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  1. thestaggy

    Most frustrating moments for you.

    - CVs - CVs making me their first target. - CVs dealing damage to me. - CVs - Standard Battle on Neighbors. Good chance that two-thirds of your team will go camp islands in the B/C/D 8/9 area and get held up by 3 enemy ships. If I load in to this map and mode I just yolo through the middle and die. Can't be arsed to watch the inevitable botting in the north east corner. - DD players that sail to the map border - usually a Shimakaze - and be of no use to the team. No vision, no area denial, no cap contesting. - DD players that smoke up the minute an enemy BB is spotted 15 km away, blinding your team on that flank. - DD players that sit broadside in said smoke and get dev struck by torps from the enemy DD. - Players that sail to the opposite side of the map from where they spawned. Usually a top-tier BB doing this. - Ranked lemming trains. ''All push C''. Reality: All get held up by one DD at C.
  2. thestaggy

    Seriously, how can BB players be so bad.......😢

    A DD can still provide information without having to suicide on to a cap and contest it. Also play your DD to its strengths while checking the enemy DDs. The amount of times I see torp boats aggressively capping when the enemy Kitty/Harugumo/Friesland shows up. The torp boat has the concealment advantage, you will see the gunboat first, so why still aggressively push the point of trying to take the cap from a ship that is equipped to annihilate you? Just keep your distance and eyes on the gunboat. And the converse for gunboats, if you are in your Friesland and the enemy has a Japanese torp boat, don't just force the cap because if the torp boat is smart, it is just going to sit on the edge of its detection range and make life very uncomfortable for you. Yes, this sometimes means giving up the cap/ground. When I play my Friesland I know not to just go blasting my way on to a cap. Patience. Eventually the torp boat makes a mistake or gets too comfortable and pushes in to you. Fall back enough until the torp boat has overextended and then push in to it.
  3. thestaggy

    [Poll] Are you playing "The Brawl" ?

    Yes and I am enjoying it. The GK has actually been fun and rewarding to play in this mode. Playing the mode solo and have carried multiple teams against full tryhard clan teams in the GK.
  4. thestaggy

    Seriously, how can BB players be so bad.......😢

    In fairness, I have been playing mostly BBs lately and I can ask the same question about DDs. 3 DDs dead inside 4 minutes and the 4th one is blind torping down the edge of the map. All caps are red. Friendly cruisers running for their lives because they are being outspotted and focused by red BBs. Friendly BBs unable to push because it means running in to unspotted red DDs who have freeplay. Is it so hard for a DD player to stay alive for longer than 2 minutes and why do the DDs that survive think torping from the edge of the map is the best of ideas?
  5. thestaggy

    So nobody notice problem with FLAGS?

    Oh I have flags, I just refuse to use them now because I am not spending credits to replace them when I was receiving them for the past 6-years by just playing the game. Battleships without HP flags, DDs without detonation flags, I don't care.
  6. thestaggy

    Name calling and abuse

    It is the internet. I laugh when I get insulted or just reply with F4 and F12. Unless people are saying things that would fall foul of Human Rights Watch, I really don't understand people being upset with internet words.
  7. thestaggy

    "State of Mind" and "Enjoying the Game"

    I'm chat-banned (again) and what I learned is the more I play the more ''on tilt'' I get. Now I am no Unicum, but Wows-Numbers puts me at 'Very Good' so I at least have an idea of what is going on in the game, although not skilled enough to carry. And this is for me, my problem. I need my teammates if I want to win because I can't carry them and at the same time I am knowledgeable enough to see that they are doing things that are not good for the team and will lead to a defeat. I get fixated on what others are doing wrong and the fact that they are not helping the team and then my mindset goes out, ultimately leading to a ban. So my answer; play less. My battles per week have just about halved since December. I played one night this week between Monday and Friday and played enough games yesterday to complete the 6 dailies and I had already had enough already. I get less exposure to things that frustrate me and nobody has to deal with my saltiness.
  8. thestaggy

    Odin is complete Trash.

    Its a cheap tier 8 premium (if you complete the grind), it was never going to be good.
  9. thestaggy

    Continous chat bans

    You either play well/bad and then people abuse the banning system to punish you. Or you were toxic. I'm not proud of it but I'll admit it; I can range and so when I get banned I deserve it.
  10. thestaggy

    Ships Icon in armory...

    New Armory is terrible for me. Hangs all the time. I'll try the recommended fix above.
  11. thestaggy

    Tallinn appears to be a monster.

    OT: I was spamming my Bagration yesterday grinding the captain that I will move on to my Moskva. After abusing that powerful AP and then recalling the various CC videos talking about the AP power of the new Soviet cruisers in general, I started to think that this is a deliberate shift by WG to try and combat HE/fire spam. Give cruisers lethal AP to move them away from HE spam. In my Bagration I am capable of 8k chunks in to the side of broadside BBs and I don't know how I done it but I citadeled a Gneisenau through its stern from 7km. I was trying to chase it down - one thing the Bagration is good at it rushing and sinking low caliber BBs - and aimed at the rear turret and scored a citadel. In closing; these new 180 mm Soviet cruisers also serve the purpose of trying to combat the HE/fire meta.
  12. thestaggy

    How on earth do I Baltimore?!?

    Use your great concealment to rush up to islands and then make them your wife. Use radar to help nuke enemy DDs. Shell arcs allow you to lob shells over islands as well. AP is absolutely lethal at these close ranges against even enemy BBs that get too close. I've citadelled BBs at close range with USN 203 shells. A cruiser that gives you broadside is asking to be devastated. The improved ricochet angles even render angled cruisers vulnerable to your AP. Do not try and open water kite and spam. For a start your range is short so you'll be a lot closer to the enemy than specialist open water HE spammers and thus an easy target for BBs and your shell ballistics are not great for hitting other targets actively maneuvering. Basically you want to be near a cap using islands for cover and help hold it down. If you do have to expose yourself then go bow in. Any cruiser that tries to push you at short range is going to have a bad time. HE does some work against BBs as well. I find trying to fight moving targets at ranged beyond 12km to be futile due to the ballistics, so I try and play it as an ambush ship. I liken it to a crocodile, lurking around islands waiting for someone to come close and then blast them point blank.
  13. thestaggy

    If you had to take one secondary skill...

    I hear you, but Basics of Survivability is 6 seconds less burn duration and about 1.4k less damage per fire (this includes the flag that reduces fire and Damage Con Mod 2). As a battleship one thing you will do is burn. Secondary BBs more so as you give up concealment and are thus often the first capital ship spotted and the biggest, easiest target to hit, so you will get a lot of HE focus right from the start. Then on the other hand I have run secondary BBs without Manual Secs and the difference with and without is tangible. Tough choice for me.
  14. ...which would it be? Manual Secondaries or AFT? I'm rethinking my secondary battleships as full secondary is no longer - IMO - viable in the HE/fire meta. Until now I've run Manual Secs alongside AFT but moving forward one of those will have to be dropped for Fire Prevention. I can't decide between having 11.3km fireworks display or 9.5km accurate secondaries. Forcing to 9.5km to use them seems high risk but then letting off fireworks at 11km isn't really effective. I've already dropped BFT for Basics of Survivability. Battleships in question are the Bismarck and Massachusetts, soon to be followed by the FdG and Georgia.
  15. Self explanatory. Logged in to a battle, kicked out 30 seconds and logged back in to see my ship slipping beneath the waves. Had enough time to apologise to my team when I was DC'd again. Logged back in, same battle, DC'd within 30 seconds again. Back in and staring at a ship in my port debating whether I click 'Battle' again. EDIT: I clicked battle and I am DC'd again. Nice.