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  1. Admiral_noodle

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I for one prefer the "bug". Immersion: Ship fires its gun so attracts attention - so people all look in the direction of the muzzle flash. The muzzle flash doesn't last 20 secs but it makes sense that people are "looking your way" for a while... So the "bug" that when you broke LoS your concealment returned makes more sense than the "fix" :D
  2. Admiral_noodle

    Server currently unavailable?

    So advice: Start writing a long and involved complaint to WG... It seems to cause the server to come back up...
  3. Admiral_noodle

    Server currently unavailable?

    I understand when things don't go right, I work in IT. What does annoy me is misinformation. First the announcement on the website states the server will be available for 30 mins "5-5:30 CET". Thats over 2 and a half hours ago. Second the website incorrectly states the server is available and serving players (11,000) So I've just wasted a load of time trying to work out and fix things at my end. Please WG: When a server outage goes well past the deadline - update the website. And that server status widget - clearly doesn't work - please fix.
  4. I seem to recall that was quite the epic comeback. I'd have lived longer but i forgot how to left and right in reverse and got broadside -__-
  5. Admiral_noodle

    Daily mission madness

    I was going to skip this but instead got Hosho out for her second game ever and completed it in one game. Hosho is kinda fun I have to admit.
  6. Admiral_noodle

    Nerf the Conqueror ...

    This is entertaining :) i’ve Just got my conquerer. Seems like a good ship to farm withered in... im not convinced it’s actually a supreme OP carry ship, but that somewhat depends on teams. however as it is the 12 gun version is just silly in my opinion. Built for HE spamming and is just too easy to rack up daft damage scores in. It’s not really vulnerable to anything and as long as you sit back a bit and farm damage and fires - well you might not get a super WR but you’ll get a ton of damage, XP and credits. Plus flags. I dont think this was the intention. I don’t think it needs a “nerf”. I think it needs a rework. If it was up to me I would get rid of the 12 gun option and leave it with the 8 gun one as a start. Fewer shells but higher ap potential would actually discourage derpy GE spamming gameplay and cut the fires it does to a more reasonably level. Just my opinion.
  7. Admiral_noodle

    Deliberate TK.

    Report and move on with life. Submit a ticket if you have evidence of seriously bad stuff going on (like abuse normally). However the TK system does work. Once a player goes pink damage they do is reflected back on them. Had a deliberate TK-er (in a Sims of all things!) first try to bait our players into shooting him, then when they wouldn't he torped our Fiji and exploded. Fiji was fine. I don't get it... Anyway, TK-ers are fortunately fairly rare, so write off that game as an abomination, report, play on...
  8. Admiral_noodle

    Glitch in the MM Matrix

    Yesterday I found myself as the only BB in the entire game. Tier 7 game too! was fun for me :)
  9. Admiral_noodle

    Plummeting WR, sometimes you just can't win.

    My performance looks similar to be honest. My wr slides gradually while my pr and other stats improve. But its pretty obvious why this is the case for me. I’m learning new ships and playing more high tier. And to be honest I could make my wr to go back up to 60%... by seal clubbing :)
  10. Admiral_noodle

    Can we please stop the T10 spam?

    FYI I’ve been measuring the average tier of my games. Mostly because I’m rather stats obsessed. However at tier 8 the average tier I’ve measured is 9.1. (Where tier is the tier of the top tier in the game. So expectation is 9.0 for a tier 8 ship). So not really to bad at all. There is an issue though. Sometimes it’s not fair to see bottom tier ships - at any tier - to be only one or two. There really should be a system to ensure bottom tiers aren’t 2/12.
  11. Admiral_noodle

    Dynamic Map

    So icebergs don’t really move that fast. However i would really like a map - ocean - with rain squalls which move around. Areas of very low visibility. Would make ocean actually fun. And a fog bank one. Plus it’s actually historical
  12. Admiral_noodle

    Quick thought: xp for blocking caps?

    Oh that’s good. Although the fact I didn’t know this because it’s buried in a forum thread and not available in game (how do I gain xp explained...) is another problem. And yes people still haven’t learned how capping actually works because it isn’t as obvious as it should be. This isn’t asking for dumbing down - just better UI feedback. Eg when point acrue from caps maybe you can see them come from the caps (I don’t know an arrow or a + or something) but when a cap isn’t contributing because it’s contested you’d gave a “blocked” or x or 0 - something.
  13. So we get xp for defending caps and capping. But not for blocking a cap? Blocking a cap negates points gain and helps the team. Many times I’ve blocked caps in this way as I’m sure we all do. But there is no personal advantage from doing this. Would it be useful to have some in game indication and/or perhaps xp - not much but a bit - for doing something useful? the UI doesn’t really show that you are negating points gain either, so at minimum i would like to see something that explicitly tells players they are blocking points gain. Too many times I’ve come across players who don’t realise contesting points prevents them generating points...
  14. Admiral_noodle

    King George V

    Wait tho. - IFHE decreases fire chance. - But you can put it back up with DE and flags to make the decrease negligible - high caliber RN guns have a high base fire chance anyway - if you have IFHE you may be inclined to fire HE all the time - thus you may perceive you start more fires. You don't. You'd be better off without IFHE and other skills instead. The extra alpha you might get from IFHE isn't that great given the pen boost from what 89 to 114mm? Ish? Not really much in that threshold. Anyway let's not get personal. KGV is actually best played using he and ap at the right times for optimal results.
  15. Admiral_noodle

    A Conqueror looked at me...

    I was there. On the opposing team. Knowing how good OP is and having seen him make a mistake in the previous game which got him killed I knew he would be a tough cookie to deal with on the opposing team. Sacrifices to RNGsus were made... (the double citadel from nowhere on his div mate was helpful too...) all praise rngsus but seriously, detonations from splash damage are a little hard to explain as a sensible mechanic. Also why do dds detonate more than anything else. That's hardly fair or good game design