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  1. What a pathetic response from a pathetic company. You apologised for the fact the CCs left - not for the fact that it was your actions as a company that caused it. Predatory marketing practises, condescending responses, bare faced lying, no regard for feedback and seemingly no concern for anyone - especially those who have dedicated so much free time to help you. You don't care about anything except milking your cash cow dry, be damned anyone or anything that stands in your way. It has long since gone past the point of "miscommunication". This is either a serious internal culture problem, or more likely, a strategy of wilful ignorance and nefarious behaviour; seeing how far you can push the walking wallets community before they revolt. It's a shame as this game had so much potential. I feel sorry for those in the team who genuinely want to make a great game and have been hamstrung by whatever level of upper management is responsible for the nonsense we've seen over the past 3 years.
  2. RedRye95

    Lock on / Aiming Glitch

    I'm sure a lot of people are aware of the lock on bug that has affected the game for some time now where despite being locked on to the target you do not receive the corresponding accuracy buff. As a result your dispersion is as if you were firing without the target lock. On very accurate ships it is quite obvious when it happens as your dispersion should be wildly greater than the normal RNG. The only real way of combatting it seems to be manually unlocking and locking the target using your key bind. However, it used to be quite infrequent, but as of the latest patch it seems to be almost every other shot for me. I think it's one of those long standing issues that while irritating, didn't happen frequently enough to be a priority e.g. like how the camera can do a 180 sometimes when use use the free look button. I feel like this should be a bug report but I can't think of any way to gather evidence that it is happening more/less frequently than before. Has anyone else noticed a difference since the current patch went live or am I imagining it?
  3. RedRye95

    About Smolensk

    As the owner of both the Stalingrad and the Smolensk I can assure you that even the Stalingrad has felt the introduction of the Kremlin, Colbert and the Smolensk. Is it still OP...yes, but it's a lot less OP than the Kremlin, which is basically an upscaled Stalin with way more armour and heavier guns. Sure they don't have the improved pen angles but you don't need them with the 18" overmatch. With regards to the it being over powered, yes the Smolensk needs a nerf, but I'm not sure what as the whole play style is toxic for the game. Really it should never have been introduced because they already know the smoke + HE combo is terrible a la Kutuzov and Belfast. At least the Stalingrad can be countered as it's big and clumsy with the detection range of the great wall of China. The Smolensk has a very troll armour scheme that can ricochet 16" shells due to the 30mm plating, but actually has insufficient armour to arm the 18" shells of the Yamato, Musashi and Kremlin unless you're quite heavily angled. So funnily enough the Stalingrad is actually one of the best counters to the Smolensk as it won't overpen anywhere near as much. I see it as fighting fire with fire - the two OP Russian gods fighting for the title.
  4. RedRye95

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    Is anyone else having issues complimenting / reporting teammates either from the scoreboard or the team panels? When I right click a player and choose either compliment or report it send the action to a completely random player, as confirmed by the notification in the battle chat. I have wrongfully complimented and reported countless players at this point. I've tried checking game integrity, resetting all my user settings and deleted the preferences.xml to force a reset but it still happens.
  5. RedRye95


    No need to have FXAA and MSAA on at the same time. MSAA is superior in every way so disable FXAA entirely and leave the other on 4x as you'll hardly see any difference. You can also turn anisotropic filtering back up to 16x as it barely impacts performance. If you're struggling for frame rate you're better off disabling "animate small objects" and reducing the refresh rate of the UI.
  6. RedRye95

    0.8.4 - Ranked Season 12

    Quite simply the worst season of ranked so far for the reasons others have stated earlier in the thread. It seems impossible to make a dent in these ranks and the tier X stuff is becoming seriously boring. I doubt I'm going to play more than 1 or so games before becoming so incensed that I give up.
  7. RedRye95

    Bug Reports

    Just to add to this again, my friend is still suffering with repeated crashes and freezes when in matches. No error message is produced but the game task will not end and he has to log out to close it, as others have reported before. The issue seems to have gotten worse since the update as he had a freeze when in the settings menu too. He has tried the suggestions that others have listed but I have advised him to make a support ticket.
  8. RedRye95

    Yamamoto heal bug?

    The good news is that I did manage to save the replay file when this happened to me. My post in the bug section is on the 3rd page. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who experienced this as hopefully they will look into it.
  9. RedRye95

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Isoroku Yamamoto heal does not appear to function upon achieving a Kraken Unleashed award. I achieved 5 kills while playing the Yamato with Yamamoto as my captain. The fireworks went off as expected and the reload buff kicked in, however my health remained unchanged. Upon checking the captain abilities in port I was greeted by the following: 2. Reproduction steps Get 5 kills with Yamamoto as captain. Obviously this doesn't happen very frequently so I have been unable confirm if this happens every time. 3. Result Fireworks go off, reload buff kicks in.....health bar is unchanged and heal does not work. 4. Expected result The heal should also activate for 120s. 5. Technical details Running vanilla client. Game is stable and hasn't crashed once this patch. Please find the replay file attached and a link to the file on WOWS Replays. The incident happens towards the end of the game. Replay on WOWS Replays host site Side Note: It is possible that if the heal had activated as intended (and my secondary gunners hadn't been on the Saki) I may not have lost this game and it could have been an 8 kill win instead of a 6 kill defeat. 20180923_000110_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  10. RedRye95

