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  1. The more friendlies are dead, the more likely he is at actually killing the schnellboote. It just becomes incredibly stressful. Having experienced three guys manage to get themselves sunk in the mines early on (one stupidly blew up, two more came over in succession to pick up survivors and blew up too), I can relate to the stress of trying to kill the little buggers as well as survive the bombers.
  2. Everyone could see a Shira nerf was coming, and it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. However, the way they did it was not the right way. This was balancing with a hammer, working with clay, where a nice string or looped tool would be much better. Basically Shiratsuyu could have had her special super fast TRB nerf to the slow variant while the ones sacrificing smoke would get the fast one. I doubt anyone would really be mad about that. It would eliminate the 'evil' 16 torp wall. Or they could drastically reduce the torpedo reload itself. A bit like Oggy got. There are many ways this change could have been different, still a nerf, and not crushed the one viable silver torpedo DD against premiums. I mean seriously. Shira did about as well as Leningrad and Blyska. Now why is that? Is per chance because a lot of people kept her around because she was fun (and powerful), people who accumulated more experience and kept coming back to her? You know a bit like the common excuse for premiums is... experienced players sticking great captains in them and rekking face. Well, Shiratsuyu did just that, without being a premium, and that was too much. I would say that says a lot about the premium balance. I expect Shiratsuyu's stats will drop harder than the nerf warrants, because she will lose a lot of her experienced captains (unless the improved cooldown somehow keeps people interested).
  3. It's still a pretty horrendous change, and worrying in that they couldn't see the implications and practically had to be told "ehm guys, this is really bad and doesn't actually fix what you want fixed." It's the sort of ideas that should fall away in internal brainstorming. For now I'm fairly convinced it won't happen, which is obviously great, but I have reached a point where I worry about the next terrible idea. Patches should be about improvements and additions, and all the greatness that comes with that, not worries. So yeah pitchforks back in the shed, but then again I'm not entirely sure I can be bothered with pitchforks any longer.
  4. Comically enough when people back in CBT pointed out that Shimakaze was too slow, the argument other people (and WG) made was that it wasn't a realistic combat speed at 41kn, and it would be too fast for the competition (back then 39kn was blisteringly fast). Seems that stance was modified 'slightly' as certain ships became more pressing to add.
  5. Indeed. It was even slightly implied that this was a specific change for competitive, which it obviously failed at. So one can hope they have listened to the competitive people in this.
  6. In the past when people have loudly proclaimed "I will not play if this happens" or made their farewells etc. I have always said "I don't like it but I doubt I will stop, I might play less but not stop." This time though... I don't know. These news, all of them as of late, have been utterly terrible. And impactful enough that I feel much less inclined to play. Naturally I won't be leaving until they actually happen, because the smoke BS might not happen. You know like the nerfing of high tier BB bows to 28mm... oh wait. That was a BB nerf (an hilariously enough one that only other BBs could take advantage of), so it didn't go through. With the amount of BS changes (that might not happen) and a strong lack of sensible changes, even if they don't go through, I have lost a lot of faith in the balancing department. They clearly don't see the game as I do, and as such I can only expect more changes that I feel less than happy with. It's a bit like politics. You can't expect people from another party to put forth ideas you actually support (it might happen of course), it is simply not the nature of the game. But unlike politics we can't barter, trade and otherwise convince the ones putting this forth that maybe it is a bad idea. And even if by some fortunate event they do get convinced it is bad, it is only a matter of time until the next BS change.
  7. Yeah, that's why they camp in 1 DD games too. Because torp soup... The BB counters have been nerfed continually and yet BBs play ever more passive. It's about time something else was tried.
  8. You can go as far back as summer 2015 and find Ectar posts that pretty much says the same... It has been a reasonably common 'admission'. So until they actually step up and do communicate better, i will count those statements as little more than hot air (the 'more' being that they are probably honest, which counts for something, but hardly much).
  9. Yes, because the top clans are of course wholly representative of the entire population of the server, and the country that wins the World Cup in football obviously has the best league right? The only thing it showed was that the top EU clans are on average better than the top NA clans. The average player has no relationship with those players. Regardless, I noted that even if the EU is in general better, it isn't comparably better when leveling the requirements.
  10. Probably a typo... 'he' is after all just the latter part of 'she'. It's a mistake I have had to correct myself at least a few times.
  11. The 'better' aspect of EU is... quationable at best, but even if we assume EU players are better, they are not comparably better. Meaning the requirements are unreasonable from that standpoint. Now, higher requirements are not necessarily a bad thing, as long as the rewards follow suit, and they are spread out in a suitable manner. This is an area where they fall well below expectations most of the time (there are indeed times where it all matches up, like the present week). Add to this an almost total lack of Challenges and other smaller missions one has to wonder.
  12. Killed a guy just tonight with RPF alone (torps ftw). He was not happy in chat afterwards. Anyone who thinks it is useless should just check out Flamu's stream when he bothers to play DDs. I have lost count the number of kills he has gathered like that.
  13. The value FP brings now is that it effectively removes a very significant number of fires you would normally take. The two central fire locations take up something like 70-80% of the ship (the bow and stern ones are only from the turrets and out and in some cases not even that much). That means the practical number of fires have been halved (doesn't mean 50% less fires of course, but not far from it). I would agree that it would be a pointless skill if it just reduced the max number of fires to three, as more than three fires is very rare indeed, but the combination of the superstructure and central hull fires locations is huge. So if you suffer from two fires a lot, chances are that this skill will help you a lot, as those two fires are in the vast majority of cases in the two central spots. So, is it worth it? On some ships, very much. On others, not really. I don't use it much (I have it on one ship outside of Ranked setups), but I can absolutely see the value to others.