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    New current patch related: Deep torp bug: I was in an Ibuki and got like 10 torps in the face in multiple salvos(from a Gadjah) and none of them hit. I didn't find anything about deep torp changes in the patch notes or in the in-game description so I assume it is a bug. Detection bug: I sit in the middle of my smoke still and got spotted for a sec randomly, I saw this from the otherside too, sometimes ships are poping up randomly for a sec. Old but "gold": Explosions are causing huge fps drops. Very low settings -> otherwise stable 144 fps. Loading bug: If I alt-tab after starting the game(within ~5secs), the loading will be very slow, usually I can't join a game I have to restart, FPS is ok only the loading is slow. It feels like the game measures the "HDD" speed at start and when it is sent to the background I guess it limits the resource usage and stuck there when I bring it back to the foreground. P.s.: I have to restart means I see the game is started, I see other players move in the loading screen minimap but my game is stuck at loading. Specs: i7-4770, 16GB RAM, GTX 970(latest driver), win 10