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  1. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    I fear you may be right *sigh* although I wish this was an intelligent debate between equal peers rather than, resulting to name calling when he is clearly losing the argument. Can't have it all I suppose.
  2. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    to be effective Carriers require considerably higher situational awareness than any other class, multi-tasking skills, RNG is totally present for dive bombers, they are not the highest damage dealers on a DPM basis only in a one off strike and even that is dubious, that title could easily go to 15 torps from a Shimikasi. Ammunition as in planes is limited again not like any other class, because of this Attack run vectors need to be considered to mitigate losses. Sorry but again, different skill requirements but one is no more valid than the other.
  3. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    I don't know did you? Can't prove this either way, however given your passionate argument based solely on flaming other people I'm guessing not. If you had you would know the skill needed to drive a carrier, maneouver your planes while not getting them destroyed or your ship sunk is different granted but no less of an art than leading with guns or torps.
  4. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    I could also say that each time we see stats of a CV whiner they are the same also, they never have much if any carrier experience... At least I am forming my opinion on having played all fairly equally... IMHO yes there are some minor tweaks required, but not the drastic changes you would lead us to believe. Also I think most of the changes required are to do with the MM which will make a large difference I think you will find.
  5. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    Clearly I do or I would not have wrote it. Point is using an individuals stats to point out one type of ship is stronger than the other is out of context and irrelevant, I have a higher average score on Hashidate then on the Yubari yet I don't hear you screaming that the tier I ship is OP. Stats are akin to politicians, they don't always tell the full story and can be taken out of context. I look forward to meeting you in game where I will happily sink you with guns, torps or what ever sticks I may have laying around
  6. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    Challenge accepted: I don't think I mentioned player skill at all, because I feel that is a pretty low blow to be honest, but I would value your opinion more if you had done any of the following 1) played more than 1 carrier game or 2) were less self important and 3) was a better player than myself, (before you start with the inevitable: once I've played same number of matches as you my score will easily surpass your own.) Using my scores and experience in isolation is pretty irrelevant, but at least I have a cross section of all play types, the scores are pretty consistent across all 4 platforms, slightly more on Carriers, but slightly less on BB's, so by extension that means BB's must need a serious buff then correct? I have the most matches in Cruisers I prefer that game play, doesn't mean I'm going to poo over BB's for alphaing me off the field with 3 citidels, honestly stats are only half of the picture. Edited: for punctuation and clarity.
  7. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    LOL this is perhaps the most backwards way of trying to prove a point I think I've ever seen..... I like it for the humour, but please tell me you aren't serious. Back to trying to be constructive about carriers, it is rare for me to be sunk by carriers, it isn't that it never happens it does, but certainly less than 1 in 10 deaths, which means that over my games I have no more or less chance of dying to a carrier than any other member of the enemy team. Carriers are by and large reasonably balanced, the main issues appear to be being addressed, I would see how it feels once the MM changes are implemented. If more cruiser players do more screening rather than leaving the capital ships out to dry (something I'm happy to say I've seen an increase in recently) and players stick with their team mates to improve AA wall, then carriers threat can be significantly reduced. If you are not a destroyer and you don't have a friendly ship less than 5km away from you, then you will probably die, be that to a carrier or a bb and honestly deservedly so.
  8. GoldenRoot

    US Tier III - the first major obstacle

    I've not played SC since the CBT, but I always found if I hid around the islands and got in close I could obliterate most things tier IV or below, even the Wyoming would melt if you got in close enough and generally stuck with HE. Issue with playing her as a brawler is always closing range, she isn't exactly nimble so closing in to that range was like charging with a sword against a rifle division, sure the swords still deadly but your almost certainly dead getting close enough to utilise it, which is why you had to treat her more like a US DD and go gorilla tactics. The dispersion was also pretty bad too from memory. St. Louis on the other hand....... I really like this ship, mainly because of it's armour anything less than 6" and there is no point in trying to Pen her (sure this was an actress said to the bishop joke) with AP, but fending one off is easy enough if you know what your doing, just outrange her and burn her pretty deck with HE, as long as you don't get in close and you can pound away with immunity. So not OP just requires a different play style to handle, problem is most players at that tier just lemming in and want to get in close to you, and the St. Louis is going to make mince meat of it, even Kuma's that come into range to try to torp you even though they could easily kill it at 11 or 12km. Wickes is the only one I didn't really like, skipped her pretty much completely in favour of the Clemson.
  9. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    don't have an issue in principle, they do need to improve the fighters effectiveness compared to the american counterparts and catapult fighters (considering one catapult fighter killed off a whole squad of my fighters at tier 6 without batting an eyelid) if this be the case so that they aren't just wasted squadron space. Edit: to be clear I am not suggesting parity, just not to be so hopelessly outmatched, which is the main reason I don't currently use them on any of my IJN carriers currently, not because I don't have a need for them, just because they are pretty useless.
  10. GoldenRoot

