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  1. Unintentional_submarine

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Even the forums feel sluggish now.
  2. Unintentional_submarine

    Citadel Iowa

    This might sound weird, but could you perhaps supply us with a 0.6.1 client link or something? So we can conduct some comparisons too? You must be aware that by now the 'change' is set in many peoples' minds. You need some hard evidence to counter this, and I am pretty sure that we will not see a new article with a 5-7 minute long video on the subject anytime soon (in fact ever). So as I see it, it would be a win/win. You would gain some extra tests, and we would be able to settle this among ourselves fairly fast.
  3. Unintentional_submarine

    Ashitaka Tier 7 BB is finally coming

    What on Earth makes you think I consider GC interesting because she lacks any downsides or is OP or anything like that. She is interesting because firstly she is Italian, so a breath of fresh air, looks very different to the other ships (aside from one) and promotes intelligent play over either excessively passive play or static positional play. How strong she is relative to her tier peers has nothing to do with that. That is a balance parameter, not a gameplay parameter. As yes she certainly has weaknesses, as her broadside is like butter, hence my comment about playing her intelligently. But her structure isn't easily overmatched so you actually can mitigate incoming fire. With Ashitaka you will have a ship that gets overmatched by everyone. She will not retain her old T8 32mm plating, the only thing that saved her from being a total walkover. She will not have a complex inner protection, so will not even have Mutsu's survivability. And she will be utterly huge. But she will be fast with an ok range... you know what that tells me? That she will be a backliner, promoting passive play due to excessive vulnerability.
  4. Unintentional_submarine

    Ashitaka Tier 7 BB is finally coming

    This constant spam of premium BBs can go take a long lava shower. They are becoming ever more pointless and are really not offering us anything good for the game. Could this please stop? Of the last several BBs only the Guilio Cesare has been anything worth mentioning. And if she had been the only one, it would have been plenty fine. And Ashitaka herself... good god. They take quite possibly the most ugly hull they have ever had in the game and make it a premium, with limited advantages over the old Amagi A hull (rudder shift being one) and call it a T7... Can it get any more boring?
  5. Unintentional_submarine

    IF WG really is concerned about BB overpopulution why dont they just........

    Yeah a legend. I haven't found any evidence that it happened. Such a significant encounter would have figured quite extensively in the records, yet it seems it is barely known by anyone. The simple fact that a BB knocked out four DDs would be grounds for significant interest in the naval societies, that it did so with uncanny precision that was not achieved by any other ship in the entire war would be even more interesting and finally that the DDs in question should have detonated... yeah... such an event wouldn't have been hidden away, it would have been plastered all over these forums years ago and brought up every time the BB strength debate comes up. Yet the only things people really talk about are Narvik and Samar. But both of those battles would pale in comparison to this.
  6. Unintentional_submarine

    graf zeppelin test 2 (or what ever its called) 1 shotting.

    The circular drop pattern while under DF is still going to hit a BB with around 80% of it's bombs. There really isn't a defense against them outside of bursting the planes down fast enough (but with 18 of them, how likely is that?). You can't maneuver or position yourself around terrain to limit the impact because of the ability, again due to the circle pattern, to attack from any angle. That obviously creates a binary scenario. Either GZ nukes the target, or it gets nothing or close to it. That's bad design as it leaves everyone dissatisfied. It is no fun to get nuked with no actual counterplay, and it is honestly not fun to nuke like that either as what does it take to do it?
  7. Unintentional_submarine

    if you can't fix it, milk it.

    This is... well I don't have words for this. It's horrible on several levels. From greed to gameplay experience to quality of design. It's worthy of words that would get me banned here.
  8. Unintentional_submarine

    Nikolai Rasputin Camo

    Well, the Zikasa skin includes wrecked main battery turrets, so it makes sense it isn't included.
  9. Unintentional_submarine

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Watched Flamu play the strike GZ yesterday, and it was a horrorshow. If the enemy CV was strike Lexi or a potato in terms of fighters, he shat all over the enemy team, even when bungling attacks badly. But even with a single leftclicking fighter from a balance Lexington it became a race against time. With a CV that can actually perform ok to good in fighter control, this setup stinks. Overall I don't want this as a CV player and I don't want this as a surface ship player. It is telling that it took less than a couple of minutes for this setup to get the nicknames of 'Graf Cancer' and 'Graf Troll'. I can absolutely do without this crap. It is just a much more powerful version of strike Lexi. Strike setups should go the way of the Dodo. By the way, it wasn't clear anywhere in the notes (if not fixed yet), but the TBs in the Graf Cancer can't attack anything but BBs and CVs, making it even more monodirectional and binary. It is terrible.
  10. Unintentional_submarine

    1st nerf of Conqueror and Lion published

    The German BBs were the first to get that pen, so yeah they have it for the main guns.
  11. Unintentional_submarine

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    AHA! Now it makes sense. It is indeed a typo then as the T1s use half powered shells. Meaning the HE should indeed be 2k.
  12. Unintentional_submarine

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    Even the AP is pretty bad for such a large shell. I mean the ship looks good, but those stats are horrendous. It must be some initial draft or something, otherwise that event DD we could also use begins to make sense... and it was terrible.
  13. Unintentional_submarine

    New German T6 Destroyer

    And it should be noted that Germany has no premium DD yet, so having one will make retraining DD captains a lot more forgiving. People have thrown a couple of comments my way when I have retrained my DD captain on my Graf Spee and Prinz Eugen (I got her from a container... still paid too much). While I'm not bothered by that much because what the hell else should I do if I don't want to fork out the dubs? But it does impact the game, people might not support the 'noob with SE' which is a much more problematic thing than some pointless comments. The comments just show that people don't consider the reasons... they were after all fast to shut up when I kindly asked them which German premium DD I should retrain my captain on.
  14. Unintentional_submarine

    Stalingrad confirmed tier 10 cruiser, lets review what we know

    And neither will we with Stalingrad as a cruiser. That's still a cruiser not a battlecruiser and will be subject to those rules rather than specific battlecruiser rules. There is no difference in terms of 'having battlecruisers' be they BBs or CAs. Kongo being called a battleship was the Japanese patting themselves on the back. The designation to battleship came before their overhauls (they did get new boilers and torpedobulges). And even with the overhauls they were still battlecruisers, just modernised with some extra internal protection.
  15. Unintentional_submarine

    Stalingrad confirmed tier 10 cruiser, lets review what we know

    We don't have battlecruisers ingame? Myogi, Kongo, Ishizuchi and Amagi are all battlecruisers. Hood is usually termed as one too (but it is a contested subject).