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  1. At this point I am convinced that you guys have simply lost the will to provide for this game anymore and just try to kill it by adding increasingly bad features. Is this what it is? Who even comes up with crap like this? "Players like to grind?" What kind of moronic statement is this? No they [edited]don't. They have to! But then again, this is easy to fix. Make the rewards completly cosmetic and ecnonomical in nature. Amazingly looking camos that change the visual model, that are better than the regular premium caoms. Like, +50% credits, or free XP, or whatnot. But basically upgrading a Tier X to a Tier XI? What is the major malfunction of whomever thought that up?
  2. AkainuTaisho

    If you wanna grind Benham...

    Thanks... that's... a lot of money. So it's 15 fuel per container? That's not all that much...
  3. AkainuTaisho

    If you wanna grind Benham...

    How many containers would one need to get Benham?
  4. AkainuTaisho

    0.8.4 - General feedback

    Not sure if I did something wrong, or missed something, but I'm not getting credit towards the 'play 15/20 games for each team' stage. I played a few games each day, 2 days ago I was on track to get 20/20 for both teams right when the competition ends, but now, I'm 2 days behind. I've recieved at least a few allowance tokens for each team every day, can anyone explain what happened here?
  5. AkainuTaisho

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    Cool. Great design right there.
  6. AkainuTaisho

    Royal Navy (Event, Arsenal)

    Ich hab kein Prob damit, dass die Schiffsaufträge 'selten' sind, aber dass dann Missionen an bestimmte Tiers von Zerstörern gebunden sind find ich nich so prickelnd. Ich hatte die Acasta Mission im ersten, aber dann keine mehr, damit gehen einem 2 container und ein premium container durch die Lappen. Bissi traurig.
  7. AkainuTaisho

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    So, if you didn't get a Tier 7-8 DD mission this week, you cannot complete all the missions? Or am I missing something?
  8. AkainuTaisho

    Server Status?

    Das hatte ich tatsächlich nicht gesehen - danke dir.
  9. AkainuTaisho

    Server Status?

    Eine kurze Stellungnahme wäre halt klasse, es sei denn es gab die und ich hab sie übersehen. Und da Feiertag ist vermute ich dass ein Teil des deutschen Teams frei hat...
  10. Is the matchmaking monitor not working, or have I made a mistake installing it?
  11. AkainuTaisho

    Nelson confirmed cost and stats

    On a related note, how much Free XP would it be to get right to the conqueror, assuming one unlocks all all three blueprints through the event?
  12. AkainuTaisho

    Überarbeitete Karten

    Das Update lässt ja noch ein paar Stunden auf sich warten, aber vorne weg: Was vllt wirklich schön wäre, wäre eine Minipräsentation der veränderten Karten, die den Vergleich Vorher/Nachher zeigt, evtl in Vogelperspektive. Kosmetische Änderungen wie zuletzt auf two brothers sind ja meistens sehr offensichtlich, aber in der 0.5.13 Vorstellung über den Browser sind 2 Bilder von der Karte Trap abgebildet, die nahezu identisch sind. Es ist einfacher eine Shimakaze im Orkan zu finden als die Unterschiede auf dem Bild. Wäre sowas nicht ein toller Job für nen Praktikanten? Wenn es sowas gibt und ich das einfach nicht gesehen hab tuts mir leid.
  13. AkainuTaisho

    The RN is coming tomorrow!

    You don't read reviews of hardware, cars or phones etc before you buy it? You always gather nothing but your own impressions? That sounds beyond dumb. Because reviews and people reviewing stuff isn't exactly new. Neither are suggestions about diet and lifestyle. Usually, they come from people who make their living testing this stuff. Professionals, sometimes. If you trust them blindly, of course, you are an idiot. If, however, you follow their advice, or monitor it for some time, and you can reassure their knwoledge in the respective field, then first hearing their opinion would be considered wise. No guarantee that they are always right, of course. But still, if you value their opinion - not becáuse they are famous, but becasue they know what they are talking about - why not listen to them befor you spend [edited]30€ on a pixel ship? Or grind your way through a line of ships without knowing what you get into? It surely doesn't hurt. You don't have to follow their advice.
  14. AkainuTaisho

    The RN is coming tomorrow!

    This is probably the worst in it. One, if not the most impressive Navy of 2 world wars isn't released for over a year into the game, while a nation which, even though its sacrifice in the great wars was immense, had barely enough naval battles in it to fill a single page of paper. Really disappointing. And now they are released without any pomp and hype as a sideline in the next patch. Shame. WG really borked this one up.
  15. AkainuTaisho

    T7 RN Premium Cruiser Belfast: Overpowered.

    Shes premium. Reason enough. Same reason as to why premium US cruisers at Tier 7 get radar, while every regular ship gets it at tier 8. Or why the Atago gets her heal at tier 8, whie everybody else gets it at 9 (who isn't a bb)