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  1. As a keen player of World of Warships, I have decided it is time for me to think about getting a mod. however just googling it isn't really helpful, since: a) there are too many b) some of them are not legal (as far as i'm aware) Could anyone advise me as to where I should look for some legal, decent mods?
  2. and then they tell you just after you've fixed WGC that its gone the following day. have you tried logging on? that worked for me
  3. T40_95

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    who suggested(out of the developers) to put a pan-European tree in? whoever did, thank you very much. it wasn't my idea but i'm fully behind it.
  4. Yes it should be quite easy to hit since it is a super destroyer (a light cruiser). Basically imagine a Kuma which is a Tier 8 and is a Destroyer. These ships are designed as Destroyer leaders. Look at the Tromp class Destroyer (it’s dutch)
  5. It’s not every day you do 53.8 knots.
  6. Could someone who is a developer bring up the idea of a Pan-European Tree (for countries like Poland, The Netherlands, Turkey etc.) Recently on social media, some people have been suggesting Turkish ships (ww1 ships such as Sultan Osman, German ‘Gift’ ship) and some other nations that did have ships but were not significant enough to possess their own tech trees. I suggest the Dutch navy, since they have lots of Destroyers, and have some Cruisers (or destroyers depending on how you define ship classes). I suggest the Tromp class cruiser. Would be much appreciated if a developer could get back to me soon.
  7. The news that testing has been stopped is very frustrating. I have been away from my keyboard and now I find I can’t help test. :(
  8. As far as I’m aware it says in the email you need the Game Center
  9. Perhaps try the Public test server?
  10. As far as i am aware, essential work is being carried out and the testing will begin tomorrow. If you are participating then you should have received an email regarding this. T40_95
  11. In which case I have little chance since my internet is horrible, and matchmaking is horrible when I can play with decent connection Please, that’s like telling Jingles he can see the newest aircraft carrier for a limited time and then he can’t because they didn’t save the file. :) Once again, it will be an update rather than a internet connection problem that will cause me to rage quit :)
  12. Wargaming, you sent us an email saying we could apply. What was the point of that if you’re not letting certain players go into the test? Surely it would have been better to send an email to those who you were going to add in the first place and then ask (if there are spaces left)? Or am I going to be overruled here?
  13. Akagi, although similar in many respects to Kaga, is not the same. Kaga being a Battleship and Akagi being a Battlecruiser(big guns light armour) Kaga was not meant to be converted but after the Kanto earthquake (1923) the Akagi’s sister, Amagi was irreparably damaged and was scrapped. Kaga was Amagi’s replacement, if you like
  14. I hope the idea of a carrier rework might change your mind...
  15. The email sent about the destroyer test was meant for supertesters. I got it too. i reckon that you have to have an aircraft carrier in the actual game to participate in the test. That said, I have only one aircraft carrier, which is a premium Tier 7 Japanese(yes it’s Kaga) and I haven’t received confirmation yet. I’m not very hopeful.