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  1. KL_7

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    This is an incredibly generous initiative. Nice one guys Here's my entry: ID: KL_7 Ship: Dunkerque (or if it's not in the shop for some reason a Molotov or an Arizona are good too ) Thanks again for doing that
  2. KL_7

    Elimination thread number Two: Tier V

    Bogue (1/1/0): 16 Bogue (0/1/2): 8 Texas: 14 Omaha: 20 - 3 = 17 It was lovely grinding through the Omaha when I first played it. Nowadays it kinda hurts since the max range circle of doom is not a viable tactic anymore Nicholas: 15 + 1 = 16 Show a bit of love for the Nicholas. Good concealment to get close, good 5 inch guns to wreck inferior DDs and a nice complement of torps to get out of hairy situations. What could you want more? Zuiho (1/1/2): 11 Zuiho (1/2/1): 21 Kongo: 29 Furutaka: 17Minekaze/Kamikaze/Fujin: 34 Gnevny: 5 Gremy: 25 Kirov: 5 Murmansk: 25 König: 24 Königsberg: 23 my 2cts
  3. KL_7

    WG Employee won't stop.........

    He's applying the torpedo acceleration hax
  4. KL_7

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Late night MM threw me a bit of a curveball (grinding that citadel mission). NC guns were not very impressed by the enemy performance though
  5. KL_7

    Ships that you will bring to Ranked Season 5

    T6 : Still undecided between NM (which proved herself to be a trustworthy ship last season) and Bayern (mainly considering it for the added speed and stronger armor. I'd rather have 12 guns than 8 though ) T8 : got a 15 pt Benson sitting in port. That should do the trick.
  6. KL_7

    "Air Support Is Crucial" Bug? Yesterdays Wins Gone....

    Maybe WG is actually trying to frustrate as many players as possible out of CVs. No more CVs → No more CVs balancing issue
  7. KL_7

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    Couldn't go as manly as I would have wished due to half the team suiciding quite early on (and an unbearable HE spamming Wyoming in the way) but the results are here. To hell with range, praise the RNG god and hunt those pesky citadels
  8. KL_7

    A Campbeltown for free?

    5.4k xp to go before starting the damage grinding marathon. Considering I'm mostly playing Benson these days with a 55k average damage (which should go up as I started grinding it 2 days ago and finished upgrading it this afternoon), it should take me 7 days at a 5 battles/day rate to do it. Pretty confident I'm gonna get my Campbeltown. Really nice as I like it for historical reasons but wouldn't consider spending a penny on it. Tachibana and Smith are more fun for low tier DD shenanigans.
  9. Looks like some pretty hardcore desync to me. The hits on the Indianapolis are easily explainable since it was going slow (so even if the torps might not have hit where the game showed them, they definitely must have it). The Kongo on the other hand was manoeuvring and at speed, so a pretty big desync could explain the ghost torpedo.
  10. KL_7

    Your top 3 ships and worst 3

    From the ships I played (all lines up to at least T7 except Russian cruisers, German BBs and CVs) Top 3: New Mexico : It's in a weird place now since it sees a lot of higher tiers enemies, but at her tier that ship completely shits on rock-paper-scissors with her AA, "rail-shotgun", armor and manoeuvrability. Benson : Pretty much the same situation: it's armed against anything (except a good CV player). I haven't played the line further up yet but I assume at least Fletcher is just as good. Langley : It's just a monstrous sealclubber. Only thing that can get in your way is a better Langley player. Honourable mention : König. I'm taking it slow on the German BB grind so I haven't tried Bayern and its followers yet but I absolutely love how the king lets you go ham most of the time and get away with it. Very fun battleship. Flop 3 Kolberg : It feels inadequate compared to the competition. I actually like the Karlsruhe more since Karls' gun can at least do significant damage. Mutsuki : Not such a bad ship per se, but it really feels weaker compared to Iso and Minekaze. The upgraded guns don't really make up for it since you loose on alpha damage. Myogi : Do I really need to explain that one?
  11. KL_7

    A Campbeltown for free?

    50k XP (base I presume?) and 2M dmg in 1 month? That sounds very doable! A very decent reward at the end too. Good job WG!
  12. KL_7

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well I just citadelled my personal best tonight I believe Mahan on Land of Fire, only DD in my team vs. Blyska and Hatsu in enemy team. Once those were dealt with (quickly) I got all caps, a bunch of point blank torps on a Fuso and a NC. 4100 base xp. And they say this ship is bad . (although I think that, given more time, my team could have lost this one ;_;)
  13. KL_7

    Third Party Addons

    I guess spewing nonsense (I mean really? The gaming world laughs at us? Thanks for the chuckle mate but most of the "gaming world" doesn't know or care about us) and attacking everyone is easier than bringing actual opinions and arguments into the discussion
  14. KL_7

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Nothing really out of the ordinary as far as result is concerned, but a very refreshing game altogether in the midst of low tier potatoing in Kaiser (which I can't seem to do any good with, I'll probably just wait for the hype to fade in order to have better MM) and frustrating blow off games in Kamikaze (which I end up having to play gunboat these days). Enter Mahan. Don't know why I waited so long to grind the US DDs, that ship (well, that whole line actually) almost never fails me. A tad over 3k base xp (with only one partial cap for what it's worth), fast paced gameplay and both reds and greens chatting and complimenting each other on the game for those Davy Jones claimed... If only they could all be like this
  15. KL_7

    Third Party Addons

    Why should they ban them? It's actually very significant for the game. WG is obviously mod friendly and capitalises on them (as evidenced by the progressive integration of some of the most popular mods --like crosshairs, damage counter or smoke screen boundaries-- in the vanilla client). WG can use the mod section as an idea box: what gets downloaded is what people want in game. In more than one case, I've been hackused of cheating by a salty enemy who thought that he could stay stationary broadside to my guns. I'm not the only one, in fact that's probably where 50% of hacks/cheats reports come from (the other half being mostly people having difficulties grasping the detection mechanics). About 8-10 months ago there might have been an aimbot issue (evidenced by the fact that many people tended not to aim properly in the days following a patch release). It has been dealt with (and has little to do with mods as they're used by most players), leaving only a few tryhards paying for warpack (which are usually far from being good players)