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  1. AtlanticFleet

    Wankx, you ok bro?

    Go learn to shave "Wankx" then I will allow you to talk to me.
  2. AtlanticFleet

    Wankx, you ok bro?

    Well you clearly don't have a sense of humour, but I deleted the thread anyway because it offended you too much.
  3. AtlanticFleet

    Wankx, you ok bro?

  4. AtlanticFleet

    0.7.1 installed and cant see the new missions

    Well it is a load of bollocks anyway, I'm just going to wait till the line is released and grind up from T3, the old fashioned way.
  5. AtlanticFleet

    0.7.1 installed and cant see the new missions

    Same here, the Vive la France campaign isn't there....
  6. AtlanticFleet

    British battleships incoming

    So if the French BB line will be the second FR line that WG promised at the start of 2017 and the other Brit line they said was coming isn't DDs that can only mean Brit Aircraft Carriers....or Heavy Cruiser sub-branch.
  7. AtlanticFleet

    British battleships incoming

    Do you have a link to that Q and A?. I'd be interested to read it.
  8. AtlanticFleet

    British battleships incoming

    Although I would love to see the French BBs (I love the Courbet and Normandie class) I doubt WG will release 2 BB lines so close to each other.I'm guessing that the next lines will be French and British DDs (in that order), although I could be wrong. As for the British DDs, the RN had loads of them, enough to fill the branch 2 times.
  9. AtlanticFleet

    T8. Losing Money.

    ^^This @OP,Don't even bother with Tier8+ it's a boring campfest and you have to pay through the nose for the privilege.Your typical T8+ match will be as follows: 1) Everyone spawns and huddles around their base paralysed with fear, because nobody wants to be 'that guy' who gets focused by enemy fire. 2) 10 minutes later, out of sheer boredom, one player gingerly moves forward. 3) He gets instantly deleted by the combined salvoes of the entire enemy team. 4) Go back to step 1. The T8+ meta is about as much fun as pulling teeth.Avoid at all costs.
  10. AtlanticFleet

    British battleships incoming

    So it looks like we will be able to work towards the ships with weekly missions before they are released starting 09 August.3 weeks with 1 mission per week.They will likely start on 10 August with the next update.As WG have a 3 week major update cycle, I'm guessing that the line will be released on Thursday 31st August.
  11. AtlanticFleet

    British battleships incoming

    Soon :)
  12. AtlanticFleet

    Steven Seagal

    Another thing I don't get is why can't we dismiss him? I really want the reserve slot and I'm finished with the US lines so I don't want him but for some strange reason WG will not allow him to be dismissed.
  13. AtlanticFleet

    Unique Commanders Wishlist

    David Beatty: Special Skill "There seems to be something wrong with our bloody ships today" +200% Detonation chance
  14. AtlanticFleet

    Unique Commanders Wishlist

    Horatio Nelson