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  1. Azalgor

    Gameplay is now a joke

    Its degrading, WG thirst for our cash makes them pump premiums like crazy, then once every several months put out a patch that kills a part of the game. It will never be as good as it was during closed beta and early open beta.
  2. Azalgor

    Gameplay is now a joke

    It sure will, when more dedicated players will leave for good and new mongrels taking their place becomes questionable as well.
  3. Azalgor

    How do we help players like these?

    Well, WG does try to narrow the 10% skill gap involved in RNG game, whiles the solution is rather simple: removing it - leave the mods/consumables, captain skills/flags to the players choice, as he/she presses BATTLE the AI takes over and we watch a naval movie. That way most can return to they're daily activitie such as fapping, chatting on facebook, picturing the poop they give playing the game and posting it on instagramm and so on. The system will automatically equall everyones stats up to 50%, thus, RNG will be the only thing to blame if something still dissatisfies us.
  4. Give us more battleships that outspot cruisers, on the other hand, give us battleships that outspot destroyers. Maybee its going to be Italian or Soviet battleship gimmick?
  5. LoL.. If now a CV decides who goes to port by just killing you in 1 drop, then now he will circle you around and kill you by forcing you to use your R to rep fires from rockets, then bombs, then torps...rens and repeat. Then as he watches you slowly die with no escape...it would just prolong the suffering for the poor noobs by some 30 sec tops...
  6. From the patch i saw you were introduced to a new theme of tentacles, how soon will we see perverted stuff? Oh, wait...thats the CV rework in a nutshell...
  7. So true, the information is there if you look it up. Sadly majority the community rather sit flat on the butt expecting everything delivered to them on a silver plate while scroling FaceBook, picturing they're poop for Instangram etc....
  8. CV rework is basically comes down to this: Now a CV crossfires a DD or any ship with no DAA and kills it some 90% of the time. We will have a CV with infine plane reserve that will circle around a ship and that will use rockets, bombs, torps and just be like: first i brake a leg, then arm, then the second leg and arm... I wonder how instand deletion is better than slow crippling death, concidering the alied CV will have little do do with it anyway? And still an open question: what compensation there will be for those premium CV's some people will be asking a refund of? Its not a minor smoke change that happened to Kutuzov and Belfast, this is a major 180 degree revamp and simple dubloons wont be suficient.
  9. Azalgor

    What's up with all the people without camos?

    Most of them die within that time spawn regardless... Well, thats the majority of curent playerbase, and sadly, camos dont change the inteligent profile of a person.
  10. Azalgor

    What's up with all the people without camos?

    So? There are more disadvantages you can get simply by starting a game than not wearing a camo, doesnt make any significant difference what so ever, so i dont see a big fuss that its sudenly a big issue for opening a topic. Id personaly dich all the camos since they are ugly as hell, so maybe someone doesnt like to sail a pink/green ship and prefers its historic gray apearance, nor wants to spend money for premium ones?
  11. Azalgor

    What's up with all the people without camos?

    Since when did wearing a camo became a nesessity? And why does it bother you THAT much?
  12. Agree, playing 1 map 10 times in a row then having 1 other, then again that first map for another 5 or so games is boring. Changing maps has gone to the point that 'Islands of ice' became crap compared to how it was first introduced, and 'The ocean' map has became the least favorite because its actualy the most realistic one. And as it goes to remaking, they need to remake most cap points, so that they would all be in open water, because some maps give 1 side the advantage of having an island that alows to enter and hold the cap points while the other side needs to aproach it from open wather, thus having more risk or beying less likely to even aproach the point.
  13. Azalgor

    New player here, asking for how to improve.

    Flamus games are rigged, if you try to do what he does you will be nuked down in a blink. Alot depend on the team, but you alone must be capable of kiling all 12 enemies to secure a win (this forums #1 rule, otherwise you are a potato noob). There is no general way of getting better than personal experience, reading and learning game mechanics that noone know how they work as RNGesus is never sober.
  14. Azalgor

    Could we get Belfast back in changed form?

    They can just bring them both back since it wont matter any more with what WG recently is reliecing (Kutuzov and Belfast). +/- several more radars wont matter at all since everything gets one these days.