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    RESULTS - Anzac Day Approaches

    With all due respect austuralian and new zeland people, anzacs not the only people fought in gallipoli

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    changed my mind if a dallas cant sink a single sub for 10 minutes with damn depth charges dont bring this at all!!!! stupid sub sits there gets away all 4 depth charge attack since all misses despite me on top of him. did you add those depth charges just to make it fancy?

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    for subs; I dont use the option of avoid collisions before but when I use subs I needed it so that option should be cloned and seperated for subs in settings subs are tuned fine in my opinion but some lackings there; diving and rising controls can be improved, its hard to track or manage our depth and causes ping usage hard, has negative effects on reacting on time against incoming torpedoes underwater pinging very hard against subs since its working as dot pings oftenly misses even at close ranges. Secondly our perception is limited underwater so ping is disappear after certain distance not allowing to improve our ping aim. improving indicators might help on this. my suggestions to developers; you can add a consumable for subs of some nations line that sends a decoy against homing torpedoes in future to make them unique you can allow us to use economic signals as sort of stickers(since cant mount them)to increase our earnings on submarines for surface ships; you can exclude the submarines from randoms inexchange of excluding battleships from submarine battles, this would solve their certain issues or you can add a fighter consumable which carries depth charges to battleships and heavy cruisers, carriers also should have depth charge planes as option but not as addition to squadrons removal of ping alert for surface ships was good but indicators of submarine in vicinity should be more alerting to surface ships and this can be better if arranged gradually for classes(battleships to destroyers) Depth charge cooldowns very short, if one light cruiser or destroyer gets over sub, since surface ships manueverability better, subs cant do much before next depth charge attack starts

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    Im here to report a bug related to Leander shells, since update my Leander started overpen destroyers a lot, on Aegis scenerio battle 20 shell spent on shiratsuyu for 12800 damage. If shells were armed 2/3 times I would only spent 16 shell for 12913 damage, on another shiratsuyu 13 shell hit for 7257 damage, I had teammate "SharkElbow" also used leander in same battle confirmed his shells behave different than usual in that battle Another thing on some shots dispersion pattern is looking different, front turret shells go one side back turret shells go other side like its not locked to target. I know RNG provide bad dispersion but not like this

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    the mess of carriers already reduced eu servers to half empty Please note: compared to the previous season, the amount of Steel in the Second League has been reduced by 300 units, and increased by 300 units in the First League. Thank you for this Elitism WG, what a great motivation for new season

    Bug Reports

    same for me, I couldnt login yesterday and still cant login, in meantime we losing daily missions rewards; crowns and florins

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Just wanted to THANK Wargaming for generous rewarding to my individual effort, I cant tell you how I appreciate your work and enjoyed this battle myself

    Thunderstorm Front in Random Battles

    I like the snowstorm effects of all, should be in game. mysterious and fun

    Updated Operation Dynamo

    WG bring back cyclone and anthony please, at least as an option. I cant change my captain specs just for 1 week operation, I dont think many other would do either. without AA spec dd you just rely on others for complete objectives. Thanks to weak AA french lines, theres no AA captain to place on aigle.


    Im having same issue as our friend TheCinC 's post (UP THERE /\) , irregularly game doesnt provide battle report at endgame and disconnects me instead, when I log back in all data being wiped out clean about last battle, no reward from the battle either. this is the 4th time Ive this issue now. I sent ticket when it happened first time but since data about battle is wiped clean they said "we dont see the battle on our system, repair your game files or install it clean" like Im a fool to not think about that

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Halloween Event - Chapter 2

    too much credit loss... getting 200-300 signal or couple thousand free xp in return not worth at all. they must be thinkin everybody acquired missouri or something. Last years halloween much more bountiful than this since we had challenge instead. not to mention current event blocking ordinary weekly operations

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    First matter is dont know if any concealment module or captain skill affects these guaranteed detection but neptune has 6,6, edinbro 5,5 minatour 5,4km detection for smokefiring. I think similar ships detection should be not that different. if I gotta keep spesific number on my mind of detection of my target; it has to be either closer numbers than this or just one standart detection. WG please bring the detection variety for ships simple as possible. we cant keep all the numbers for each class of ship we targetting. british cruiser players now complaining but they get too close to cap, cruisers shouldnt be smoke camping 3-4 km nearby of capture area and this changes solving this well. as for Z52 I did sink a grozovoi by in my smoke with hydroing without being detected. but on other match I get detected at 2,9km by enemy shima while we both on smoke and I think z52 smokefiring detection should be increased 2,9 to 3km or more. 2,88 km gap is more than enough for smoke hydro sinking destroyers as for udaloy 3,6 km smokefiring detection didnt affect gameplay of the ship.

    Filo arkadaşları arıyorum

    8bin savaş tecrübesine yaklaşırken artık solo oynamaktan sıkıldım, oyunu bazen eğlencesine bazen etkinlikleri tamamlama odaklı beraber filo kuracak, oyun üzerine sohbet edecek, oyun mekaniklerini bilen arkadaşlar arıyorum. Selamın sohbetin olmadığı yada teamspeak gibi zorunlulukların olduğu klanlarla ilgilenmiyorum.

    Super containers

    this month not a single sc dropped, not a single one! ty wg keep fooling people

    EU special events and Offers

    why challenge is only for grafspee? hallowen event was awesome, some people dont wanna play grafspee, why there is no other challenge to stock up some flag or camo or some bonuses? WG u just ruined our christmas