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  1. FYI: Yuo can pay for T2 consumables with silver - it is just hard to notice in GUI.
  2. Edhel90

    [SH-EU] Shell Shockers recruitment thread

    HI All, I have been playing with ShellShockers for two weeks and I can recommend it! Guys are friendly, fun and there is always someone to play in divisions. There are also clan events organized and you can learn a lot form the guys. Division play with TS proved a new experience to me and it is great, sometimes you can carry the whole team with 2 or 3 ships It is a good time to join as the clan is growing really fast and it is active.
  3. Edhel90

    Where them premium IJN DDs at.

    Here is the info from ASUS shop : http://www.asus.com/Microsite/rog/world-of-warships/ And here are the stats for Tachibana, it is T2 and very underwhelming. http://shipcomrade.com/ships/tachibana
  4. Edhel90

    Money doesn't always win - the Atago

    My feeling is that Atago in good hands can be deadly - today got into Coop match to test my new Aoba, my team got destroyed by bot Atagos The players on my side with Atagos were terrible imo, but the bots with this ship were a danger, even if they could be citadeled quite easily. Point is - its not the ship that sucks, it is the inexperienced players using it in t8 matches Probably it will be the same when we get the Tirpitz in Premium shop.
  5. Edhel90

    Degradation of quality of players and games

    I believe that introduction of clans and clan battles to the game, will allow the players with high skills to play in a better teams. This will be also great, as the teams that utilise the classes correctly and work together will have an upper hand
  6. Edhel90

    "Straight Sailing Lines" Inc.

    Ah the number of times I responded with "Dont sail in straight lines" (now TM) to angry chat from enemy, after sinking a BB from 10km in my Minekadze
  7. Edhel90

    About premium ships

    Yes it is a standard XP as normal per ship. In order to use it you will need to convert it to free XP. You also get some free XP that can be used on any ship.
  8. Edhel90

    Lotniskowce a gra w dywizjonie

    Brzmi strasznie - z jednej strony 2 Lotniskowce które grają razem mają TSa i ustaloną strategie - z drugiej 2 losowych graczy z lotniskowcami, którzy czasem nie mowiną nawet w tym samym języku - jak myślisz jak to się skończy?
  9. Edhel90

    April Fools 2016 Suggestion

    Remake some low tier CAs like St Louis into age of sail First Rate ships with like 100 guns for a week. Make them battle eachother with broadsides