kleinstes Problem )) getroffen werden. Sorry, aber das klingt nicht sehr nützlich für mich
  13. MAD_3R_Marauder

    New and a few questions...

    Listen to @Troublemaker, my friend. Jumping into a T8 game with 40 games under your belt is a recipe for disaster (I´m only at T6 myself, but from what I read in the forums, it is really, _really_ bad in T7+ matches with Tirpitz owners who know barely know which keys to use for steering (and often not even that )).
  14. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Torpedo Arming ranges

    I always thought the arming distance is shown in the torpedo display? You know, that green circle thingy? There is a short part between your ship and the circle that is _not_ green and I just assumed this to be the arming distance. Like on this picture:
  15. MAD_3R_Marauder

    New matchmaking system very very bad

    @OP: You are pissed you can´t kill a BB two tiers above you in your Cleveland? I normally don´t give a whole lot on people´s stats but your´s are - gee! I mean I know I am not a good, but I don´t complain when I get owned by a good player either or when I am put in a T7 battle in my T5 DD, CA or BB. 22k avg. damage in Omaha and Cleveland 21k avg damage in Phoenix below 20k avg damage in _every_ other cruiser you have Your best BB is South Carolina with 19k avg. damage Your best DD is Nicholas with 14k avg. damage. Well, to be honest, I don´t think you could sink an equally tiered cruiser, looking at your stats anyway. As for not being able to kill anyone on the enemy team, WHAT? There are 3 DDs on the enemy team which you can all kill easily (if you can hit them) The enemy Cleveland is the same tier as yours, so that´s #4 and I seriously doubt a Myoko or Mogami will laugh your shells off (just don´t show your broadside to them or you will be toast) And as for the BBs, it isn´t your _job_ to kill those on your own. It´s your job to kill DDs and CAs and provide AA to your BBs Support _your_ BBs, keep enemy DDs and CAs away and, if none of those is around, lob in some HE on those BBs while _your_ BBs hit them with AP. Now, as I hinted above, I believe you, when you say you can´t kill anyone on the enemy team, but that´s not because they are on a higher tier, but that is because of you.