    Reduce the chance of Fire when hit by HE

    I voted no, not because I don't think it needs adjusting, just because I don't think it needs to be considerably, I'd take a greater reduction if the chance of fires if they were to do more damage...
  11. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    Well I hope they don't go to hard with it, because there isn't much need for it. Zuiho may be a little too much at Tier V, but though the Japanese line is stronger at the lower tier's by tier VIII the American ones are superior, and this changing theme occurs through most ship classes where one starts off poor and ends superior so there is really not a huge need to impose drastic changes. And if an American and Japanese carrier face off the IJN carrier is in big trouble (again more MM then the ships) Further the strength of low tier aircraft carriers comes from the lack of AA at these tiers more than the strength of the ships (particularly tier IV BB's) Seriously best thing they could do is increase the rearm time slightly on Zuiho planes (or reduce torpedo bombers down to 2 and increase dive bombers to 2) and then fix the MM. Then re-evaluate how that goes.
  12. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    right so your answer to the fact that escorting is boring is to remove the need to do it rather than try to improve it, says a lot I suppose.
  13. GoldenRoot

    Any news on when the skillships will be nerfed? (CVs)

    I believe quite the opposite really, the game needs to do more to enforce team co-operation, give benefits for working together as a team. I find it fairly unbelievable that anyone could expect to play a game where two teams face off against each other, expect to go it alone and still win!!!!!!! Who ever works best together should excel above the individuals every time unless the skill difference between the team and the individuals is so immeasurable. As someone who is generally an all rounder I feel that carriers have very little wrong with them really, the main problem I come up against is with unbalanced CV match making.
  14. GoldenRoot

    Team killing / Team damage penalties

    Although I agree that Team kill punishment is not currently sufficient, they do need to be careful, I was in a game yesterday where it was totally my fault I got sunk by my team mate, he launched torps 30 seconds or so earlier, and I changed course to avoid the enemy carriers torps unfortunately straight into one of his.... they were some 7km+ away from his boat and it was my fail that I got hit, he was apologetic in chat, but I knew it was my Situational Awareness that was at fault. I think if sterner penalties are to be had then they need to have a range at which the penalty for friendly torps drops, there is no way he could have known I was going to shift my direction 20 seconds or so after his launch, and although you could argue that he shouldn't have launched behind a friendly ship at all, by rights I have a responsibility to check where I'm going as much as he has to make sure there is no friendlies around him. Griefer's and idiots need to be tackled and banned that I think we all agree with, but there are legitimate accidents and Friendly fire incidents are an inevitability of war. Also, I think that account rank also has to be taken into account, we were all noobs once, I must have sunk a friendly boat or two the first few rounds in the game (although I can't remember doing so), it happens, but as the tier's get higher and the rank of captain goes up towards 7 and 8 it can't really be considered a learning mistake anymore.
  15. GoldenRoot

    Map Boundary and damage

    Hey guys, been testing a while now, checking the forums, but can't find this mentioned as prominently as I'd expect. Not sure if this is intended, it doesn't seem to be listed in the known issues (unless it is called or related to something else) and it seems to be happening more frequently. The issue Every so often I see (normally a battleship) a ship sitting on the map edge trying to charge out of the area constantly, but rather than turning around/trying to evade they are happily sitting there full steam ahead trying to leave. I watched someone on my team do this for 2-3 mins last match once I was dead. This seems to give them two unfair advantages. 1. shells seem to repeatedly hit but do not do damage, unsure if shell damage can only be applied to the portion of the ship in the map, but I saw scores of hits and very little damage applied, it isn't the pass through bug, because you hear the impacts and the health counter doesn't move. 2. because the boundary is a hard box, you can easily change direction/slide along it achieving fairly ridiculous effects. I can't see this being intended, next time I see it occur I will try and FRAPS it for proof if I'm the only one (if it is unknown bug) or it could just be an issue with the death camera and the shots aren't hitting. Am I alone in this? or is this known and being fixed, as if nothing else it is pretty immersion breaking. Sure they are on the edge of the map and not really involved in the battle, but battleships do have long range guns and it is effectively cheating. Cheers GR