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  1. 100% agreed. If your RN cruiser is not on the edge of its concealment range or below you are doing it wrong, IMO. The heal does indeed allow me to play my Fiji/Edinburgh far more aggressively than the Belfast because I know I can get some HP back.
  2. I was pretty much a BB player that occasionally dabbled in DDs and cruisers. Then the RN cruisers arrived and I cursed my way through them until I got the Fiji. Now, everything feels inferior. Not even a Bismarck with secondaries blazing can compare. They can be incredibly powerful in the right circumstances but within moments they can feel incredibly impotent. The fact that they allow you to fight 8 - 10 km away from ships with really big guns due to the camo adds a sense of danger and excitement. Every time I see that I am targeted by 2 - 6 ships I wince and get a bit of a rush. Obliterating DDs and broadsing cruisers at point-blank range never gets old. Fiji, Belfast and Ediburgh, in my experience, cannot be matched by anything else in this game in terms of sheer enjoyment. Maybe they are too good and I am abusing them, I dunno, but I thoroughly enjoy them. Is there a specific line or ship that you feel the same way about?
  3. thestaggy

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Came across RNGsama on Mountain Range. He was in his Hakuryu. Overall his team was far superior and we got walked. He killed one of our DDs with a blind torpedo run in to smoke. Our Yamato was also highly irate when he got knackered by RNGsama.
  4. thestaggy

    disturbing move to "pay to win" with prem ships

    Outside of the Belfast, WoWs isn't that bad. Now, World of Tanks is blatantly P2W with their tier 8 heavies; Liberte, Patriot and the idiotic Defender.
  5. thestaggy

    What Tier/s is/are your Comfort Zone?

    Tier 7 because it is home to my favourites ships; Gneisenau, Fiji and Belfast. I just feel that I have clicked with these ships. Edinburgh and Bismarck are fun as well, but they are frequently subjected to ''engaging'' high-tier gameplay. I absolutely loathe high-tier gameplay, while playing with the new blood in the low tiers is incredibly frustrating, so tier 7 puts you right in the sweet-spot. You don't see too many weird things as most players at that tier have started to figure the game out and and you don't get a constant stream of tier IX/X max range snipe fests.
  6. thestaggy

    Do games seem to be getting one sided?

    Increasingly so, yes. It isn't WoT bad, but there are a lot more lopsided games in my experience.
  7. thestaggy

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Correct, I did forget to mention your moment of glory and I guessed you were going for the ram (nothing to lose), I even told our Missouri to watch out for a ram rush by you. If that Iowa had found his 'W' key and moved in to centre with you, the game could've been a whole lot closer.
  8. thestaggy

    200 main battery hits at tier 8 - 10

    - Research Edinburgh - Use 9km concealment range to get within touching distance of lumbering battleships - ????????????? - Profit
  9. thestaggy

    Whats the most important game statistic to you

    1. Win Rate 2. Deal at minimum my own HP in damage 3. Main battery hit ratio (BBs 25%+; CL/CAs 30% up; RN CLs 40%+)
  10. thestaggy

    Oh NO! He's naked!

    One win away from reaching rank 9. We have one destroyer on our team; an Akatsuki. It is naked. It has no flags. I blame it for triggering a losing streak that has pushed me back to rank 11.
  11. thestaggy

    So I bought a Belfast for ranked.....

    i do that, yes, but it is when we are picking of scraps or I'm just trying to deal as much damage before I die/we lose. I just think that that it isn't the way the Belfast should be played at its core. You can do serious damage to the enemy team early by getting in close and crippling their screening force. I've also been on the receiving end running away from a Fiji/Belfast/Edinburgh/Neptune and it is too easy to dodge once you are 12+ km away. If there are no other targets then by all means, spam away, but I reckon you are at your best when looking for the close fights.
  12. thestaggy

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    I saw Negativvv in his Missouri on Ice Islands (Domination). I was in my Edinburgh and I believe he citadelled me up the jacksey while I attempted to fire a few cheeky salvos at him from behind an island. I thought I was safe, 20k HP later said otherwise. He finished top of his team in XP after heavily contesting the middle of the map but it wasn't enough. His team also had a pro Iowa that spent the entire battle going backwards and was obviously the last ship to die. I earned Dreadnought and finished top of my team, so I was fairly pleased.
  13. thestaggy

    So I bought a Belfast for ranked.....

    If a Belfast captain - or any RN CL captain for that matter - is trying to lob shells (12 km above) with those guns then s/he is failing at life. Unless you get diseased maps like Tears of the Cruiser or Mountain Fail, you shouldn't be doing this. I may not have spectacular damage in mine but it is comfortably above the server average and I land something like 40 - 42% of my shots. You have 8.7 km concealment. Why are you lobbing shells? Get closer. nobody but a DD or another Belfast can out spot you at your tier. You get close and sink destroyers at point-blank range or severely cripple them. If the DD is running away you already have the upper hand. You put 6 - 8 citadels in to the side of the cruiser that doesn't know you are there - because you've killed/mortally wounded his DD(s). You take the cap from your enemy. Then you start stalking the battleship.
  14. thestaggy

    So I bought a Belfast for ranked.....

    Take note of where the other Belfasts finished when there are multiple ones in the same battle. Even when losing; To be honest, I genuinely see the opposite. I rarely see a Belfast performing badly. Scharnhorsts on the other hand, yes, far too many yoloing in to the middle of Epicenter and getting knackered.
  15. thestaggy

    So I bought a Belfast for ranked.....

    That is what I done. Last weekend I had a horrible time in my Fiji. I was getting stomped and radared by Belfasts in both Ranked and Random so I decided ''screw it'', time to literally fight fire with fire.