    Bug Reports

    After playing a battle both my division mate and I returned to the Marseilles port to see a pile of ice erupting from the sea. Maybe it is in fact the accumulated salt of all the cruisers after playing the old Tears of the Desert Following this my division mate changed ship to be greeted by this: I think the new port might have a few glitches :D
  11. RedRye95

    Bug Reports

    You probably saw me complain a lot about the previous patches when I was getting random crashes multiple times a game and had to stop playing. I eventually found that running the game in compatibility mode helped alleviate the problem slightly, I would not crash mid game at least. Well I want to say that so far this patch I haven't had a single crash even when not running in compatibility mode. It seems a lot of other people still have issues but whatever you did it fixed the game for me. Thanks
  12. RedRye95

    Division Window

    I'd like to add a +1 from me. New window is a downgrade from the old one
  13. RedRye95

    Bug Reports

    Look again at the "reload" time of the damage control party. It has a much shorter time before it is available to use again compared to the consumable on other battleships. To compensate for this it has a limited number of charges. This is what makes the ship special.
  14. RedRye95

    Bug Reports

    For anyone like me running Windows 10 16299.125 (the latest release) and suffering with constant crashes in game, I found found the only solution is to launch the game directly from the .exe and make sure it is running in compatibility mode. While compatibility mode is normally pretty useless, in this case it is the only thing that works, and I have tried everything. The Windows 7 mode seems to be the most stable for me, reducing crashes to once in every ten games as opposed to 3 times per game. Wargaming are aware of the issues and working on patch but they cannot give an ETA.
  15. For the past 6 months the game has been very unstable for me when playing in a division and would frequently crash when interacting with the port or when joining or leaving a battle. It would throw up a critical error (something I think many have experience with) but the log files would show no fault. I could deal with this but with the release of 0.6.14 not only did the game start crashing when playing solo but more crucially, during the matches themselves. These crashes have survived 5+ months of updates, driver installs (including removing old graphics drivers with DDU), refreshes, disk checks, repairs, and game patches not to mention migration to a new user account, refreshing windows and doing an "in-place upgrade" to repair any damaged files. As it stands the game is completely unplayable for me in it's current state and I am out of ideas on what to do. I have contacted WG support and they have all been very pleasant and some of the responses seemed like they were really trying to help. I have run every conceivable check I can think of as well as the WGCheck tool and all the suggestions on the forums. The WGCheck tool seemed to suggest everything was okay on the first pass but 5 minutes later said it needed to download 2.5GB of files to repair the game. It did the same thing after a complete fresh install of the game on another drive as well. The first response from WG support checked my error codes and suggested the following: I had tried all of the suggestions at some point in the past but I ensured the game files were in the exceptions list of my AV (and later disabled entirely for troubleshooting), checked the state of "read only" on the files and tried running as an admin. Surprise, the game seemed to run fine for the 4 coop games I played but later on it crashed 3 times in one random battle and four times in another battle in a division. The following are some of the other responses I received: So far the responses seemed like they were trying and I hoped with continued checking of the crashes and error codes the solution could be found but after this high point the solution seems unattainable now. My PC is a fairly high end setup with a GTX 970 which is one of the most common cards, and it is running the latest 16.299 build of Windows 10 pro with all the latest up to date drivers and more than enough RAM. It runs every other game flawlessly and never encounters stability issues. Despite the first few responses being helpful the following was then suggested by another support employee: This suggestion is not helpful as on my X99 chip set the processors do not have any on board graphics at all and require and discrete GPU. To me this seems like a canned response and analysis of my submitted WGCheck file could've told them this. I am also unable to roll back to a previous build as during the troubleshooting steps I have refresh my install multiple times and therefore lost access the the previous build. After a small conversation where I emphasised the issues and the fact that my premium time is going to waste, I cannot participate in ranked battle or the Duke or York campaign I was told this: So they know about the issue (assuming that reply wasn't to fob me off) and they say they are working on it. For me the game has been unstable for 6 months or more and so I do not hold much confidence that it will be fixed any time soon. Meanwhile the premium time I paid for is going to waste. After so much troubleshooting I do not accept that the issue is down to my PC as I have seen numerous people with this problem and my PC runs all other things without a hitch. I understand that Windows 10 is a bit of a pain but I do not believe that their only suggestion should be rolling back to an old build that is now months old. Had they continued to check through my error codes and eliminate the issues I feel we may have gotten somewhere but as it stands nothing has been accomplished. TL;DR Game now crashes mid match making it unplayable. Have tried every troubleshooting and repair step possible but it still persists and support cannot help. I am interested to hear if anyone else is suffering with instability.