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  1. Azalgor

    Facing 2 CVs at tier 3

    Its not a problem its a marketing move, WG wants you to invest right away by buying a high tier ship, get free exp and use cash to convert it to bypass low tiers that are garbage, all so that you can enjoy endgame faster with toster AI lvl teammates (in no means trying to offend the tosters).
  2. Azalgor

    What do you enjoy most in WoWs?

    Degradation of the player base. Every match is like a new experience, showing just how infinite the limits of stupidity really are.
  3. Azalgor

    Smolenks Super Pover - Nerf Please !!

    just like all other CA for the past year or so...
  4. Azalgor

    On DDs and detonations...

    Love it that people complain that the game has little realism, but when it does, they complain that it should not be there, so that they can cry more about the first part of this sentance.
  5. Azalgor

    Russian carriers coming?

    lika the great 'Bastion mode' but Soviet stile? Sounds gud, tovarisch.
  6. Azalgor

    Russian carriers coming?

  7. Azalgor

    How bad can this game get ?.

    Since the World came up with a fairy tale, believed it to be true and now cant sleap peacefully because, whats worse, they're afraid of it, not surprised basic thought processes are geting lower day by day. When you come up with an idea how to patch up human inteligence on a global scale, please contact us.
  8. Azalgor

    What happened to Slava/Pobeda?

    They nerfed Kremlin so im assuming they think of new buffs for Slava.
  9. Azalgor

    How to fix crash when exiting WoWs?

    This problem arose after last patch for many, how you didnt find a solution yet? Delete the game throu gane center, removing it completely then reinstal fresh. Helped me and others from what i read since the update.
  10. Azalgor

    Poll: Which ship are you most looking forward to?

    H44, considering WG 'balance', ought to be a solid T8-T9 ship.
  11. Azalgor

    Guys, I just got the mission for Raimondo Montecuccoli

    The whole SAP is a joke, gets more bounces and shatters than regular AP, nothing against DD and CV, BB shatter shells CA bounce them. Hope ramming does something.
  12. Azalgor


    Send replays to support via ticket, and hope for the best. Thats legit the only thing you can do other than report them in game.
  13. Azalgor


    What evils did the BOTS do to you that you compare them to modern playerbase?
  14. Azalgor

    Game don't EXIT

    as suggested, Uninstall the gmae throu game center, delete it completely and reinstall, worked for me.
  15. Azalgor

    Game don't EXIT

    Same problem here, first glich since the game launced, been 2 days since patch and it already annoys me.