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  1. Finally, after waiting since her last sale, what was it, two years ago??? I finally managed to get the one and only ship I swore to get, no matter what! Kaga, you're finally in my port as my 166-ship fleet's flagship! Such a beautiful ship, next to Akagi, even before I watched Kantai Collection, her historical looks and her part in the Battle of Midway, June 1942, astonished me. Now the only things we need is to get Hiryu back, and a premium (or CV Tech Tree split) Soryu and Akagi to top up my Nippon Kaigun Rengo Kantai collection (lol, couldn't prevent that word being there..) in my port on World of Warships next to my in-real collection of a 1:700 diorama of Akagi, Kaga, Hiryu and Soryu, Battle of Midway, first attack wave, June 4th, 1942 paint scheme and loadout.

  2. Sirion_

    game freezing

    After the release of update (Initial CV rework patch) it happened to me. I've read about others having lag and performance drops in port prior to release, but with my GTX 1080 TI and i7 7700k I never had a problem (With the Port UI...) untill came out. Now, my port freezes upon 95% of every button I click (WorldOfWarships.exe is not responding) and even put me into battle once or twice because I missclicked on BATTLE! why I wanted to go to Exterior to put camo and signalflags on but the unresponsiveness of the game made me go into battle without the ability to cancel queue. Note atop that I said that I never had a problem with the Port UI prior to's release, but the thing that's still freaking me on a leash is the continuous freezes me and some of my clanmates have when we try to open our contact list. However, this only seem to be the problem with players that have 100+ contacts added in their lists. (Counts for blacklists as well it seems. Not confirmed however.) The contacts freeze was a known issue (still annoying but we could work around it by opening the clan chat and invite for division there, rather than opening the contacts window) but now with the continuous port freezes I'm starting to heat up sometimes and just Alt F4 the damn game and go play something that doesn't freeze the crap out. Note to WG staffmembers: Yes, this is a direct complaint. Filed a ticket before, but without response. Fix your game or lose customers...!!! (I'm not talking about the CV rework here, but about GAME PERFORMANCE & OPTIMIZATION issues that can and will prevent a joyful experience on World of Warships. ) Regards, ~ Sirion
  3. Greetings, Me and our clan's Deputy are pissing and moaning for over a year regarding some kind of way to remove all signal flags from our ships at once with the click of one button since we switch to Co-Op very regularly to keep sane. Now my derivative of this idea was, what about a preset button for flags? Every player can create an unlimited amount of presets for flags and name them according to what kind of set-up it's being used on. For example, if I play battleships, always, all my battleships have a certain set of flags, but for some nations, i.e. British, Japanese, I'm using a few different flags than I use on Americans or French for example. So why not implement a system allowing us to create presets, clicking the flags you want to be on that preset, save it, and then you can simply put all your 8 flags on instantly by clicking the preset you created. Especially now with all the game freezes and performance hiccups it's an extremely tedious process of removing & mounting all 8 flags since the client freezes for roughly 10 seconds at every button you click. Regards, Sirion.
  4. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    What if I agree with it? **EDIT** Whatever WG does never gets in taste with the community, so I stopped caring basically.
  5. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    But still it's not in anyone's right to tell me what to do with my money that I earn by working. Sure, people are free to advise against it, but then you've got to select a different range of words to make it sound you're giving your opinion on it rather than making a fact out of it.
  6. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    And there, again, you're making a fact out of an opinion; don't. :)
  7. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    If you state it this way, then digital content at all isn't "worth" it. I personally think if someone wants something, he/she decides if such a thing is "worth" his/her money. You can't really make a fact out of that. For me it's worth it because I enjoy playing World of Warships including aircraft carriers; before and after the Rework.
  8. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    The refunds in full-doubloon values can be done through the Inventory system, but I think they already cleared it in the past update.. As for cash refunds, I don't think that's possible.
  9. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    Nice, thanks for the fast reply! What's the source of your statement though; I was unable to find anything regarding premium CV sales.
  10. Sirion_

    Reworked premium CV sale - When?

    Greetings folks. I could not find a solid answer on this one, so I thought to post one myself. Is there a SITREP on the sale of premium aircraft carriers Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, Enterprise and Saipan since it's been a month since the CV Rework hit Live already? A logical explanation could be that WarGaming will put them up for sale when the Royal Navy CV line will be released (along with their tier VIII premium CV "HMS Indomitable" which I'm very eager to open my wallet for.) My problem was that when Kaga got released I did not have the money available to buy her (RIP Shipfu) and when Graf Zeppelin got released I did have the money but it was awfully bad before WG put it off-sale and totally buffed her to the Heavens of Grognak. Kaga is still the one premium ship, out of around 60+ that I already own, I really itch to get into my port the day before yesterday, and I still regret I didn't cut down on my nourishment balance in order to get a Paysafe Card to get Kaga on the spot. The CV Rework has got my ears pointed as I like the way it's going, but I'm genuinely interested to know when these reworked premium aircraft carriers will be put back on sale. Please let me know if you have any usable intel! Let 'em have it! ~ Sirion
  11. SD-7 (S.H.A.D.O.W. 7th Pacific Fleet "The Espada") is searching for you! Do you like to play World of Warships? Do you like to play World of Warships with others? Do you like to play World of Warships with a fun but mature group? Then SD-7 is looking for you! SD-7 is all about fun in the game; we do not enforce any join requirements, however we do have the policy that if one goes offline for more than 30 days he/she has to inform the flagstaff beforehand so we won't exclude you after we're full and making space for more active folks. Our primary focusses: * PvE Operations with tactics. * Divisions in Co-Op, Random & Ranked Sprint Battles. * Helping new, starting players get around the game much easier. * Providing a fun-only clan with active mates and no stat-walls to meet. * Last but definitly not least: FUN! Our secondary focus: * As soon as we have enough mates that are willing to participate in Clan Battles within SD-7, we will set up an "internal team" comprised of the players that want to play Clan Battles. Participating does not require any stats, but does require you to join our Discord server, understand basic English common sense, and certain activity will be expected from you. The players that are not interested in participating in our team won't have to do anything, and can simply ignore this and play on within SD-7. If you're interested, contact founder RADM "Sirion_" (me), or commanding officer RDML "GaCommanderGice" for more intel if you require so. Otherwise, simply apply for membership in-game. We'll accept anyone as long as we've got free space! Cheers! "Remain sane, follow the vane." ~ Sirion
  12. Sirion_

    Upcoming Ships - How to get them!

    Good to have official confirmation now. I got my Free XPile ready already.
  13. Sirion_

    Haku 8km torp comedy.

    Personally I'm using the second the Tenrai-setup with 4 aircraft dropping at once (so the 8-click torpedoes) since I really dislike the other where only 2 aircraft attack simultaneously, but mainly my favor goes to the quadruple-attack flight due to the fact the passive squadron slows down more than the dual-attack flight's squadron does. (They leap much more forward after doing a strike than the quad-flight does, almost guarranteeing in at least half of your squadron being wiped before initiating a second attack. No Dai-nijikōgeki tai for me... )
  14. Sirion_

    CV Rework: Another rant about manual ship control

    Thanks for your responses @MrConway. At least now I get the feeling WarGaming starts to listen to the community; a lot of times it seems like you're just doing your own things. I mean, with all due respect, it's your game, but we're the ones that have to play it. Now I'm only hoping you guys do something with this.
  15. Sirion_

    CV Rework: Another rant about manual ship control

    @MrConwayI've watched that livestream with WG's very first CV Rework teaser-footage, and it was stated that if this is deemed necessary by the players, the devs will re-implement this feature. Please confirm this will be done in a (very) soon update..