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  1. BabyAdmiral

    BB's the cowards choice of ship

    As a DD player, I would probably quit if there weren't any BBs in the game.
  2. BabyAdmiral

    Are you buying the HMS Hood?

    Most likely not.
  3. BabyAdmiral

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I met Flamu in a battle two days ago. We were on the same team. I think he was in a Des Moines (might have been Baltimore). I got the much sought after "You have not proved yourself this battle", and my entire team just melted away like butter on hot pavement. And here I was, thinking I would get to say hi to my mom on TV...
  4. BabyAdmiral

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Hah! Well, I was alone almost the entire time, so firing my guns would have done more harm than good. They didn't send any DDs to my cap point either. Besides, with no friendlies nearby, my smoke would have concealed the big ships of the enemy. Don't worry, I usually make use of my artillery too.
  5. BabyAdmiral

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This was a strange game. Domination on Tears of the Desert. I was fending off 4 ships alone at C pretty much the entire game while team was doing their thing at A + B. I did big amounts of damage with many torp hits and floodings, but didn't seem to be able to kill off anything. Fortunately, it ended with a win. It was a great game for me, but it didn't feel amazing. I did so much damage to enemy ships that didn't die - not to me, nor my teammates.
  6. BabyAdmiral

    Are you happy enough with WG to buy Premium ships?

    Oh, and that too: I buy premium camo for all my ships nowadays.
  7. BabyAdmiral

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I am particularly happy with this one, due to two tings: 1.) The matchup where I'm placed at the bottom tier (lots of tier X in the game). 2.) Half the damage done to me came early by a torpedo from behind by friendly Shimakaze . I did well AND survived (I got a PR of 4700 from WOWS Stats & Numbers). Benson's stealth and maneuverability is quite amazing.
  8. BabyAdmiral

    Are you happy enough with WG to buy Premium ships?

    Yes. I have bought several premium ships: Atago, Kutuzov, Texas, Arizona, Indianapolis and Prinz Eugen.
  9. BabyAdmiral

    Worst ship in the game?

  10. BabyAdmiral

    Is T8 supposed to be shittiest tier for Cruisers?

    I don't know, but it feels like the best tier for cruisers to me. Some of my best stats are in tier 8 cruisers (Atago, Mogami, Chapayev and Kutuzov).
  11. BabyAdmiral

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    If you have read this thread (and ones like it), you do indeed fail. You got that right. There are many valid arguments as to why stealth firing shouldn't be removed from the game.
  12. BabyAdmiral

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    I can accept that. Your arguments are valid, VC381. My intention wasn't to go into any deep discussions really. Just observing that Chapayev (amongs some other ships) are being nerfed pretty hard by the removal of stealth firing.
  13. BabyAdmiral

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    BBs in other words? I too can enjoy a game of angling, brawling and surviving hard impacts from time to time. I think more diversity of strenght is a good thing. Be it armor, smoke, stealth, alpha, dps, secondaries, AA, repair, or whatnot.
  14. BabyAdmiral

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    53% is a high win rate. Don't be an elitist douche. Just because your stats might be better, there is nothing to suggest that my Chapayev play is bad. It's not even average. And why do you assume I play all mys ships the same? I have fun playing ships close to the enmy (BB brawling and angling game is one of my favourites). By the sound of it, you assume I'm a long range sniper kind of player. I actually don't generally fancy sniping. It's less engaging. Thus, I keep advocating maps with more islands and less open sea in other threads - it opens up for more tactical gameplay and less camping and border hugging (on "oceanic" maps people are terrified of being spotted). The point of my post was to say that removing stealth fire will be a significant nerf to certain ships, like the Chapayev. If you play it without utilizing this strength, yet play it with great success? Well, that's good for you. I was not trying to discuss how to properly play the game (or certain ships for that matter). It's a fact that Chapayev can have a significant stealth fire window. It's a feature of that ship. Thus; a nerf.
  15. BabyAdmiral

    Stealth firing removal: also for Premiums!

    Yeah... well, since you went there... if playing my ship "dead wrong" gives me these stats, I guess the future's looking bright for me if I learn to play the ship "properly"...