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  1. Hipper has a very stock sound. And yes the good gunfire sound is because she is premium, but I don't think anyone though "hey let's give her a really awesome sound to make her special", I'm pretty sure it was incidental. But it shows that cruisers can have good sounding guns. It should be noted that Gremyaschy got a massive gunfire upgrade in a patch some time ago. Her guns are supreme in the sound department too. The reason this thread has little interest isn't that people don't play cruisers, it is just that if something is bland, but not outright bad, you tend to not notice it as much. Especially in cruisers where you have to be on your toes a lot (so focus is on other stuff).
  2. I have 12 of the total achievements and I have finished the collection anyway. I did exactly one battle in order to get an achievement, and that was the T3 Halloween throwback achievement, and only did that for another guy (but in that battle I naturally tried my best to get it, make no mistake). All the rest I have simply done normally, with some thought to doing them when it has benefited me. Why does people go out of their way to punish themselves with things they might not like? Are you really that hurting for completing the achievements? Achievements you neither need for rewards, nor for even cosmetic reasons, they are required for one thing only... another achievement. Is that so important? Why bother to go for them? I'm being honest here, why? I think the achievements might be a bit narrow, but if they aren't narrow they are hardly achievements are they? Then they would just be 'another day's happenstance'. And overall I think the event has been good, as I easily got the collection done. Meaning I was not forced to do anything outside of playing like I wanted to (I did try for some achievements when I happened to be in situations where they applied).
  3. Yes yes yes... he should have done some more work, and asking this question so long after the inclusion of the ship does imply at least a limited thoughtlessness (I mean seriously... a year?), but that doesn't mean we should just jump on him and point this out harshly when the OP is civil and asking an honest question. It would have been different had he come in and claimed some sort of special knowledge and been a d-bag. So let's not debase ourselves here.
  4. Ran into @El2aZeR and a clan?mate (sorry I didn't take proper note there). Me in QE and them in Fijis, thankfully on the same team. Seeing we were up against a Saipan, with not a single Defensive Fire consumable on the team, I was concerned about potential strikes (and aired a couple of depressed comments). But seeing two Fijis holding a tactically strong position nearby, I headed over to take advantage of their AA (seeing as they were the best AA I could keep somewhat close to). As it happened the smokes were glorious and the three of us really laid into the enemy team, eventually topping the scores. I'm somewhat sad (well not really) that I half kill secured two kills that had been more theirs than mine. But I honestly can't be held responsible for them removing that much HP between, me deciding upon a target and my shells arriving. I enjoyed it a lot, and decided to not run after you guys in the end. One can only leech so much smoke and feel clean in the end.
  5. Odd citadels happen... It's just a matter of enough shells being fired. They happen, and they are uncommon. Even destroyers get weird citadels on battleships on occasion. Just know that you could probably try this hundreds of times and not repeat it. Btw, you can use the Prt Scr (print screen) key to produce a screenshot in the Screenshot folder (which will be created when you do it the first time).
  6. The single good feature of Prinz Eugen is her gun sound. It is really good.
  7. Well I for one am happy they didn't go ahead with the missiles in the end. It's a giant can of worms. Just look at the ATGMs in War Thunder. Regardless if they hurt battleships or other classes, they are not a solution to the problems of the game as it is, and at the same time they are a considerable risk of making it worse. I hope they stay in the discarded pile. If they want to fiddle with missiles, make a dedicated game for that, I'm sure they could make it work much better there.
  8. That honestly sounds like an unintended function. Better not speak of it. *nudge nudge wink wink*
  9. But wouldn't that also mean that on average torps would get spotted sooner? And we know from IJN that spotting torps early is a pretty harsh reduction in value. And I mean the average detection would have to go up if cruisers were supposed to have it 'better' than now. So DDs get a fair amount of better detection, cruisers somewhat more, battleships somewhat less and CV a good deal less? If cruisers just stay the same as now, they would be as troubled as ever. Hence why I think that solution isn't workable.
  10. Really? I thought the other fighter group(s) remained locked in for a few seconds. I suppose you could also strafe out of the dogfight then, but are the fighters not still locked, so moving is impossible?
  11. I got 100 Zulu Hotel flags... Yeah, 100 50% skipper XP flags that nobody lacks. 1x Speed Boost mod, good, but hardly impressive. 50k Free XP, which honestly was great as it meant I was able to grind the last 60k later in the day for Nelson. Looking at the OP's rewards, I'm somewhat envious. Of his rewards only two were bad or meh. Yet that was apparently enough to complain about.
  12. And three TB squadrons were too much right... I would much rather face them than the RNG bombers of Doom (doom for me or him)
  13. Flamu streamed a battle in GZ II (I think). And from watching that I doubt they can balance it with AP bombs. The inconsistency was through the roof, and those circular drops just made it pointless to even try to maneuver. The only thing that mattered were maneuvers after lock in. That means the bigger the ship, the less it can actively do to affect the incoming strike. And since the usual mantra is 'don't begin to evade once the torps hit the water' it rings very hollow when these BDs enter the picture as that is essentially the only time there is. 'To blap or not to blap' seems to be the motto of GZ II. Oh and the UI was worse than ever. Holy hell... stuttering and lags every time something got updated, like launching a catapult fighter or locking a drop. Why does GZ have to be such a narrow striker that it needs to be massively powerful in those strikes? And then in order for the target to have a chance it then needs to be a massive lottery of RNG. Give me some TBs I can fight, things I can position myself against (haha, now you need to go around me to come from the other side) or I can actively maneuver against. This is just not fun to be the target of, and from Flamu's commentary he wasn't a fan of playing it either.
  14. Ran into one (well one on my team too). He came at me from the flank, damn near 90 degrees on. 11 AP bombs hits later (instant AP bombs) and I was down 56k HP. What was my counterplay? I would rather have faced 3 TB squadrons. Those I would have been able to maneuver agianst at least. These bombers approached from the worst possible angle and still hit that many bombs. I thought I was reasonably safe, I was 90 degrees on, I had fighters overhead and I even had some cruisers not too far away and an Udaloi in a DF position. The entire AP bomb mechanic is just... urgh. Either they really really suck, or they hit those very few select ships and utterly wreck them with little to no counterplay.
  15. urgh... delete please