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  1. Assenoff

    [ENG] seeking Mature Clan with Discord...

    Greetings. Message send. We use primarily TS for our voice comms though.
  2. Assenoff

    A word of THANKS

    The match making has improved tremendously. Just remember those days in beta when there were not enough players around to form at least somewhat properly balanced teams - there could be 5 (YES FIVE!) tiers difference (including fail division 2 tiers difference) and only one team had carrier (and Minekaze was OP as hell):
  3. Assenoff

    Critical Error Problem

    Take a look at this thread: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/144629-fix-for-game-crash-at-start-upafter-windows-10-update/ There seems to be an issue - either WIn10 updates, DirectX or certain video-adapter models. The fix described there works for some users.
  4. Assenoff

    Flags in the premium shop?

    Yeah I have thought about this a couple of times. I even bought some flags packages and was very disappointed with the lack of proper combat flags I got for my money. More diversity in combat flags availability for purchase please.
  5. Assenoff

    Why do people think that the Gremyashchy is OP?

    This! Gremy can outperform, duel and sink EVERY tier 5 ship in the game. Literally. With stealth fire she was ridiculously broken. Now she's just very, VERY good! If played correctly with 19 points captain (Adrenaline rush - extremely useful). Although slow the torpedoes hit hard enough and their detection range is very low. I can duel and feel comfortable even in tier 6 matches. It's the tier 7 that give me some trouble ;).
  6. Thank you all guys! I am really flattered by the interest that my (no so humble) announcement has made. I have joined a clan and so far the atmosphere suits me very well. I wish to all the clan recruiters and leaders good aim and favourable RNG
  7. Hi. I want to join an active English speaking EU clan with mature competent players. My captain skills are above average. I have mediocre map awareness, good aim, advanced tactical approach, excellent threat/objective prioritization and team oriented mindset. I play from 2 to 6 hours almost every day in the evening / night / late night and in the weekends since the closed beta. I have a few t8, t9 and t10 ships but I don't play them because the gameplay meta and mechanics at these high tiers is boring. Not fun. Dumb. Also I don't play carriers. I am very aggressive when possible. I can play it semi-safe if needed. I am not polite (although I can pretend). Favorite boats: Gremy, Akatsuki, Fuso, Nagato, Amagi, Cleveland, Pensacola (soon - New Orleans), Bayern, Gneisenau (Bismark - next).
  8. Assenoff

