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  1. Azalgor

    So what's up with Midway's UU?

    No wonder one sided games are a thing, with such inteligent people around... Compared to Kremlin 22,7 km Slava has 24,7 km...
  2. Azalgor

    lol so many op fantasy russian fire starters

    Wait for Slava, the citadel starter.
  3. Azalgor

    Soviet model kits

    And pretty much the reason is that pretty much all those ships are sketches, planned paper fantasy ships that never would have been build. Model kits fokus on things that existed with rare exceptions. As a fan myself, id love to make the ingame Moskva in 1/350, but the only thing youd find is a missle cruiser from cold war era, not a bad substitute and looks awesome, but i prefer guns over missles when building a kit, has that appeal of a warship in my perspective.
  4. Azalgor

    As a newbie DD player...

    Survive for longer than 3 min your probably in top 50%, longer than 5 - your in elite. Survive a game with a CV your god tier. On a serious note its pretty simple, team contribution is meaningless, since if you die trying ure useless and if you do nothing your still useless. Play for your own fun.
  5. Azalgor

    Siegfried over penetration

    Like any other large caliber ship, you suffer from constant overpentrations and enemy fires. And aiming lower/higher doesnt matter, since dispersion and everything else that folows after you shoot is pure random.
  6. Azalgor

    Just how intelligent are the bots?

    Just shows the playerbase competence.. And sadly WG aims to please them for obvious reasons
  7. Azalgor

    Just how intelligent are the bots?

    In EVE, NPC waged a pretty big war against each other with 0 players involved after CCP upgraded AI in game, even developers were shocked when they found out. Im pretty sure greedy WG cant do anything remotely similar, exept copy/pasta premiums.
  8. Azalgor

    Just how intelligent are the bots?

    Then why is my chat always banned? Bots get ofended when you call them bots?
  9. Azalgor

    Get rid of this report system!

    Basicaly this. Had a ban for bad play, cause i didnt do anything and just sailed with my team at the back of the map, gor 20 day game suspension. Just got out of a 21 day chat ban, played 5 games and my chat is banned for another 21 day. Basically it is a team game where comunication and staying with your comrades is key, yes...sarcasm.
  10. Azalgor

    Player support

    Don't bother with player suport at all, its non existent, the answering machine will always tell you its your fault/problem, it can't help so deal with it.
  11. Azalgor

    Weak Flak - please fix

    Al hail CV rework! I feel so old remembering the days when AA actually mattered...
  12. Azalgor

    IMO the new sound is horrendous.. it's just me?

    Yeah its garbage
  13. Azalgor

    Chat ban first game

    Dont bother, my chat is always banned, today i got out of 3 weeks chat ban, and when i asked why, all igot is standart answering machine answers - ''thats your fault, cant help, deal with it.''
  14. Azalgor

    How to make the Kremlin work?

    It is not new, and that can happen sure, but Kremlin had a massive nerf to its AA HP that reduces it to 0% after 1-2 salvos, which is NOT common nor can be called normal, and thats the result of whines.
  15. Azalgor

    How to make the Kremlin work?

    Blame the comunity for this stupid nerf and loud cryes about how OP this garbage was on reliece.