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  1. Abrams2207

    Missouri dispersion

    Thank you for this Info. I first must create a Twitter Account for Posting. You said there is a another new Thread about this Topic, where can i find this Thread ? :)
  2. Abrams2207

    Missouri dispersion

    Then just Test it for yourself. I wont give up until they fix it.
  3. Abrams2207

    Missouri dispersion

    As I Said If you dont believe us take the ship and Play it for some rounds. 10 rounds with the Module and 10 without. Without Module It May Be the „Standard Missouri“ but with Module it feels like +10% dispersion and Not -10%. You cannot Play the ship with this Module. Average dmg of max. 30k and so much bounces. And yes WG says there was nothing. But you cant trust WG without Test it yourself.
  4. Abrams2207

    Missouri dispersion

    I complety Agree with you. There are so many Bounces and the Ship is 100% Not the same anymore. If i Play without Aiming System Mod 2 its way better. I dont know if WG did it on purpose and did a Real „Nija Nerf“ but i Hope Not and maybe its just a Bugged Module. But they Need to fixed it. And everyone who Knows and likes this ship does notice the difference. Here a Link for a Video from Notser. He is saying, that there happened nothing but read all of the Comments and you will See there are a lot of People wich are saying the same. I Hope Finnaly WG will fix it and notice the Problem. No reason for insult, Because a lot of People Notice that. And yea its 100% something wrong here. If you dont Trust us guys go out there and Play the ship a few Games with the Module and Few Games without, or another Module. P.S sry for my Bad English.
  5. Abrams2207

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    Yes thats true but as a Community we can hold together. I mean maybe they did it not on purpose and its just a bug. But maybe not and they only dont wanna get people so much money with this ship. Its a little Sad because i love the Missouri and it also means that at any time each ship can be affected by this. At least they could have notified us in the patch notes. Transparency is very important i think. I love WOWS but i hope they dont kill it sometimes. They should stay fair and should not get greedy. But yes maybe there is hope and one day a WG Employee sees this posts and fix the Problem.
  6. Abrams2207

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    There are many people who are thinking the same and many do not. But im 100% sure they changed the vertical dispersion. Lukely i found this Video. Its a good example for the problem. In the Comments are 2 posts, who are telling the same. And by the way no reason for some people here to get toxic. I dont think that everyone is wrong, who has this opinion.
  7. Abrams2207

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    Hello Guys i also noticed this. The Sigma of Mighty Mo is 1.90 but it feels like 1.70. And no its not just bad RNG. The guns are so extremly inconsistent. I think WG is doing this on purpose, because they dont wanna get people so much money. Please guys help us getting the old Mighty MO back. They did something to here 100%. After i bought here i had a lot of fun playing here but now forget it. Sorry for my bad english.
  8. Okay alles klar danke für Eure schnellen Antworten :) Dann steh ich jetzt wohl vor der schweren Entscheidung Musashi oder Jean Bart :/ Eigentlich möchte ich die Jean Bart, obwohl auch die Musashi mega schick ist aber viele sagen halt die Jean Bart ist lange nicht so gut. Finde es allerdings sehr schade, dass WG die Jean Bart nicht mit Free XP bringt. Wäre nur fair.
  9. Liebe Community ich hätte da mal ne Frage. Weiß jemand von euch, ob die Jean Bart mit dem Update für Free XP zu haben ist ? (momentan ja leider nur für Kohle) Werde aus dem Artikel, was das angeht nicht schlau. Würde mir sonst mit Kohle/Stahl noch schnell die Musashi holen und die Jean Bart dann mit Free XP, da mir nur noch 200 k fehlen. Würde mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen :)
  10. Abrams2207

    Fehlendes Flugzeug auf der Bismarck

    Vielen dank erstmal für die Antwort :) Das besagte von dir habe ich auch schon getestet. Die Flugzeuge sind im 3 Slot und egal welches man nimmt (egal ob Spotter oder Aufklärer) ist auch keins drauf. Bei der Tirpitz oder anderen Schlachtschiffen ist es übrigens genau auf dem selben Slot. Liebe Grüße
  11. Liebes WG Forum, Mir ist schon seit langem aufgefallen, dass auf der Bismarck das Flugzeug fehlt und nicht angezeigt wird. Das ganze finde ich allerdings sehr seltsam, da sonst jedes einzelne Schiff (außer Friedrich der Große und G.K.F) das Flugzeug auf dem Schiff hat. Sogar die Tirpitz hat ein sehr schönes Fliegerlein, die ja eigentlich fast das selbe Schiff ist. Beim Friedrich und Kurfürst macht es Sinn, da die Flugzeuge nicht zwischen die Türme auf die Abschussrampe passen aber bei der Bismarck finde ich es extrem komisch. Fände es interresant eure Meinung dazu zu hören. Im Anhang noch 2 Bilder zur Bismarck/Tirpitz. Hoffe diese Forum Abteilung ist richtig, da ich keine für Bugs oder so etwas gefunden habe. Liebe Grüße Elia :)
  12. Abrams2207

    Anzeige Fehler Yamato

    Nun sind schon einige Monate vergangen aber leider besteht der Grafikfehler immernoch. Soll ich es noch einmal wo anderst versuchen ?
  13. Abrams2207

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    Yea i dont know. Maybe i was to much in the Richlieu Gameplay stile. But there was some very awkward things. I played a lot of Richileu before and had a lot of fun. Yes sometimes the dispersion on Richlieu is very bad and trolly too. But 95% with this ship felt very good. Then i startet to play Mighty Mo again vor Credit Farming and there the damage felt so iconsistant. I wish i had some of the Replays to watch it again. But overall yes it looks like its my own fault. Maybe only a bad day. Maybe i should not run the dispersion module ? What do you think ? Sry again for my bad english.
  14. Abrams2207

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    But that does not explain why im feeling pretty good in every other BB. For example Richileu,Alabama,Yamato and so on. ColonelPete but whats the prob than ? Im not a pro player but am also not absolutly garbage. And i have a lot of BBs to compare with.
  15. Abrams2207

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    ColonelPete no i dont think so. I wish it would be only that :D