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  1. deadly_uk

    UK-RN Recruiting

    Hi all, We, UK Royal Navy, are on the lookout for two new members for the upcoming clan wars. We are a clan with a mix of members aged over 25, who like to have a laugh, bit of banter and not take things too seriously. What we are looking for in our players: Experience in tier X ships People with a good sense of humour Willing to participate in clan wars Based on EU servers Flexibility mainly between DDs and CAs Ability to use VOIP (Teamspeak) for in-game chat In return, you will get all the usual clan bonuses and meet some relaxed people with a good sense of humour and banter. There is no long term commitment; I'm not looking to sign you up to a lifetime contract and do not expect you to spend every minute of your life on World of Warships! Please respond or PM me for further info, thanks! -DeadlyUK
  2. deadly_uk

    UK Royal Navy [UK-RN] recruiting

  3. deadly_uk

    Bug Reports

    1. Description When visiting the "my Teams" page of World of Warships, it is possible to create a team at the cost of 300 gold. This is a bug because team battles are now replaced by Clans, and this means players can erroneously create teams at the expense of gold. 2. Reproduction steps Go to "My Teams" in the world of warships menu, and create more than one team. 3. Result Players can end up creating and recruiting for a team which will not be used at the cost of dubloons (real money!) 4. Expected result This whole feature should be disabled/greyed out 5. Technical detailsNone specifically required.
  4. deadly_uk

    Ships stop to fast after death

    Whilst I agree the inertia engine is very broken, I also have to agree with this. The ramming mechanic that causes you detonate when colliding at 2-3kts is already rediculous. Making it a guaranteed one way ticket just doesn't add any value. At worst perhaps it should knock a few HP off (like when you ram a friendly), but certainly not a life-ending collision.
  5. ROFL. What a muppet. Or how about.....wait for a few mins before launching your next game? I don't know....go for a wizz....have a smoke...listen to your favourite music track...or God forbid you might go outside for a minute? By time you get back chances are you wont be matched with the same people again. This does not need a fix, because it simply is a non-issue.
  6. deadly_uk

    Ranked rigging .. What does WG say ?

    I think also this is kind of treating the symptom rather than the disease. WG still doesn't seem to get that ahem *FRIENDS WANT TO PLAY TOGETHER*. You know, like in just about *every* other multiplayer game on the planet.... Bring back Team battles or Clan battles (rather than just charging gold to create a team that does literally [edited]all) and this problem will solve itself.
  7. deadly_uk

    Ranked rigging .. What does WG say ?

    I'm also curious as to what sort of "ban" they will expect to see. Is this a ban from the ranked season, or a game ban for several days or what? At the moment the reporting function simply gives you a chat ban at worse....
  8. deadly_uk

    RN Smoke is more of a liability than a useful consumable

    Tell that to Kutuzov and literally every other ship that has smoke equipped outside of the RN line (inc Belfast). Back in your box.
  9. deadly_uk

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    Hi, there is a bug I have experienced several times today. When a ship dies/explodes it seems to leap forwards a few hundred meters at an incredible speed, then abruptly stop. This isn't just happening to my ship..but other ships that die around me too. 1. DescriptionWhen a ship is killed in battle (either friendly or enemy) the explosion animation takes place as normal, but the ship itself travels forward very quickly after death for approx 200m. 2. Reproduction stepsWatch a ship die in a game - either enemy or friendly. It does not happen to every ship death, but certainly occurs at least several times per game. 3. ResultAs above. 4. Expected resultShip should simply slow to a stop and perform the usual sinking animations 5. Technical detailsNo specific details at this time
  10. deadly_uk

    RN Smoke is more of a liability than a useful consumable

    OP does actually have a valid point. If you compare the line to say the Kutuzov, it gets smoke that can be fired off at full speed and still be blowing out when you have stopped. RN cruisers smoke can be a death sentence if you are relaying on it and blow it above half speed. If the RN ships stopped on a dime (they don't) I could understand, but the expectation that you should be just "managing" it is a bit of a double standard when other cruisers using it don't have to do the same. The long and short of it is...the smoke is bugged and needs fixing.
  11. deadly_uk

    Clans Feedback

    My feedback is fairly simple. The clan tag in port and in game makes it difficult to identify members of your team (this should be fairly trivial to fix). I'm also expecting good things from the whole Clans system - at the moment I've just paid 2500 dubloons (read: real world money) to buy my "clan" which I hope is going to be more than just a name tag in front of friends names.
  12. deadly_uk

    Service cost if ship is not damaged?

    I completely disagree. This is world of warships, not cruise ship tycoon. The purpose of the game is to engage and sink your opponent's. If you want to run around without taking damage then this isn't the right game for you. A fixes service fee encourages people to actually take part in the fray. Do bear in mind that points are awarded for capping zones and base defence too.
  13. deadly_uk

    Team Battles 2017

    Evening All, Does anyone know when we are likely to see team battles back at all? My team and I have been doing a lot of preparation in the background, but having to keep splitting into three man divisions is getting rather tiresome. I realise that the previous implementation of team battles was far from perfect, but it was a thousand miles better than the cancerous ranked modes that we have had to endure over the past 9 months or so. I'm fully aware that WG are working on a "clans" feature, but haven't heard any updated news. Any information that anyone has would be appreciated. P.s. I'm aware of the training rooms too, and have been using these.
  14. deadly_uk

    Tirpitz secondary armament range

    Its unlikely the Tirpitz will get Hydro or longer range secondaries. The primary reason being that the Tirpitz is equipped with Torpedos, which make it capable of dealing out serious knock-out blows at close range. Whilst I totally agree with what you are saying, its been done for balance reasons (The same reason the Belfast does not have Torpedos, even though it did in real life).
  15. deadly_uk

    Super containers

    No, not at all. You can get a supercontainer with any of the options,but try your luck supposedly gives a higher percentage chance of one.