    The Competitive scene in World of Warships

    Hi guys. I'm one of those "casual" players. Khm .. semi-casual, actually I play almost every day for a few hours since the closed beta and I am good (above average) and humble . What bothers me is that the gameplay in high tiers is BORING! It is NOT fun to play. I have some high tier boats - Amagi, Kagero, Bismark, Izumo, Yamato. And I only get the Amagi one or twice a week out of the port. About the tournament issue. I don't think that more in-game tournament related events will help. As you all know the gameplay in these tournament is on a totally different level. I has nothing to do with random, not even with ranked battles. It's exclusively about team play. Currently nothing in the game promotes team play. It's the opposite - in fact the economy punishes team play. Nothing currently in the game TEACHES players how to properly team play. As long as the current high tier clan/torunament game play mechanics remain the same I don't see any reason to participate in them. The lack of proper spectator mode is also an issue. And the need to use mods and set up training rooms for these events? And cannot see proper, normal statistics about yours and your team performance in a battle? I laugh every time when a commentator has to blow up his carrier ... well its both hilarious and sad. Not to be entirely pessimistic I wonder why was t8 chosen for these events? Can't we have some clan / torumanent battles with t5, t6 and t7 boats? ON smaller maps with more action? If this happens I will consider some involvement in lower tier events.
  9. Hello. I have finally trained my Akatsuki captain to the maximum 19 points. So far I have: Preventive maintenance, Jack of all trades, Adrenaline rush, Last stand, Torpedo armament expertise, Superintendent and Concealment expert. Where should the last 2 points go? I don't see an immediate, indisputable answer. I am hesitating between Expert marksman, High alert or Smoke screen expert. My play style is a bit aggressive, occasionally using the guns so Expert marksman can be useful, but not vital. Smoke screens - same: I do use my weed generator to hide teammates (and capture), but not so often. And finally High alert is somewhat useful, not bad, but not so important. What are your recommendations and what are the reasoning for them? P.S. I cannot see an option to edit my mistake in the title? Oops ...
  10. Thank you for all of these replies. Really thanx a lot! I did one more test before giving up for today (it's not interesting shooting at helpless ships and counting). This time I chose the German limousine G.K. 1st test. Using AP with Gremy , all hits in the bow. It seemed that the 1st threshold (50 %) was either reached very quickly or wasn't there at all because (as far as I can remember) all of my shots did exactly the same normal penetration damage. Or maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. G. Kurfurst has 105800 HP. At 21600 HP she stopped receiving damage. At all. Even torpedo damage. So that's the 2nd final threshold. 2nd test. Same setup, torpedoes only. 1st hit in the bow - 11483 damage on the hit itself. Flooding. In this case the numbers are correct - the damage reduction applied is 90 % from the bow hit and 25 % torpedo protection. (However in the armor layout view "torpedo bulges" do not reach all the way towards the bow? But it seems the damage reduction is still applied.) 2nd, 3rd and 4th hit - exactly the same - 6683 damage. That's almost correct - 90 % bow damage reduction, 25 % torpedo protection and 50 % from the 1st threshold. I guess on G.K the 1st bow damage threshold is after it has received around 12000 damage .. probably? That is all for now, maybe when I\m bored again and have more time will do more tests. Back to the main point - the numbers for torpedo damage are wrong. In real battles torpedoes never do the listed damage. When I think about it, I do not remember ANY torpedo(es) hit(s) that did maximum damage. I have over 7000 battles, half of them with destroyers ...
  11. Thank you. I just tried that. My Gremy did 250 dmg to the bow of the destroyers with AP at 0.5 - 1 km range with every shot. 1000 damage per salvo. That's 10% overpen. And they just sunk. No thresholds observed. Got another idea how to test this? Sorry, was too late on reading your edit
  12. Thank you. Does this mean that Fubuki's torpedo has much larger blast radius than Minekaze causing it to do 3000 more splash (collateral) damage to the adjacent mid section? Also, do we have reliable information about each ship section HP? To be precise - about the amount of damage each section can take?
  13. Bow of a destroyer section - does it have a FIXED amount of damage it can take? I doubt it. Because a Minekaze does 6000 torpedo damage to this section. Gremyashchy does 8000. Fubuki does 9000.
  14. Thank you for your replies. However they still do not explain this greatly reduced damage. 1. Torpedo protection - destroyers don't have it. I mentioned in the 1st post that the testing was done with 5 destroyers 2. Bow hit - torpedo damage is multiplied by 0.9 - this is 90 % damage reduction. Not 60 % damage reduction. 3. Multiple hits - irrelevant. All ships were on full HP no damage received prior to torpedo hit.
  15. Hello everyone. TLDR: Some (if not all) of the destroyers that I play have wrong values for maximum torpedo damage. The real, correct, actual in-game damage is around 60 %. Long version. First of all I do not have a problem with current, actual in-game torpedo damage values. What bothers me is that the description is wrong. It all started when my Gremyashchy could not sink a König with 5 torpedoes - leaving him at about 1/3 of his HP. I started a support ticket, received some unsatisfactory replies. Then a Gaede DD received 1 hit form my Gremyashchy torpedo for 7961 damage. Again a ticket with unacceptable answers. 8000 is not 14400. And no RNG, section HP, "normal" reduction can explain this big difference. The final support person redirected me here. I did some training room battles. My opponents were Farragut, Hatsuhary, Fubuki, Ognevoy and Gaede. All of them were hit by 1 torpedo in the bow. Gremyashchy did 8165, 8157, 8360, 8189, 8802 damage. His listed in-game and on the wiki page torpedo damage is 14400. Multiplied by 0.6 is 8640. Minekaze (max. damage 10838) did between 6000 and 7000. 10838 multiplied by 0.6 is 6502. Fubuki (max damage 16267) did between 9000 - 10000. 16267 multiplied by 0.6 is 9760. Maybe this 0.6 multiplier is not entirely exact, but it's pretty close. 0.57 probably? I do not have time and patience to test the rest of my ships that have torpedoes. But at this point I am convinced that maximum damage numbers are wrong for all the ships with torpedoes. I am now willing to test this issue further because I am not a tester and it's not interesting for me. My question is are the developers planing on fixing in-game and wiki description for torpedo damage, or we have to apply the 60% (57%) rule every time we look at these numbers? Thank you.