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    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Just wanted to THANK Wargaming for generous rewarding to my individual effort, I cant tell you how I appreciate your work and enjoyed this battle myself

    Thunderstorm Front in Random Battles

    I like the snowstorm effects of all, should be in game. mysterious and fun

    Updated Operation Dynamo

    WG bring back cyclone and anthony please, at least as an option. I cant change my captain specs just for 1 week operation, I dont think many other would do either. without AA spec dd you just rely on others for complete objectives. Thanks to weak AA french lines, theres no AA captain to place on aigle.


    Im having same issue as our friend TheCinC 's post (UP THERE /\) , irregularly game doesnt provide battle report at endgame and disconnects me instead, when I log back in all data being wiped out clean about last battle, no reward from the battle either. this is the 4th time Ive this issue now. I sent ticket when it happened first time but since data about battle is wiped clean they said "we dont see the battle on our system, repair your game files or install it clean" like Im a fool to not think about that

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Halloween Event - Chapter 2

    too much credit loss... getting 200-300 signal or couple thousand free xp in return not worth at all. they must be thinkin everybody acquired missouri or something. Last years halloween much more bountiful than this since we had challenge instead. not to mention current event blocking ordinary weekly operations

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    First matter is dont know if any concealment module or captain skill affects these guaranteed detection but neptune has 6,6, edinbro 5,5 minatour 5,4km detection for smokefiring. I think similar ships detection should be not that different. if I gotta keep spesific number on my mind of detection of my target; it has to be either closer numbers than this or just one standart detection. WG please bring the detection variety for ships simple as possible. we cant keep all the numbers for each class of ship we targetting. british cruiser players now complaining but they get too close to cap, cruisers shouldnt be smoke camping 3-4 km nearby of capture area and this changes solving this well. as for Z52 I did sink a grozovoi by in my smoke with hydroing without being detected. but on other match I get detected at 2,9km by enemy shima while we both on smoke and I think z52 smokefiring detection should be increased 2,9 to 3km or more. 2,88 km gap is more than enough for smoke hydro sinking destroyers as for udaloy 3,6 km smokefiring detection didnt affect gameplay of the ship.

    Filo arkadaşları arıyorum

    8bin savaş tecrübesine yaklaşırken artık solo oynamaktan sıkıldım, oyunu bazen eğlencesine bazen etkinlikleri tamamlama odaklı beraber filo kuracak, oyun üzerine sohbet edecek, oyun mekaniklerini bilen arkadaşlar arıyorum. Selamın sohbetin olmadığı yada teamspeak gibi zorunlulukların olduğu klanlarla ilgilenmiyorum.

    Super containers

    this month not a single sc dropped, not a single one! ty wg keep fooling people

    EU special events and Offers

    why challenge is only for grafspee? hallowen event was awesome, some people dont wanna play grafspee, why there is no other challenge to stock up some flag or camo or some bonuses? WG u just ruined our christmas

    Update 0.5.16 Feedback - Sound

    cruisers fire sound is just terrible, dd sounds are better for us dd, not for soviet dd, new radio voices are much better
  11. remove the bastion from tier 9-10, I cant have a proper fight on this mod oftenly causing me deal lesser damage and lowering my stats which ends up with credit losses, new hotspot bastion design also terrible,


    Im playing over a year now, firstly was bb captain then become dd captain but I grind all lines except carrier, Im an average player but I do hard carry some battles Previous changes that Boost of AA killed charm of AA ships and cruiser & carrier play Nerf to carrier incomes and xp was much more than needed so killed carrier play Lowered Radar cooldown was good move but cooldown time lower than needed killed destroyer play and for last changes Fixed repair costs solved an issue about camping and sniping, but there are still problems First enemy hp pool is limited, if couple players luckily or with good play taking enemy ships on their flank, lets say they killed 6-7 enemy, remaining hp pool not gonna allow u make profit. Second quick battles oftenly causes credit loss, if enemy team do nothing with dropping below 0 point or in cyclone situtations where dds cap bbs doesnt fight not gonna allow u make profit even ure on winning team Third earning the credits doesnt balanced among tiers, you play 2 low-mid tier battle for compensate for 1 high tier battle loss, this not gonna allow ur 27 million priced(fullupgraded) ship payback the invest with these changes on high tier; hard carry players earns less, average players earn nothing, bad players punished, (NONPREMİUM) Turning game to a damaging race kills the games historical ambiance

    New map - Shards

    Pretty similar to old islands of ice map, good for ships which is not cruiser

    New map - Shards

    Pretty similar to old islands of ice map, good for ships which is not cruiser


    Everyone who play tier 9-10 demand lower repair cost or better income but what WG done? Fixed repair costs to max lvl and now even tier 9s lets say my fletcher which earns 75-100k with good battle now lose 25k or earn barely 25k. When this about cruisers thats more pathetic even ibuki loses between 50-95k every battle didnt try battleships because lost entire earnings of last days before update I wont get any premium for this. Why would I spent cash for company doesnt care about players demands