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  1. Admiral_Fluttershy

    BIG PROBLEM, possible gamebreaker READ

    Don't think it is a big issue... my friend has it as well sometimes during battle she just gets a lag and gets kicked out and redirected to the log in screen... I guess we have to just get on with it for now and hope its going to get better sooner rather than later.
  2. Admiral_Fluttershy

    issues with leaving a division

    There should be a little cross at the top of the division box that asks if you want to leave when you click on it. If there is not then posting a screen shot here showing your issues may help a lot...
  3. Admiral_Fluttershy

    Meanwhile on RU forums , patch 0.4.0 or somethin....

    Agreed. (why would I want most of my ships removed so soon...?) But this patch seems very interesting though, can't wait to try it out
  4. Admiral_Fluttershy

    OBT announcement, what to make of it?

    Yes, the upgraded Wyoming does have a bit of AA, but from what I can see Arkansas is going to be based on the hull of the stock Wyoming (look at the same lattice masts) so Arkansas will have no AA like the stock Whyoming
  5. Admiral_Fluttershy

    Interesting game event

    well... that was exactly what I said... I never said that it is WoWS or that WoWS should have this event.
  6. Admiral_Fluttershy

    OBT announcement, what to make of it?

    compare Arkansas with the stock Wyoming... found anything incredibly similar with their stat bars? yes, Wyoming has no AA stat, meaning that she has no AA, don't think they have made a mistake here... the fact Arkansas has no AA is pretty much confirmed
  7. Admiral_Fluttershy

    Interesting game event

    There was such events in Navyfield... about 60-70 of players I think (if I can remember it right) heads out and tries to kill a super ship, which looked like two Yamato put together side by side with an additional nuke cannon in the middle, and can pretty much one-shot every ship... about two thirds of us went down before we managed to beat it...
  8. Admiral_Fluttershy

    OBT announcement, what to make of it?

    nope... I am pretty sure that she has no AA guns whatsoever, or else there would be an AA stat (bar) with the other stats, no matter how weak (just check stock New York and Aurora). Unless thay have forgotten to put the bar on, Arkansas would have no AA defence from what I can see...(just like the stock Wyoming)
  9. Admiral_Fluttershy

    Conquest Mode - A basic "how to" guide

    Anyone got the same feeling that Kita would be a great defensive ship because of her torpedoes?
  10. Admiral_Fluttershy

    [Major][MLP] Login screen (Pinkie Smile Song) [Mod]

    Great work WarAngels I really liked it +1 *INSTALLED* EDIT: sry but just if u are wondering I'm currently sharing an account with my friend xD decided to buy my way in this weekend though