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  1. T40_95

    Armada: Le Terrible

    Yes it should be quite easy to hit since it is a super destroyer (a light cruiser). Basically imagine a Kuma which is a Tier 8 and is a Destroyer. These ships are designed as Destroyer leaders. Look at the Tromp class Destroyer (it’s dutch)
  2. T40_95

    Armada: Le Terrible

    It’s not every day you do 53.8 knots.
  3. T40_95

    Armada: Le Terrible

    Could someone who is a developer bring up the idea of a Pan-European Tree (for countries like Poland, The Netherlands, Turkey etc.) Recently on social media, some people have been suggesting Turkish ships (ww1 ships such as Sultan Osman, German ‘Gift’ ship) and some other nations that did have ships but were not significant enough to possess their own tech trees. I suggest the Dutch navy, since they have lots of Destroyers, and have some Cruisers (or destroyers depending on how you define ship classes). I suggest the Tromp class cruiser. Would be much appreciated if a developer could get back to me soon.