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  1. For Fighting in the Baltic Sea, it needs to blend with the colour of the see, and likewise important when anchored at an island. Dark blue and green for the sea, and dark grey amd dark green to blend with the pines and the cliffs. (colour matching could probably be a lot better)
  2. Fuzzbox

    Should I report afk players as bots or playing poorly?

    I would assume that both "plays poorly" and "bot" would require some manual investigation from WG as to what happened, as both are hard to check with software (AFK is pretty simple to check, but that option is not available). As this is my assumption the disconnect problem should be seen whenever WG investigates, and would therefore not imply any penalty on the unfortunate soul with a bad connection. If any mod/developer would tell me otherwise I will stop/change my reporting accordingly, but as many stated above I seldom report any AFK'er as there might be other more important things to take care of (dogs, cats, fish, birds, children, spouse) than a single game. <edit> sorry, forgot the fishies </edit>
  3. Fuzzbox

    Endless Torpedo Spam

    maybe he is commenting on the game play of the tiers he's playing at? Tbh, in some games (tier V or lower) with 5 IJN DD's on a single team it is a bit ridiculous, it is basically an ocean of torps, so I can understand people's frustration. L2P comments are not very useful for new players, they will just give up and call the game crap to their friends. As DD gameplay changes a bit after Tier V, maybe WG should consider changing the lower tier gameplay to better match higher tiers. (same goes for BB gun dispersion at low tiers) We want happy new players
  4. Fuzzbox

    Bug with Clemson's gun upgrades?

    Thank you for the good information, I now see they are, they are basically doubling my firepower. Interesting that that is not noted anywhere. I understand the numer of turrets are the same, but some hint of the "nograde" would have been welcome. (unfortunatly it seems we will never ever see the upgrades until we purshase them). Thanks Ascador for being correct.
  5. Fuzzbox

    Bug with Clemson's gun upgrades?

    Hull A: 102 mm/50 Mk12 Rate of Fire 8.6 Rounds per minute 180 Degree turn time 18s Max HE Damage: 1500 Max AP Damage: 1700 Hull B: 102 mm/50 Mk14 Rate of Fire 8.6 Rounds per minute 180 Degree turn time 18s Max HE Damage: 1500 Max AP Damage: 1700 Same same, hull does not provide more turrets, but for some strange reason the artillery goes from 19 to 27 (+8) ? What did I miss?
  6. Fuzzbox

    can not login - server NA

    Are we seeing the first queues in WoWs? Got two friends playing, while me and another friend is trying to connect.
  7. Open beta coming sooner than we though? Or is it just some maintenance I have missed, or is my ISP caching stuff again? http://worldofwarships.eu/ is currently down with the following message: The site is under maintenance The site won't be available for a short period of time.You can still visit our Developers Blog and Forum for now.
  8. Fuzzbox

    Fines for accidental collisions.

    Are you sure he did not get even more of a penalty? I have been t-boned a few times and I always pay more than I receive, I have also t-boned a few times (tunnel vision on getting the kill), and while expecting to only get a penalty I have received compensation on these occasions as well. I believe the mechanics behind it isn't that advanced so they give more in penalties than in compensation always to get all parties to try to avoid collisions? Thankfully the damage between friends seem to have a different scaling than ramming.
  9. Fuzzbox

    Worst ship in the game?

    While I don't have any tier VII+ ships, the Furutaka seems to be severly misplaced, but then again I have not understood WG's "tier" concept. For me tiers would slowly let me learn a class, but if you look at the japanese tiers for DD's and CA's I have no idea what to think I will learn from previous tiers. Then again, the quick rush from Tier I to V is silly, I want to enjoy my ships in a more linear fashion, not hit a brick wall at tier VII. (edit language)
  10. Fuzzbox

    Phlys thoughts on whats wrong with the game

    Personally I think Phly had a PMS day, he's usually much more precise in his reviews. Unfortunately I think Phly is getting tired of the game, which is a big warning sign to all of us. Basically what he is saying I am playing DD as I can one-shot people (which is still fun), all other classes suck (but for some reason he only mentions BB's), which is why I would question him on this vid. I have seen a lot of requests for buffing the BB's lately, but since I hardly play them I don't know if they are valid or not, what I do know is I see a BB as a fun challenge in a DD I also avoid said BB in my CA. I wish Phly would have give better critics, but it is not all that easy.
  11. Fuzzbox

    Farragut 1942 hull vs 1945 hull

    Hi all, I have just got the Tier VI Farragut. And after playing two games it is very similar to the Nicholas (Which I like). It has two hull upgrades, one from the standard (1934) to the 1942, which gives two more AA mounts and 900 HP. This I can understand, more AA needed as the history reveals itself. But from the 1942 hull to the 1945 hull there is no difference, this seems strange. Is this a lost moment in the development? There should be some difference, right? I am not very familiar with the USN so I am sure there are people who knows what this hull upgrade gave, I would assume it (1945 Hull) probably added some survivability, i.e. HP, if not even more AA? I made a search about this, and all I found was this, which WG hasn't responded to, hence why I am posting this. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/14580-farragut-and-mahan-ship-hull-upgrades-are-downgrades/page__hl__%2Bfarragut__fromsearch__1 I understand this is CBT and a lot of stuff is needing changes/fixes, and I hope this will get changed (Hopefully I am on my Maham by then)