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  1. A year ago I said this is the clan for me. Things have changed. Good bye and good luck to all of you! Reasons for leaving - yes. Share them with you - no. If I see you on my team I will do everything to help us win. If I see you on the enemy team I will treat you as tough opponents. Get someone serious to bump the clan page at the official forums and do recruiting thingy. I'm sure I'll see you around :)
  2. Sadly two of our members had to go due to real life, work, personal and other changes. Ah, well, that is normal clan dynamic - people come and go, but the SPIRIT remains the same!
  3. Warm welcome to RootBeerTuna, Chelseageeze and Quacky_Quokka. Thank you for joining the clan and I hope you have a lot of fun with us!
  4. Assenoff

    [ENG] seeking Mature Clan with Discord...

    Greetings. Message send. We use primarily TS for our voice comms though.
  5. Clan wars are going well. Alpha team is kicking arse. Bravo team is used for testing purposes and uncommon tactics. A couple of days ago we all went in DDs. Enemy Montana appeared on the side where 3 Shimas were ... Yeah she was screened by a DD and a cruiser, but there is just NO WAY to avoid 45 torps . It was a really fun victory.
  6. As you all know Incompetence has clawed all the way to to highest tiers long ago. Last month I had a remarkable match in my 19 points radar Des Moines. Full tier 10 battle. Killed a destroyer, solo capped, killed a Zao in 3 salvos, did A LOT of damage to a Hindenburg and a Republique and died. I was alive for 4 minutes and 12 seconds. 1st blood, High caliber and another reward I don't remember. Looked around for a couple of seconds - this should be fine, we had the lead in ships, caps, and ship HP - so I started another battle. Wen back to check the result later ... OMFG! It was a devastating defeat! These two ships I killed in the beginning were the only ones the enemy team had lost. I was top scoring FROM BOTH teams. The second one in my team had FOUR TIMES less XP than me ... These were 11 tier 10 ships that did absolutely nothing ... It was like they did not even move or fire their guns or launch torps or use consumables or abilities ... To improve the quality of your rant about high tier window licking crayon eating "players" with special needs: Discord Teamspeak: awg.teamspeak3.com
  7. Couple of days ago I had a battle in my Gremy. It was t4-t5 match with CV. It ended in 5 minutes and 30 seconds. We did not lose a single ship and controlled all three capture points. They lost 5 ships I think and just ran out of points. Enemy's top scoring player had like 350 XP, the last had 280 XP. These were 12 people who did literally NOTHING and just served us the win. It was not even funny or interesting ... just sad. For more war stories and rant about low tier inexperienced players - join us.
  8. But if you are a mature player with sense of humor who tolerates some profanity be welcome to our uncensored chat. We don't give a single little fraking shaite about your stats. We also provide free lessons. This week's topic: "How to get chat banned in less than 3 matches". Discord Teamspeak: awg.teamspeak3.com
  9. So ... Clan Wars have started. Yeah, right, big deal, etc. If the main reason for your decision to join certain clan is participation in current clan wars season - don't bother us. Just ... DON'T.
  10. If you feel mature enough and salty about random potato teams - come and express your feelings in our Discord or Teamspeak: awg.teamspeak3.com. Get in a couple of division battles with us and get unlimited access to banter, frackery and maiming.
  11. Assenoff

    A word of THANKS

    The match making has improved tremendously. Just remember those days in beta when there were not enough players around to form at least somewhat properly balanced teams - there could be 5 (YES FIVE!) tiers difference (including fail division 2 tiers difference) and only one team had carrier (and Minekaze was OP as hell):
  12. Welcome to our newest members: Phil, _Kakashi and Sinbadrose. We still have sluts slots open and available
  13. Assenoff

    Critical Error Problem

    Take a look at this thread: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/144629-fix-for-game-crash-at-start-upafter-windows-10-update/ There seems to be an issue - either WIn10 updates, DirectX or certain video-adapter models. The fix described there works for some users.
  14. Assenoff

    Flags in the premium shop?

    Yeah I have thought about this a couple of times. I even bought some flags packages and was very disappointed with the lack of proper combat flags I got for my money. More diversity in combat flags availability for purchase please.
  15. Assenoff

    Why do people think that the Gremyashchy is OP?

    This! Gremy can outperform, duel and sink EVERY tier 5 ship in the game. Literally. With stealth fire she was ridiculously broken. Now she's just very, VERY good! If played correctly with 19 points captain (Adrenaline rush - extremely useful). Although slow the torpedoes hit hard enough and their detection range is very low. I can duel and feel comfortable even in tier 6 matches. It's the tier 7 that give me some trouble ;).