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  1. Lucifen

    A thought on aircraft

    Because IJN fighters would be so usefull against any US CV ;) Up until now the IJN CV´s only real option in mid tier WAS the strike setup. Because your fighters cant do anything... they cant even shoot 1 TB squad from the same CV down before they run out of ammo. To the Topic: I dont like the Fuel-system. I like that you are able to spot DDs as a CV - but they should have a chance to do something against it. I think the US DD changes will help with it - for the US ones. If there is a change needed i´d like the scaling DPS for DDs. After a cooldown (5-10 seconds?) the AA gets a significant DPS buff that scales up over time. A CV should still be able to spot - but the DD should have a "fighting chance" and require more attention on the CV´s side to keep him spotted. Please keep in mind: if the CV doesnt spot DDs, and there is no other DD to spot him, no one can spot them. Sitting in a CA/BB in a relatively open field and have torps incoming again and again without a chance to spot the DD (you can push him as a CA - but he sees you and can react to it) is as frustrating as being perma-spotted by airplanes.
  2. Lucifen

    CVs are OP challenge!

    Every single one of us - argueing about "CV OP or nah" has a discussion with 2 entities. The CV OP guy and The CV is fine guy Everything that someone brings to this discussion gets treated as if entity 1 or entity 2 would have said it. So we get a lot of people arguing against 1 of 2 entities that contradict themselves in everything they say. You cant have a discussion about it in a forum, in larger numbers. You can analyze the situation - if you work together. Like this its just a "Vanilla vs Chocolate" discussion with a lot of anger, blaming and flaming. @OP Really great idea - sadly this thread turned the same way as every thread mentioning anything about CVs. I would hope that you get to test it out and get some results - but i dont think it would change anything in this discussion. Because people like to argue - they dont like to discuss, they like to be right - and not to find the truth. Lucifen
  3. Lucifen

    Stop comparing WOT to WOWS

  4. Its more of a counter-mantra against all the "WoWs IS WoT" posts. Looks like it didn´t help at all So WoT IS Counter strike - just tanks instead of soldiers? Because you know... you have to move and aim... and there is cover... and different weapons... and weakspots.. Yes there are similarities - but i wrote something about "is EXACTLY the same" and its very far away from that.
  5. Lucifen

    Airdropped torpedo dmg bug? intended?

    Didnt know this - i had only noticed that they can do less dmg - and not that they can do more. Thanks for the great answers. Lucifen
  6. "I understand how this game works, but these things dont work like i think the game works (Torpedoes in general) so PLS change the game!!!" And whoever brings up "WoWs is exactly like WoT" again - write down 100 times "WoWs is NOT WoT" Are you done? Then repeat after me: "WoWs is NOT WoT" Thank you and have some great battles
  7. Hey everyone, i had a game in a Minekaze and got 9655 dmg hit (probably more, that was all the health i had left) from 1 IJN T4 TB-torpedo. Max damage for them is 8567. It was NOT a detonation. Screenshots for proof: Proof it was an aidropped Torp: My question now: Is this a bug? Or can torpedoes crit? (never seen it) I couldnt find anything about it. Mfg Lucifen
  8. Lucifen

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    I wasn´t talking about theoretical damage - there you would have to take the armor and all the bounces/less dmg a BB gets into account. Im talking about DMG TAKEN - from your HP - and then healing back up. And look at the reload speed from a different angle: a cruiser is shooting and shooting and shooting, all the time in his sights, not aware whats going on around him - taking a torp or a full broadside from a BB and going down. With a BB - you pick your target, you unleash hell on them and then look whats going on, preparing the next steps. With equally skilled players a cruiser or DD has no chance against a BB in a 1v1. (yes 1v1 isn´t what this game is about, i know ;p ) And thats how it should be - you need one of your BBs to take the fire and attention from you, so you can burn him/torp him. Sink him with combined efforts. One thing i really dont like about BBs is the speed at the lower tiers. - if you go in the wrong direction and only meet 1-2 enemies, you are driving around all game with nearly no effect on it. But thats a part of beeing a BB - and i still enjoy playing them.
  9. Lucifen

    Aren't battleships kinda underpowered right now?

    Yeah, BBs can only soak 120%+ of their Max HP as damage. Or do very serious DMG to any kind of ship - no matter how well armored. It´s not like the HE change gave a Buff to the BBs also. I mean - it can only take a really really hard beating compared to any other shipclass. And with only 30 seconds reload its a lot harder to keep track of your surroundings - compared to other ships that can fire every 10 seconds.. ;p In my Opinion - the BB is there to tank the dmg. He has a ability to restore HP, good armor and a big HP Pool. He can do very deadly dmg - making him a valuable target to shoot at - but hard to bring down. Yes he is slower, bigger, easier to hit - but also a lot harder to kill. I dont see any class beeing OP or UP enough to ask for buffs or nerfs.. aside from small adjustments and fine-tuning. Thats just how the game feels to me!
  10. So there we have 1 with average Tier 6 (cruiser) and one with average Tier 7 (carrier) The one with the cruisers plays a lot of DDs too Just compare the stats of the TVII and TVIII ships - there is not that much of a difference in them. A cruiser is not a DMG machine - he is kind of an allrounder. A cruiser can give AA cover just by standing somewhere. A carrier is a DMG machine - its his sole purpose to do dmg - if he doesnt use a fighter setup. Then he is kind of only AA. What does this comparison show? Nothing in my eyes. Edit: Lets not forget the HP pools of your primary targets - if you look at the average XP per game there is a difference of 1923 to 1828 - again average Tier 6 vs Tier 7