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  1. Strange, making a ship that starts to overpeform just to make some cash, then trying to balance it by nerfing, maybe try buffing the overnerfed researchable ships of the tier?
  2. Azalgor

    Cloned (and similar) ships: too many!

    Yeah, as pointed out already, the OP has no idea that most of the ships he mentioned are sisterships...
  3. Azalgor

    A slight change to AA-Sector defense

    I dont bother reinforcing sectors, as i havent noticed any difference, but by doing so, waiting 10 seconds to switch as the CV goes from the blind side after striking is just a huge issue. DAA consumable is meanigless as well.
  4. Azalgor

    On Russian BB accuracy mechanic for all BBs...

    Its already funny how the largest caliber guns of Yamato do less damage than several ships that recently were added to the game and are bound by the same RNG of getting autobounce more often than overmatch, that suposed to be its trading point. German BB were suposed to be getting what Soviets are recieving, because those ships shotguns cant hit crap, but they even cut their secondary guns by giving French better ones. Its quite interesting to imagine something that will beat this, and we still havent heard of the Italian BB. I rather for the idea of scrapping the idea of better dispersion on shorter ranges since theyre guns do MOST damage at this point, let them have that 1,7 sigma, if they hit they do massive damage, but dont let them do it on constant basis.
  5. Azalgor

    Ships names during battle

    settings/controls/alternative mode settings - and select 'full'
  6. Azalgor

    Selling CVs (again)

    The exp in question is the exp you got grinded on Midway by playing her, that exp will be added to your Lexington and so on, but the exp you used to research the ship itself will be transfered to free exp, so 330k for Midway + 239k for Lexington and so on.
  7. Azalgor

    Tips and hints for CV. Do you have any.

    Don't play them. WG has no idea what was done to carriers and no idea where to go, so far all of them get overnerfed every week with hotfixes.
  8. Azalgor

    When is a carry never enough?

    Well, you didn't kill all 6 enemies, what did you expect, a win with only 4? L2p...
  9. Azalgor

    I love the cV rework, here is why.

    How much did they pay you?
  10. Azalgor

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Why would i bother if its the same thing as the other carriers now? I exchanged all my premium cvs because of it, as they bring nothing new/unique to the table anymore...
  11. Have no idea whats wrong with Juliet, but id say October just owns it in a fight.
  12. Azalgor

    Mute Button in Game to BLOCK CHAT

    Then how about this, i get chat banned by the players upset with me for whatever reason, i cant type anything back in the game - fine, what bugs me more - after it as well. So when i get letters of how some individual did my parents, id like to ask a folowing question: Would it be possible to block any incoming messages that you get after the game, be it friendly or not, showing THAT person that im not available for a conversation? As for the game, similar to beying pink, a different color showing that the person has his chat blocked? Yes, i can write tickets and what not, but id rather just know i wont be getting them at all while blocked.
  13. Azalgor

    Tier X Legendary CV Modules

    Did you even try? The legendary modules, those who had or just got them, wont be able to use them until WG figures out how they screwed up the carriers and how to rework the modules for the current gameplay.
  14. Theres the minimap, there are 2 spoting indications - normal for your planes and the second when your cv is spotted, if the 2nd pops out check the minimap or press F if u want to play it safe, whats the problem? The inability to use what you have doesn't mean those who can need more trash indicators blocking theyre screen because of that 'special' someone.
  15. True that, if people don't/can't read than no matter how they narrow the skill gap it won't solve anything, sadly WG will listen to those people and eventually even completey brain dead vegetables will be able to play the game.