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  1. Really weird bug I've just experienced. Decided to play my Sims for a bit, played 1 game OK and following the match I allocated a skill point for my captain and then went into another match. When I went in, the first thing I noticed was I couldn't toggle my AA (first thing I do in a DD). Then I noticed I couldn't fire. I kept having weird warping of view to a different position when looking through my bino's. Next I noticed I couldn't aim nor fire my torpedo's. Then I couldn't repair an engine damage with repair key, nor could I deploy smoke. (sounds played, but nothing happened.) I basically was completely useless (more so than a Sim's driver usually is!) Anyway, I've attached a DX and the replay. Default install, no mods. DxDiag.txt 20150528_115836_PASD029-Sims-1941_18_NE_ice_islands.zip python.log
  2. ChipChino

    question regarding highlighting enemy for team

    I tried that but only managed to get a message sent when I was aiming and had line of sight on the hull. If they were behind a hill or something I couldn't, no matter my reticule.
  3. ChipChino

    question regarding highlighting enemy for team

    So specifically you have to have your aiming reticule over the ship in order for your message to go out?
  4. Sorry if this is a noob question but I'm having some issues trying to highlight an enemy for my team. Yes I've bound a key in the settings but I'm having mixed results with most of the time nothing happening when I try to send the message. Is there something particular I should be doing? I've tried mousing over, tried targeting, but whatever I try I don't get a consistent result of reporting the target. I've also tried via minimap and in normal game and in binocular view Nothing gives a consistent result of me pressing the key I bound and the message being sent. So what am I doing wrong and how should I be using this? Do they have to be in a certain range or targeted etc.? Many thanks.
  5. Exactly, I agree, which is what I did. There just needs to be an option in the ticket system to specifically report a player. My ticket was answered, but the category I selected to file my report to wasn't related to my problem. It would be useful if there was a clear option in the reason for your ticket for reporting a player.
  6. Where, in that link, (which I had already said i'd been to) is there a clear link to report a player? Answer: There isn't. Yes the support link is easy to find, but from then on, nothing.
  7. Today I came across my first griefer who deliberately shot me for not doing what he wanted, taking 80% of my HP (he was a BB who wanted my DD to drop smoke). Whilst I'm not naming on here the only way I could find to report this was to send a ticket about game play. There didn't seem to be anywhere I could specifically report a player for deliberately damaging a team mate. With the replay files it's good we can prove events but another issue was not being able to directly attach replay files to the ticket. I can only see griefing being a bigger issue come OBT and release.
  8. I find the Fubuki guns wreck other DD and the aiming speed doesn't need much improvement, however lower tiers defiantly do need an increase as even with captain skills it's too slow
  9. ChipChino

    Des Moines repair bug (may happen on others)

    Ah that might explain it then, as I had, er, *ahem* scraped alongside a colleagues ship as we were both in tunnel vision mode killing a BB so more than likely only repaired like 2hp. Shame that this is not clearer though, I expect this would cause confusion and wasted repair ability come release.
  10. Only noticed this happen so far once this evening, and only on my Des Moines, but whas the only ship I was playing with repair ability. What happened was this: I was mid way through a battle, and I had a repair remaining and around 2/3 HP. I tried to use the repair (cool down was not active) and nothing happened. Button highlighted as I pressed the key, then went back to default colour. I could spam press the U button but nothing happened other than the flashing of the icon as I pressed the button. A couple of minutes later I tried again. This time the timer and sound activated, however no green increase bar appeared on my ship, and my HP did not go up. Have not attempted yet to try to replicate, but will certainly post if it happens again. Anyone else have this happen?
  11. ChipChino

    Main Battery Modification 2

    Except it takes a lot of working out to understand exactly what it is saying. Its not very clear. A casual look makes you think you get better results for both (as you would expect for an upgrade) then look again and think hang on it looks like im getting worse for both, then a bit of working out what is actually an improvement and what isn't. And yet it might be that they are both an increase or decrease or even do nothing at all because there is no way to see stat changes on your ship from modules and captain skills.
  12. ChipChino

