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  1. Malim0o

    how to stop cheaters

    If i take your exemple. "the ability to see where shots are going to land... man, no one would hit me ever again in a Marceau/Colbert". Why most of kleber/marceau (colbert but it's a bit different) get nuke ? It's simple -> over extend/wrong timing.(map awarness/game sens) So even with this kind of mod , i am pretty sur most of the"bad player" wont improve their survivabilty in marceau/kleber.
  2. Malim0o

    how to stop cheaters

    90% of the game is about placement and map awarness so yeah a bad player with a aim mod or any mod dont become a wows's beast.
  3. Malim0o


    Unique yeah, solid nop. And yeah clearly situational. (Maybe it can perform in some dedicated mod like comp ?) Basicly you have a dd whitch is not a "good gunboat" or clearly not as good as a dedicated gunboat to farm stuff. And you are not a good "hybrid" to contest a cap. So yeah you can farm some stuff and contest some dd but with the lack of speed of this dd (clearly my main issue here) you will take some massive dmg in return and you have no smoke/heal to disengage/tempo. So if we resume, you have a air strike machine with some torp. Unique ? Definetly. Solid ? Clearly not.
  4. Because you think RTS cv had a bigger impact that could be exploited then that would be reflected in exp and win stat ?( i mean on avg) . Nop but some player like maciejo had 90% WR on TX so it's fine ? , yeah you see what i mean ,avg server are ok/bad so all is ok?
  5. CV are still broken even with the rework ; it's a fact. (Tbh old one was less a prob because they were broken only in few hands). If cv are banned from kots/cw it's for a reason. You broke most of the basic game meca with them
  6. Malim0o

    How to make United States work

    Like any cv .... just click and .... repeat
  7. Malim0o

    Soyez bons !

    "2-3 min a observé pour choisir ou aller" Bon avec BB lent yep why not ... euh w8 .... Tu es au courant que l'infos que tu attendais .... c'est au dd/cv de la donner , hors ca tombe bien tu etais en torpedo boat. En effet les cv peuvent détruire la game d'un dd surtout un torpedo boat après sans replay , comme dit plus haut dur d' avoir une idée.
  8. Malim0o

    Batailles classées : la sixième saison

    Anyway askip, quand tu te fais focus par le cv c'est que tu as missplay
  9. Malim0o

    how to play against cvs ?

    Bad sides ? For cv ? In ranked (even in FFA) ? I'm curious .....
  10. Malim0o

    how to play against cvs ?

    How to play against cv ? Ez, play cv !
  11. Malim0o

    how to play against cvs ?

    With the current ranked format it's impossible to deals with cv. Cv are balanced for 12 vs 12 ( hangar, plane's hp) so imagine in 5 vs 5 ... But i'm sur wg have some tips for us , right ?.... @MrConway
  12. Malim0o


    I will try a hybrid build CQC for the Presseun like GK
  13. Les premiers early accès étaient de une maj maintenant c'est systématiquement 2 majs. Pour les rankeds le changement de tier et le format réduit , c'est sympa. Mon pb est plus avec l'appellation de ce mode de jeu qui absolument rien de ranked
  14. Des early acces qui vont bientôt durer 4 mois . Et des ranked qui sont toujours autant... Ranked ......
  15. Malim0o

    Marlborough - what an ugly experience!

    Atm i like this BB. You have a insane dpm ofc with bad dispersion but this dpm..... I play it at mid-range so this dispersion is not that much a issue , often it's a good thing when spam He because you can hit every parts of your target and start X fires. Ap are fine for me, ofc pen is low but once again if you play at mid-range and aim for the BB's upperbelt , dmg are clearly fine. Against broadside cruiser , nothing special just some free devstrike. So from my point of view, it's a good mid-range BB.