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  1. Prae362

    Got a ST Ship E-mail?

    I am shocked, upset and disgusted by this error on WG’s part. Free premium for life, Stalingrad and Alaska in my port would soften the blow however.
  2. Prae362

    New Soviet DD split

    Kiev as Tier IX hahaha. That is all.
  3. Prae362

    PvE repairs are way too high....

    They don't want people solely going into co-op and roflstomping bots to get Tier 10 the easy way then coming into PVP a total noob ruining the meta so income in co-op is lower to prevent that. Makes complete sense to me. Your assertion that 75% or more of battles are on co-op is rubbish as well.
  4. Prae362

    My way of dealing with rock huggers :)

    He wasn't AFK he was in a good tactical position at that stage of the match. The second you rammed him he powered up his engines and launched torps. He is good if he can do that when AFK. Tou wouldn't know what he was doing or trying to do because you're not a team player and have chat disabled because of your trolling.
  5. Prae362

    My way of dealing with rock huggers :)

    What a clown! You have zero tolerance for campers so you push one out of a good spot for a cruiser in the face of oncoming enemies and then sit in said spot camping yourself in a heavily armoured TX battleship? Hmm... I'd have torpedoed you if you did that to me, I can see why you've got chat disabled if that's how you conduct yourself. Then you're posting images of mini maps which show nothing other than you YOLO'ing whilst the rest of your team are elsewhere which I've no doubt results in a quick death for you and breeds this contempt you have for everyone else in game who doesn't have the attention span of a goldfish like your good self. Are you socially awkward or something? Perhaps you should turn chat back on and engage in strategising with your team rather than being a toxic troll? I've reported you for being everything that's wrong with this game incarnate and sent a link to your trolling video, no need to thank me - you're welcome.
  6. Prae362

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    Good effort! Thanks. ID: Prae362 Ship: Warspite
  7. Prae362

    USS Missouri coming to WoWs

    Google the movie "Under Siege".
  8. Prae362

    HMS Belfast is in the shop!

    First ship I bought since Gremy because I'm a Yorkshireman but loving it so far!
  9. Prae362

    Windows 10 ruins his game

    When I upgraded to Windows 10 WoWS ran like a bag of crap until I updated my drivers, deleted and reinstalled it, that solved the problem for me. Have you updated all of your drivers, etc for the new OS?
  10. Prae362

    Ramming damage is just absolutely stupid.

    Do you not have guns?
  11. Prae362

    Ridiculous install time!

    On the plus side, the game loads much quicker after patch for me at least.
  12. I had the same issue which seemed like they were blocking my IP at their end and I tried deleting game then reinstalled but nothing. I did some trawling of Google and found a solution to my issue which was to install a program called HotSpot Shield which masks your IP and the update installed straight away and afterwards I could play again! Then I deleted HotSpot Shield and was able to continue playing without it.
  13. Prae362

    Project R 253 pearls

    It started later on EU hence the later closing date although the target will be reached over the next few days.
  14. Prae362

    Project R 253 pearls

    Wait until reset on Monday unless the overall goal of 10m is reached before then you'll miss out.