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  1. DJDeath_p0t

    Vanguard: lacking something to be good

    Bought her on Friday. After 16 battles (mostly bottom tier of course) I average 90k damage in it. Considering I'm kinda shite in BBs, it is quite the achievement for me. Some personal observations: + Both ammo types are viable. The AP performs great against cruisers and BBs to a certain range. For longer range duels against Yamatos etc. and angled targets the HE works fine. 10k damage volleys are entirely possible. + The spread is very reliable. This makes the bad turret angles a bit less problematic, because unlike a Bismarck, even when you only fire two turrets you are guaranteed some hits. - The torpedo damage reduction is unnecessarily bad. Yes she's not a brawler, but with the absence of hydro and planes you have no early warning. I would be really tempted to spec into vigilance if there weren't so many other necessary skills. - Survivability is not as bad as some make it out to be. The times I went down quickly we're always my fault. In summary: I like her. She's not an easy ship to play, but she's not weak. Against same tier BBs Vanguard easily holds her own. The biggest downside is of course the MM, but that's the case for any balanced T8.
  2. DJDeath_p0t

    The Buffalo, first impressions?

    Buffalo's different. The alpha strike is impressive, yes, but she's bigger, handles worse and the old Baltimore had a lot more DPM when going bow in.
  3. DJDeath_p0t

    The Buffalo, first impressions?

    I was about 60k XP away from Des Moines when the Buffalo arrived. Thought it would be way worse than the Baltimore, but so far, I'm doing ok. It's not as great an island hugger as the Baltimore, so I went for the range upgrade and usually try to stay a bit farther away because of its clumsy handling.
  4. DJDeath_p0t

    Detection mechanic change - Worst thing that happned to WOWS

    PT really is a dumb down, but I do appreciate it on my cruisers now more than ever.:o
  5. DJDeath_p0t

    Detection mechanic change - Worst thing that happned to WOWS

    Not Sure, but I think something like the Kirov might have had a larger firing bloom than range. Of course, that thing is visible from the moon anyway, so not much of a change.
  6. DJDeath_p0t

    Detection mechanic change - Worst thing that happned to WOWS

    I downgraded my Fletcher's FCS after the patch. I also changed gun for torp reload module. I can't use my guns as often as before (and I rarely used SF anyway), especially not in the early game. It definitely has taken away some of the fun for me as a dakka lover. Life for the cruisers has become harder too. You cannot operate as close as before, and at max range your DPM are suffering. All in all, I couldn't be less happy with the changes.It's a real step backwards.
  7. DJDeath_p0t

    Magazine detonation - remove it already

    DDs get detonated often. From full health. At the start. Add to that, that quite often you have uneven numbers, games snowball because of detonations. WoWS is primarily a game not a simulator. And it already has enough random factors. However, you can influence how those affect your ship. With detonations not as much. Especially not in a DD.
  8. DJDeath_p0t

    WG hell bent on turning WoWs into Wot

    From my experience,DDs are the most influential factor for steamrolling. With dets, dev strikes and inconsistent players, the DD battle can be over very quickly and leave one team without any DDs, thus basically helpless. On the other hand, the games which take the longest are usually those were DDs on both sides survive till the end.
  9. DJDeath_p0t

    How many people are planning on leaving Warships

    I think nowadays it's called "alternative facts". Like sniping Derpitzes promote dynamic gameplay.