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  1. AkainuTaisho

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    The question is 'what do you give up for it instead'. Assuming a non-special captain, you gain 4000 hitpoints. This is only a noticable increase in Zao, because her HP are so pitiful to begin with. The ones benefitting 'the most' will be light cruisers on tier X. What do you sacrifice for it? Where do the 3 points come from? You either drop a 4 point skill, or substitute another 3pointer, which is almost always either adrenaline rush or consumable expert. So either you miss out on an extra heal, radar, sonar, reload boost etc, which not only will get you more HP back than the other skill gives you in total, but also rids you of utility for your team and/or dpm. Or you miss out on a steady dpm increase in the form of adrenaline rush. And that's for 4000 measly HP. A few overpens from any Tier X BB, or 1/3 citadel hit. Half a Tier X CV strike. You say light british cruisers. Mino would lose one awesome heal and either a smoke or a Radar and a sonar for this. Or adrenaline rush. Now given minos tendancy to simply get devestated by whatever aims at you, you might argue that adrenaline rush might not be worth it, but do you think 4k extra HP will save you on a regular basis? There will be situations where this skill saves your hide, sure. Where you win a game because you survive with 300 hp where other ships without the skill would have lived. And the other way around, there will be ranked and random games lost to you because the enemy player picked extra HP and you're one overpen short of killing him. But the net benefit of the other Tier3 skills is so much higher it isn't even worth discussing. This is playing the average. You give up on the chance of riddiculous saves/losses for a steady overall increase in power for your ship. Statistically speaking that's never worth it. 99% of games you'll sit with more than 5k HP at the end of the battle, but your contribution overall will have suffered. One less radar to spot the enemy DD in smoke in the cap. One less heal for you to counteract that stupid one-HE-hit fire. Less DefAA, less sonar, less reloadboost... DefAA aside I'd take an extra charge of any one of these consumables every day. Note that this doesn't apply to fringe cases like 1v1 brawls, where you never get to use your extra consumable.
  2. AkainuTaisho

    Bye bye Deadeye, you will not be missed

    It's fun, but what will that accomplish? You already were at 38 knots with speed boost active. Yes, it's another 3 knots, but, still... you're still the only BB that can get into far positions to begin with, along with Bourgogne. You are slightly faster, but you're still the fastest. It will give you an edge, sure, but is it worth taking this over an extra heal or 1 less max fire? The answer is no.
  3. AkainuTaisho

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    Sure, but what do you give up for it? You already have aadrenaline rush, and often consumable expert on tier 3. Not sure if it's worth it. There will be fringe cases, but overall, I'm not sold. On Irian, maybe... but even then, your armor is so bad that a single stray shell will probably kill you. It's one more shell, sure, but still.
  4. AkainuTaisho

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    Georgia and Bourgogne are probably the only ones drawin a noticable benefit from it. They get 15% speed boosts, while every other BB is stuck with 8%. And that's assuming there is no CV in the game, otherwise you'll be spotted all the time anyway.
  5. No, it isn't. Stop saying that. That's like saying 'I'm glad Mercedes fixed the engine of my car' when they sold it to you in a broken state. Deadeye was busted from the beginning. Every single player, every CC with a basic understanding of the game, pointed that out the second it was first shown on the dev blog. WG went on and released it in that state anyway, and what happened? Exactly what everyone said. All the [edited] claims on the stream from Conway and Chrysantos (not blaming them, they simply relay the info they are given), that the rework will encourage diversity in builds, was thrown out of the window into the burning dumpster fire that this rework is. Every battleship player who didn't go for the memes with secondaries for shits and giggles specced Deadeye, concealment and fire prevention, with very VERY few exceptions. And they didn't even manage to implement a system that lets you know when the skill is active or not, because [edited]why expend the effort when you know perfectly well that you'll be getting rid of the skill soon anyway? This rework accomplished nothing other than putting cash into WGs pocket, which was exactly what it was supposed to do. Nothing else.
  6. AkainuTaisho

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    No BB player worth their salt ever specced extra HP. The BB gained the same extra 3500 hp, which could be taken off by a decent HE salvo. All Tier X cruisers get heals as well.
  7. AkainuTaisho

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    Pretty much sums it up perfectly. I'd maybe consider using swift in Silence on Georgia. She get's a decent benefit out of it, if the ship increases max speed and not base max speed. But that'd be for the memes only. 99% of BBs will be specced with Conceal, extra heal, and fire prevention. Just like before the rework. Exactly nothing has changed. This rework is a colossal failure.
  8. AkainuTaisho

    ST 0.10.4, changes to commander's skills

    Geman BBs have been crap long befor the new Commander skill system came out. This just puts them further down at the bottom.
  9. AkainuTaisho

    Flandre in the Armory and Premium Shop

    So not being able to freely observe the flow of the game is not a game-breaking issue. Awesome. Whenever one thinks you people cannot reach another level of douchebaggery, you add +2.
  10. AkainuTaisho

    USS Congress T8 Premium CA

    *laughs in Smolensk*
  11. AkainuTaisho

    USS Congress T8 Premium CA

    Werden sie. Keine Sorge. Ca. 3 Monate nach release, nachdem eine Season ranked/CB damit gelaufen ist, und du dein Team für 40€ upgraden konntest.
  12. AkainuTaisho

    Congress TVIII prem US cruiser

    When it takes one broken ship to deal with another, you know you've reached full WG. I'd love to see the cruiser at Tier8 that this ship is paired up against deal with it, unless it's another Congress. Edit: And I know it's a team game, and 1v1 scenarios are basically pointless, aside from brawls. It's still ridiculous that the MM will equate a 305mm 60k HP ship to Things like an Edinburgh or Cleveland. And I also know player skill etc factor in. Doesn't change the fact that this is absurd.
  13. AkainuTaisho

    Congress TVIII prem US cruiser

    Uh, just for fun, I bet this ship is released prior to a Tier VIII CB or ranked season. "Want to make sure your team has the edge? Take this 60k HP cruiser, and smack some people around. Get radar, heal and sonar for your team. 305mm guns for extra fun. Just 40€ for the win."
  14. Natürlich, aber es gibt genügend unvorsichtige Spieler die es trotzdem kaufen. Hoffen wir dass es möglichst viele vernünftige Spieler gibt.
  15. AkainuTaisho

    Congress TVIII prem US cruiser

    It's 'criticism'. And who says anything about prevention? Having multiple outlets for information disperses criticism to multiple sites. The source in this case has no way to comment, since he has disabled comments for his YT vids, and a brief glance didn't show me a forum on his blog. Might be mistaken there. In any case, let's say they picked a CC who actually has a notable audience to reveal this ship. Let's say Flambass, for an instance. Most people would comment under his YT vid, or while he's streaming, in chat. It's a valid and approved tactic to minimize documented negative feedback.