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  1. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Totally agree with you there. Ranked is basically Random battles but with 7 players per team instead of 12, and higher rewards. That is all it is. You get crap players in randoms, you get the exact same crap players in ranked. There are no safeguards for the better players out there. And that is why Ranked has devolved into a crap fest.
  2. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    And another thing. It is not up to my skill level when the friendly DD bum rushes a cap when there are radars on the enemy team and he dies. It is also not up to my skill level when a friendly cruiser broadsides an enemy BB and gets devastated. How in the hell am I supposed to carry a team that loses half it's members in the first 5 minutes of a ranked match? So no @Affeks , ranked is definitely not about skill. It is about luck and grinding. And saving your star is not a simple matter as one would claim. Not when you have players that play to save the star and not for the win. Not when you have BBs ramming enemy BBs to get the damage. Not when you have DDs rushing from one end of the map going ONLY for caps while doing ZERO scouting for the team and letting the friendlies get torped to death and they are the only ones left on the team. Ranked right now is a total and utter crap show. And that is because of the TERRIBLE level of the players that are taking part in ranked. That is fact. That is the truth. And no amount of gangsta "deal wit it" (I'm too MLG4U) @sshole attitude from you will change that.
  3. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Okay now you are being a complete [edited]. Instead of trying to be constructive you just want to show the size of your epeen or what? Having some serious [edited] envy issues there aren't you? There is always one @sshole that can't wait to start talking about the size of his bick whenever someone is having trouble with something.
  4. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    Exactly. I am in total agreement with you there. And that is the real crux of the matter. As long as WG refuse to deal with this situation some of the better players will continue to grind through ranked and others will simply give it up. In the end it is the bottom line that counts and I know that unfortunately nothing is going to come out of this. I just needed to vent my frustration. I have been playing this game 3 years now ever since the very first day of the open beta. I am one of those people who actually waited to play ranked and did not dive straight into it when I understood that I needed to get better at the game before I made a serious effort. I find I am enjoying this game less and less as time progresses. The game itself is fine. It has beautiful graphics and it is quite enjoyable in and of itself. The real problem and that which ruins the game are the huge numbers of bad players that have no respect for their fellow gamers and the only thing they care about are the rewards the game gives them with no thought as to how to play as a team in a team based game.
  5. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    @Yedwy You introduce a mechanic that bans players from ranked based on win rate in randoms. And in order to make sure that no one fixes his stats you make it so that the win rate that is taken into account is from T6/7 and up. That is one mechanic I can think of. Or, you can use the above mentioned mechanic (ie win rate - tied to whether or not someone can compete in ranked) into the league system you have in ranked. So everyone can play ranked up until let's say rank 15. And then after that only the players with certain win rates will be allowed to proceed to the higher ranks. That will force the players who want to progress to get better and the ones who are not interested, and are just playing because they have nothing better to do, to stay at those ranks and save the rest of us the frustration of having to deal with these people.
  6. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    What a lot of people fail to understand is that not everyone has a humongous amount of free time or has premium to simply power through ranked or make up the money for the number of losses that they incur. I myself have a day job and a lot going on in my life atm and my free time is very limited and therefore very precious to me. So being paired with other players who simply don't care or who are playing in order to get carried by their teams or simply have a "It's only game, why you hef to be mad" mentality is extremely frustrating and simply not worth my time. Time is a commodity in the real world. People should learn to appreciate it more and also to respect other people's time as well. It feels like I am wasting my time in this mode and generally in this game because WG simply refuses to address the situation with bad players. There are no restrictions for competitive gameplay in this game. Everyone and anyone can play any mode. And THAT is what poisons the game for me.
  7. StakamanWT

