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  1. Luckyio

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Introducing: T10 HP pools, German BB sonar and torpedo reload time.
  2. Luckyio

    Takao mission - Q&A

    Tried playing Tashkent since I need to grind that line sometime. Had BBs bumrush my smoke en masse. 11/10 will not touch that ship again until this idiocy is over.
  3. Luckyio

    .15 patch and another ijn DDs thread

    One thing that was left out - do we get to keep experience progress on the new ship - i.e. new tier 6 Hatsuharu in scenario being described. My Hatsuharu is elite right now. Does this mean I can just buy T7 Shiratsuyu from new tree right away after patch is out without needing to gain any exp on her?
  4. Luckyio

    Base Cap: Devs did good!

    Sad part is, huge amount of people still won't come up to press the cap. In most cases, you can actually make a cap on a cruiser alongside destroyers, and if several push at the same time, you can have a good fight on top of it. But sadly, most non-DD players (and quite a few VMF/USN DDs) still just sit at maximum range and snipe, doing nothing else the entire game. But at least their relative uselessness is now reflected in their score relative to score of those that actually went in to cap, taking a risk.
  5. This may cause more snowballing to victory. The more forts you control, the harder it is for the enemy to come back, since in addition to pressure from losing on points, you're also unable to just go and recap with your destroyers (as is possible in case of "huge ball of idiots" caping one point at a time on normal conquerable points). Forts simply lock the point down for a time, making it harder to recap, especially on nimble destroyer that doesn't want to telegraph to the entire enemy team that it's going for recap of specific point. I'm quite certain that more snowballing is a bad thing gameplay-wise. We have more than enough of it with killing ships. If anything, we need less of it and more comeback mechanics.
  6. Luckyio

    DD Torpedo protection

    Someting to consider if you want to go down that route - destroyers in game are at least 4 times the size they are in relation to battleships in real life if not more. But it's not fun to try to hit something that small and that fast. So their size was massively increased (huge hitbox), but they're rigorously compartmentalized, so you don't just randomly one shot them with lots of hits to a single area.
  7. Luckyio

    Dear Wargaming, please fix ranked!

    Shrekening - the story.
  8. Luckyio

    This has to stop.

    Read up on Tirpitz's history. BBs traditionally aren't about engaging one another, but about engaging weaker ships that lack the capability to penetrate their armour. The mere threat of encountering Tirpitz caused allied convoys on the nothern supply path change plans and massive amount of bomber aircraft was deployed just to contain that one ship. That is the power of a battleship in WW2.
  9. Luckyio

    For crying out loud, buff RU destroyers.

    Are people really not finding torpedoes on Russian DDs useful? I find them to be amazingly powerful, as most people tend to try to push into your smoke when you shell them from it, making salvos devastating. I've unleashed a couple of Quakens on Gnevny recently, mainly because of managing to set up smoke to shell enemies into torpedo broadside. Basically they are that mechanic that makes actually pushing into you to one shot you extremely dangerous for cruisers and BBs.
  10. Luckyio

    citadel now too easy

    Took 2 citadel hits in a first BB volley (also the only one that hit me that game). Wouldn't be shocking if I wasn't driving the "I have no citadels worth talking about" Cleveland. I recall hitting its citadels a total of maybe 2 times during my entire WoWS career, and never having its citadels hit when I was driving it. And now, sudden double citadel. It was a surreal moment. Either they finally fixed Cleveland to have less "historic" and more balanced citadels, or that BB won a lottery, or they messed something about AP citadels from BBs on cruisers very badly. It could be confirmation bias after all the recent AP changes too. Doesn't change the whole surreal feel it gives me.
  11. Actual statistics for the game picked straight from game api are provided here: https://stats.wotapi.ru/stats/wows/eu/total They show a bit of a different picture than one that OP paints.
  12. Luckyio

    Today, I felt the BBs accuracy buff

    Fuso is a cripple in terms of turning speed. And right now, due to that accuracy buff it's also a DD hunter that is better than any cruiser, because it tends to blow them out of the water in a single volley. BB can be busy with something else as well. Even with that cripple level turning circle, it's still more than enough to blow a DD trying to make a torpedo run before it can launch from a reliably undodgeable distance. What game actually needs is corrections to low tier battleships so that newbies that don't know how to dodge can play them without getting completely shredded by torpedoes. At higher levels on the other hand, we need BB nerfs and DD buffs right now.
  13. Luckyio

    Ranked: Balance the goddamn destroyers!

    I must admit I had some fun moments as a DD in ranked. Capped a point and sat on it solo, and the entire enemy team just slowly circled the cap point at distance. If even one of them had the balls and understanding of the game to just push striaght into the cap point, they would have forced my retreat very quickly with minimal damage taken.
  14. Luckyio

    CV Border Hugging

    Those are fighting words, and midget wrestlers sure can fight!
  15. Luckyio

    Today, I felt the BBs accuracy buff

    It gets worse. I got one shotted with just two front guns of the same ship from 2/3 hp. I basically did everything right, went in to visual from behind the island right after BB fired and while his guns were facing the other way. Didn't help any. He got front guns rotated into position and killed me before I could finish the torpedo run. From the other end, I now get games where I get 1-2 DD kills on Fuso as a routine. Had a game with all three kills that I got on Fuso being DD kills. It's so bad that I'm actually spending time with HE loaded actively looking for DDs instead of shooting at available targets with AP. It's actually pretty surprising that DDs didn't get anything to compensate for this change.