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  1. Azalgor

    Game doesn't want me back

    The game hasn't changed, if you cant kill 12 red ships you are a noob by definition and its always your fault, mind that, you also play 23 vs 1.
  2. 0. I didnt even bother putting any comander points since then at all after i reset them. Palying naked comanders. Some are random chance, some got changed, most are useless.
  3. Randoms are pretty much the same, WG can remove co-op altogether.
  4. Azalgor

    Peak t10 gameplay

    Nope, not even a single brain cell is needed. A wallet? May bee.
  5. Azalgor

    How It Works: Firing and Dispersion

    You mean the RNG device? Aiming can be spot on, but theres no beating your poorly designed casino, you either miss a flat broadside in 3 km because reasons, or can land citalels 25km +... Youre either lucky or not simple gacha, nothing in between. Long ago when mighty shell interaction were readjusted to be idiot proof, all consistency went down the drain, many still remember the ''improvement'' when citadels dissapeared from all ships, good old days.
  6. 1)Bring back the oxigen system back, not some fairy dust, that one reasonable thing that ever happened with submarines with its very first appearance; 2)Double the damage of the torpedoes if there are 2 pings, and make it repairable unlike citadel damage; 3)Adjust submarine interaction with all classes; 4)Do not put them in random battles but a separate mod.
  7. Azalgor

    Is this still World of Warships ?

    Long ago, when WG saw this game as an easy cashgrab on everything, is when they lost all track of what this game was and what it potentially could have been. The future was bright, not going to lie there, but now they just make problems and sell solutions on a never ending circle, because fixing issues doesnt sell.
  8. Azalgor

    Detonation 'Achievement'

    Noone cares about rewards for playing, spawn camping is everything.
  9. I wish WG would STOP changing my selected port to whatever they add.
  10. This game wont get any better since WG just milks it for whatever they stil can. It had a lot of potential, but its no longer there.
  11. Azalgor

    What’s your most annoying thing?

    They probably been hiding for 3/4 of the game and finaly decided its their time to shine. Not the biggest issue compared to the quality of the general playerbase.
  12. Azalgor

    New US Heavy Cruisers

    Don't really care what they make or what ideas people migh give, the way the game been headed for quite some time now is someplace the sunlight won't reach it eventually. Noone will be surprised to see something like an H44 as T9 just because it will have 1 min reload with just 200k health... The game, as is, has amased many issues, and adding new ships won't solve any.
  13. Azalgor

    new anti air effects

    They present it as a ''new feature'' when actually it was so long before the rework. What they should have done is make different gun sounds representing caliber and fire rate, i mean, all we have is boring Ratatatataa for every single ship... At the very least, since AA is useless they could make it look somewhat interesting
  14. Azalgor

    Brawl. Fun or f-ck?

    So did i, got banned twice in the spawn of last month.. Aperantly, what was once playing the objective, tanking and spotting for the team is now unsporting conduct. Go island molesting and spawn clicking, go!