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  1. Azalgor

    ST - free Premium consumables

    If this is made for the handicapped part of the community ubable to play the game and earn credits, make premium ships free too for the poor section please.
  2. Azalgor

    Who let the bots out?

    Where did i say its a human or not? I highlited the word 'people' as sarcasm, if your not bright enough to understand then your part of the problem youre adressing.
  3. Azalgor

    Who let the bots out?

    Time is 03:11, registration date 15.02.20, has 5690 battles played in a month (id assume its RU region) So, i know im bad because i stoped caring at some point, im not the dude to check the stats of others because of it, but i think that every game has PEOPLE like this to keep online going.
  4. Azalgor

    Who let the bots out?

    That have around 120+ games per day for the last few months... Theares a RU streamer kinda talked about that recently.
  5. Azalgor

    What to convince me to play again

    You talking about moving in to a corner opposite of the enemy team or rushing in solo to die first, not wasting time with people who follow the first part?
  6. Azalgor

    Please remove the Ocean map

    Thats why people hate it, they have no brains. People want to be rewarded more for doing less, thats whats killing the game.
  7. Azalgor

    What am I doing wrong?

    This, the game developers are in hangover break for over a year now, smoking weed to get stupid ideas they think the game needs, if you wish to keep your sanity i sugest you take a break and play something else.
  8. Azalgor

    HE shots do to MUCH dmg.

    Which part? The fact that as soon as the section looses its hit points and it should stop taking damage or the fact that it still does till you die? Tutorial states that as soon as a section and structure HP are 0, you stop taking damage to that section, in the video it shows that it does not work like that and you take damage till you die by shooting 1 spot that suposedly is dry.
  9. Azalgor

    HE shots do to MUCH dmg.

    You may not understand russian, but youll recognise the tutorial video and what you will see
  10. Azalgor

    HE shots do to MUCH dmg.

    Damage saturation is gone from the game, so any hit to structure does damage. You can kill any ship by simply hitting its funnel all the time, so you just take damage till you die.
  11. Azalgor

    Premium Shop: Cruiser Mainz

    Well, if im correct, then you need 2 of these bundles to get Ostergotland right from the start. 160 euros for a silver tier 9 ship, talk about power leveling...
  12. Azalgor

    ST - changes to test ships.

    Basically we don't need a counter for ships like Smolensk.
  13. Azalgor

    Possible Soviet CV line

    https://thekristoffersuniverseinwar.fandom.com/wiki/Project_72 so its very real they will happen, enough sikret dakuments.
  14. When this game went live it met the crybabies, and the roll downhills began. Fun that the russians were the only ones to actually quit, not cry about how poor the game has become. Pretty much why we get all the overpriced ship bundles and early promises broken: no TX premiums, no submarines...developers are desperate, clear as that.
  15. Azalgor

    So how are u s(u)pposed to play the

    Yes, thats how you play any BB, prefrebly get to the border opposite to the enemy location and stay there in hopes the enemy suck more than your team.