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  1. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I understand why they are changing CVs but personally believe that the RTS gameplay is not as bad as they make out. Its that people don't bother to learn as the way you play feels alien after the standard ships. However, they also need to change the gameplay for consoles, so in reality, there is no going back to RTS style gameplay Therefore, we need to make the new approach work. For me, it is not there yet, but we have yet to complete testing (for me way to short) to really make that judgement. Two things could make this much better, a World of Warplane feel (i.e. less on rails, dodge, wearing, ducking and diving, and manual control of a fighter etc) and manual AA fire control (aka War Thunder, and they do it with frantic gameplay so it can work). This way it increases the reward for skilled players, but also fun and engaging for your average Jo (that's me by the way)
  2. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    That was two quick you need to learn the play, the nuances, the countermeasures etc. It takes time in the seat to do that
  3. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    So anyone know if round two of testing will restart, or will the just go straight to round 3?
  4. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I was a bit surprised to see the test close so quickly. However, here is my summary from the games I managed to play I only managed to play tier 8 carriers, both in stock and with plane upgrades. I played tier 10 BBs, CLs and DDs The test period was too short, I was only really getting some idea of how to play carriers. This was obviously hampered by the need to play alternative ships (which I thought was fair) I would suggest that you start off with just tier 8 ships, then introduce tier 10 non-carriers, finally giving everyone free tier 10 carriers to play. We can then have more comprehensive responses. The same suggestion regarding upgrades, force everyone to play stock then allow upgrades We also need to see the captain skills, these can make a big difference and needs to be tested as well. Flying the plans can be improved, turning was to abrupt using the keys and too slow with the mouse. I suggest an increment longer you hold down the key tighter the turn, but it starts off at a slower rate I think it was good that each attack had to start off at a different distance, more practice time would have been good to really learn the basics. Perhaps you can employ 10 no cost bot battles so you can learn without pressure (or a training room) I found rockets the hardest and appeared to have limited damage. I also found the aiming reticule lied on occasion and the rockets didn't run true Dive bombers, I was just really getting to grip and finding out the right tactic. I think with time these would be fun as you could aim for various parts of the ship with some precisions Torpedo bombers I found to be the most fun, though damage I expected never materialised My plans often just melted under fire and often lost the whole squadron before I could press an attack. It seemed random to me how to get through the flak, but I did see other players suggesting this was possible and then to stick close to avoid the medium/long range AA I didn't like that the whole squadron had to fly over the ship and often when back in control after an attack half of the planes had suffered severe damage. There has to be sensible gameplay levelling but this was frustrating for the player. The CV itself seemed very vulnerable and was frustrating to abandon the plane to go back and defend. Really need to think about this. As you could manoeuvre in map mode may also be able to hit defence fire, repair etc as well? Playing the other ship types, was OK not quite as bad as I thought. Playing a DD did seem to make you invulnerable to planes, torp bombers in particular. I did enjoy playing CVs but feel there is still quite a bit more balancing/testing to be done Thanks Steve
  5. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Thanks one and all who were kind enough to answer my question See you in the game
  6. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Just seen I am not the only person with this issue. Anyone fixed it yet?
  7. Screwl00se

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Hi guys Just been invited to the second stage testing. Very excited I followed the install instructions and I don't see the 'TST' region, though I am seeing all the others! Is there anything I need to do, to make TST appear? Thanks Steve
  8. I got one of those and yes I have a good few carriers up to tier 10 At the moment I am on the fence with the changes mixture of excitement and a bit of sadness that those RTS skills will be wasted, not that I was very good lol Signed up and now waiting
  9. Screwl00se

    LF English Adult Group with TS

    Hi In the same boat, so did you manage to find a clan, I would be interested in hooking up! Steve