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  1. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Hat World of Warships ein grundlegendes Problem? (Re-Grind)

    Hm, War in the Pacific - WoWs Edition? Shut up and take my money! :)
  2. MAD_3R_Marauder

    How many Solo Warriors do you have?

    I just checked and I have 2 One in my Bayern kinda recently and the other one, IIRC, back in or shortly after closed beta in another BB.
  3. MAD_3R_Marauder

    ST: Priority air defense sector

    Can you confirm if I'm reading this correctly? The Manual AA Fire Control Skill increases (i.e. prolongs) the cooldown? So it takes longer for the my AA to re-charge? --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It also removes the gradual buff/debuff for the priority/non-priority sector - So instead of a time of improved AA, (on the prioritized sector), all I get is the initial, improved burst or does the constant damage simply jump to full-buffed value (your phrasing with re. to low-AA ships implies the former)? If this is the case, that burst is better improved by a whole lot to make this skill worth it - and if the buff is enough to shoot down 2 or 3 planes with that initial boost for a ship with weak AA, think what this will do to squadrons if used by a ship with _strong_ AA - half or more of a squadron gone instantly? Now I'm far from a CV fanboy (hey, I never played a single game in one), but this seems a wee bit excessive, even for my taste.
  4. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    I'll reiterate (and perhaps expand on) my suggestion from the Dev-Blog thread: Forget about the "forgetting" the entire line and re-grind it, just introduce complete tech-lines of sister ships (since the sister-ships are of the same class, modelling work is virtually nil, just like with your current abomination of a plan). Like, US DD line: Original - Sister Ship Line Sampson - Rowan Wickes - Woolsey Clemson - Dahlgren and so on. Have those lines unlocked by reaching tier X of the original line. Those ships could have a XP/credits bonus (say, 1/2 or 1/3 of what a regular premium gets, kinda like a "premium-light"). Or, if an abundance of resources is the actual problem, make them semi-premiums in the form of being able to train captains for other ships like premiums (<-- shamelessly stolen form other suggestions) Or give them slightly different stats, not outright buffs, but _different_, like, the Woolsey's torps are a little faster or have a bit more range than those on the Wickes, but her guns are a bit worse (range, ROF). Something along that line. Throw in special (perma) camos/paint schemes, flags, what-have-you and I'm pretty sure there would be plenty of people willing to grind a US DD line a second (or even third) time.
  5. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    I've always been interested in naval warfare, have an entire book-shelf full about it, played everything I could get my hands on, from the "Wooden Ships and Iron Men" board game, over SSI's "Burning Steel" series and Task Force 1942 to Atlantic Fleet and Cold Waters, so having a look at Wows was something quite natural for me. P.s. I friggin _hate_ grinding. I play to have fun. As long as I have fun, it's not a grind (grind, in my personal definition, means, doing something I don't like, in order to advance). The second it feels like grinding, I'm out. Sorry, I'm too old for that and any company who thinks they can incentivize me to "grind" is sadly, sadly mistaken.
  6. Ok, I've thought about this whole show a bit more and here is my suggestion. If you are absolutely, positively committed to introduce re-grinding a tech line, here is how I'd do it: Introduce complete tech-lines of sister ships (since the sister-ships are of the same class, modelling work is virtually nil, just like with your current abomination of a plan). Like, US DD line: Original - Sister Ship Line Sampson - Rowan Wickes - Woolsey Clemson - Dahlgren and so on. Have those lines unlocked by reaching tier X of the original line. Give those ships a XP/credits bonus (say, 1/2 or 1/3 of what a regular premium gets, kinda like a "premium-light"). If you absolutely insist on giving those ships a buff, throw in a nerf along with it, like, more health, but also less concealment; more range, but lower ROF; something along those lines. The goal here is _not_ to create more powerful ships, the goal is to give people who already have every ship a reason "grind" (man I really hate that word) a line again.
  7. Any chance of me to recommend this game to _anyone_ I know has just gone to the crapper - good work, WG. Hm, there is this guy across the street I really don't like, perhaps I should recommend it to him - nah, that'l probably count as "cruel and unusual punishment"?
  8. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    In my case, the recent quick-fix seems to have, well, fixed the issue.
  9. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Class call system

    I agree with the "unintuitive" thing about switching mechanics mid-game, I just tried to come up with a way to still get people hooked (you know, look at all that shiny :) ) but you got a good point there. As for preventing a majority from advancing in tiers, now that I think about it a bit more, yeah, WR is probably a stupid idea - so just go with the PP part. A system, where credits are harder to come by (at least for high-tier ships), so you either have to consistently play good or play a couple of low-tier matches in order to finance a single hit-tier match _could_ work in terms of limiting the number of bad players in high-tier ships - and it would probably be pretty easy to implement. But what _other_ consequences would such a system have? Would it turn players away because the game becomes too much of a grind? What would the reaction of players be, that got those high-tier ships by spending cash on them, only to learn that they can only use them every 5th or 10th match if they don't want to go broke? I get what you're trying to achieve, but in the end, I think the best way to do this (albeit with a _lot_ more effort), would be a system that ranks players and only puts players of similar rank against each other.
  10. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Class call system

    How about this suggestion? Say, instead of the BXP/XP we have now, you have, let's call it Performance Points (PP), kinda based on the current BXP, but heavily modified, to reward team-beneficial actions like spotting, capping, defending and so on more and pure damage less than it does now (don't ask me for specifics, because I have no clue, lol). Say you can unlock the first couple of tiers in a tech-tree similarly than you do today, just by accumulating PPs. But, from tier 5 or so, you need to reach A) a (46 + Tier) win-rate in that ship - so to unlock the Bayern, you'd have to reach a 52% WR in the König while to unlock the Yamato, you'd have to have a 56% WR in the Izumo or Musashi (all numbers are obviously pulled out of my backside and just placeholders) B) Finish half of your last 10, 20 or 30 games with a minimum amount of PP (kinda like some events requiring you to have 750/1000/1250/whatever BXP only that you can't try for a few lucky games but have to deliver that performance at least semi consistently). P.s. If an actual player-ranking system (something like I described on page 2 or something else, just a way to match player of equal skill against each other) were to be put in, then forget the WR part and just go with PP. P.p.s. Not sure about PvE. You could use the same system (sans WR) with different values or extend the current "grind" to all tiers but either would only count for PvE (and yes, this would mean you'd have ships that you can use in PvE, but not in PvP). I don't know, I'm just spitballing here (and no, I'm not expecting anything of the like to be implemented - EVER)
  11. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Class call system

    While I'm still a little skeptical about using WR in a ranking system, this _could_ help distinguish between a player "farming damage" and one "working for the team". In the long-run, WR will still tend go towards 50% (if the ranking system works, that is) and thus become irrelevant, but before a player gets there, it could help.
  12. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Class call system

    Oh, I totally agree that base-xp isn't perfect, I just choose it because it's something that's already in the game. Basically a "use it as a start and refine it as you go" approach.
  13. Nope. I play to have fun, so I play as I always play. If this coincides with an event's missions, fine. If not (as with this one), then so be it. Trying to get me to play something I don't have fun with does not work. If WG want's me to do that, they have to pay me, because then it turns from playing a game to work.
  14. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    Same here, my own music won't play anymore. Tried to disable --> restart client --> in-game music plays --> enable own music --> restart client --> no music
  15. MAD_3R_Marauder

    Class call system

    Good point, I probably should have taken a DD in my example :)