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I have been stuck at rank 5-6 for days now for absolutely ZERO gain and have been losing money like there is no tomorrow. Ranked is infested with sub-par level players who have literally broken ranked gaming. I am not touching ranked ever again until WG actually do something to seriously correct this travesty. It is simply too frustrating to play ranked. It is not worth it anymore because the level of gameplay is THAT bad. Ranked has devolved into a frustrating process of grinding. It has nothing to do with skill anymore. If MM is kind to you and you are put in a team that has at least a basic understanding of how to play then you are okay. If on the other hand MM decides to troll you and puts you in a team with players with an average win rate of 47% and below then it is over before it even starts. I am forced to not only fight against 7 players on the enemy team but also I have to fight and compensate for the total stupidity of the 6 players on my own team. That's it. I'm done with ranked.
  8. Okay I am going to post my comment here as not many people look at the comments section in the announcements and this is something that I believe is quite serious for the WoWs community as a whole as this might be a sign of things to come which are not very good imo. I hope this gets some traction with the community and people speak up. Regarding the latest announcement in the news section on the game site. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/arsenal-more-resources/ I posted the following. "I'm going to touch on a topic no one else here seems to have noticed. 1st. So in essence, for ranked, you are replacing dubloons for steel. Not a good thing imo since dubloons are much more flexible and useful and steel limits us only to the arsenal, so bye bye trying to purchase tech tree premiums with dubloons earned from ranked. Or buying premium time. No no no, you have to use your cash for those. Nice move WG. I see what you're trying to do. 2nd. All players who came before us and got 3 wins in ranked got the Flint without having to pay for it from the rewards earned for reaching rank 1. Now you are making the rest of us pay for it with the steel earned while getting to rank 1. Doesn't seem very fair. Why not continue to give the Flint as you have done so far to those who have reached rank 1 3 times and also have it in the arsenal available for purchase for those who do not play ranked? Seems to me like the Flint and Black are getting "fortified behind an in-game currency pay-wall that was previously not there. And at the same time we are being told this is a good thing. Not a good move WG. Not a good move at all."
  9. Title pretty much sums it up. He will have to have special skillz though that surpass anything we have seen so far. You know, something to stay true to the legend. So like he could have a special sniper skill that gives something like +75% to accuracy or a special close combat skill called close combat super expert that gives a 1 minute immunity to all damage that comes from enemy ships closer than 5Km to your ship.
  10. StakamanWT

    @WG Can we please have a Free For All mode?

    All I am asking for is for WG to consider introducing a new game mode for new players so they can learn how to play properly and what is required of them in order to be successful in team matches. I see far too many people making the most basic mistakes or failing to "read" the ebb and flow of a match and be where they are most needed. Maybe a free for all mode would introduce new players to the concept of angling and how to use torpedoes (ie launching them when they are in range, not launching them behind friendlies etc). Also low level players could learn the basics of team play by being slowly introduced to it via specific missions that give out special rewards to those players who utilize team strategy and team tactics. It has gotten to the point where the matches are getting extremely toxic and frustrating and I'm afraid that will only drive the more experienced player base away from the game and force them to seek enjoyment and fun in other games.
  11. @WG Could we please have a free for all mode where low level players can gather and play? The game is quickly becoming very toxic as I find it extremely frustrating when I see my random teams just throw away matches for no apparent reason other than they are comprised of people who do not know how to actually play this game or what it is about. I believe most new players actually think this is an FPS game (only in boats) by the way it is being marketed and they throw away any notion of learning the intricacies and strategies this game requires in order to be successful in it. So instead of grouping all players - good and bad, old and new, veterans and nubs - into the same environment and thus creating an extremely frustrating atmosphere for the vets and a very unwelcome one for the nubs why not make an effort to separate the two groups creatively by making a new game mode that all new comers will be required to play in before they progress on to more demanding modes that require team effort and team strategy? Just my thoughts on a solution for what I see becoming an extremely big problem as time progresses and more and more new people join the ranks. I love this game and would very much like to see it go forward in a positive manner. I hope this suggestion is taken into account by the devs. Thank you.
  12. StakamanWT

    Regarding New Competitive Reward system

    Thank you for the information. :)