    Main Battery Modification 2

    This Modification needs clarification, as its either a) badly worded (confusing) or b) wrong. tooltip says it gives: +10% to main battery loading time +15% to main battery aiming speed +10% to main battery loading time implies that it will take LONGER to load shells (however this may be confusing to players) +15% to main battery aiming speed implies that the speed in which you aim is increased (thus decreasing the speed it takes to aim the guns) I am unsure why you would want to have a modification that has a positive AND a negative in it, none of the other modifications have this as far as I can recall. I suggest that the wording of this, because equally the opposite could be true saying that you will get quicker loading time by 10% and quicker aiming speed by 15%, or you could interpret it a number of ways, and as the changes do not show on the ship stats next to it, players have no idea what on earth they are actually getting. Please reword this to make it clear, and have clicking on the module show what effect it would have on the ship stats to right of port screen, (also for captain skills). I'd offer alternative wording of the above, but perhaps just saying if it increases or decreases the time taken would suffice, as just having +15% is a little ambiguous
  13. The IJN Line peaks at T V Minekaze. It is overpowered when you compare it to the other ships in its line above and below. Not since VIII do things start to improve again, but things aren't perfect. I mostly play the IJN DD and USN Cruisers and haven't gone down USN DD line yet, but this is what i've found on the IJN DD: 1. AA is pointless in them. In my Minekaze After killing a CV and being other side of the map, I stopped under 2 slowly rotating squadrons of un-controlled planes. Only managed to shoot 1 down in about 5 mins of constant shooting (or however long it was for them to run out of fuel and drop to the sea) which should say it all. The AA ability of the IJN is actually a disadvantage, and mine are ALWAYS disengaged. 1.1 Consider the fact Higher tier hull upgrades REMOVE artillery for more useless AA guns - can't see why anyone would want to do that. The sailors would do more damage if they threw the bullets at the aircraft. Either seriously buff their AA efficiency, or don't offer more useless guns over what few turrets we actually have. 2. Rate of turn of the turrets need improvement. I think their damage and number are fine, but to have to manually turn your ship to aim your guns is just daft. 3. Reload time of torps tier VI and VII need reducing. Not by much or things will become unbalanced, but they do need to change as its a one shot wonder currently and with low power guns and turret turn rates mean you have to hide not engage in any combat. As a stealth assassin or area denier I get that, torps/stealth over artillery, but having such a slow reload time in these tiers especially after the quick reload time of the Minekaze in tier V mean these two ships seem a massive step down until VIII. 4. As I mentioned in another thread, the information on the ship needs to accurately reflect what effect your modules and captain skills have on concealment etc. As a DD captain you live by your detectability range and try to keep just outside it when stalking a target, but to not know what this is because all the information shown is not correct is, well, wrong. 5. IJN DD tier IV, V, VI, VII all need a look at, possibly reshuffling, possibly nerfing some, buffing others. But as it stands I can't see a casual player come release wanting to progress past Minekaze as it is such a massive disappointment when you get in the next ships. And I can see them being disheartened and give up. Not until VIII do I actually start enjoying being a DD again. 6. I'd like to see a special "Burst of Speed" ability to higher tier destroyers that gave them a 10% speed boost on a cooldown as a "get out of dodge fast" This is a fanciful wish and not as important as the above. Maybe a once only use as more would damage the engine or something, but quite a few times you find yourself in a position that this would be useful Hope this gets seen by those who are responsible for feedback to devs as I hope the above will be looked into.
  14. Sorry if its in the wrong place, new to the forums.
  15. I have noticed after applying a module or a skill on my commander, the ship stats do not appear to change. I suggest they do, according to the stats of your captain and modules. Maybe have them a green colour to show stat modification and mouseover reveal the reason, e.g. concealment would show say 7km normally. With 10% reduction would now show 6.3km in green and a mouseover reveal -10% target acquisition module. (please excuse poor maths or incorrect module name, i'm mid flu and have a head like a squeezed lemon) Thanks