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  1. airmac1

    new years eve camouflage disappeared

    Well i can confirm its still available on my cleveland
  2. airmac1

    Premium cv ?

    I think it would be great having a t8 CV. Afterall every other player says its a no skill class so shouldnt be a problem
  3. airmac1

    MM T8,9,10 - CV

    Also t10 DDs being so UP doesn't that mean all should get nerfed for balance reason?
  4. Why do you want to ruin my fun in the game? I am not talking about the nerfs or such. It is what it is and will be what it will be, I still love CVs. Its maybe the idea of them mostly. I don't care if I sink ships or not as long as I am having fun. I don't go around saying your skill with ships is crap compared to another game. I read your comments and such, but why does it have to be a put down of people enjoying the game for the game. I know not everyone is like that but you can't run around saying every type of player is a whiner or crap player because of what he plays. Just my opinion and not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings
  5. I haven't been complaining one way or the other about CVs, because it doesn't matter what we think, WG will do what they want and that's it. But I don't enjoy people going around saying brain-dead play style, no skill and such. I mean I enjoy it and am not that good in it, but I don't go around trying to ruin your fun in the game here on the forums. So please don't throw everything and everyone in the same pot.
  6. airmac1

    IJN carriers overnerfed in t9 and t10 due to MM

    As a t9 CV player, I have personally been having the problem of my planes simply getting swat out of the sky (on IJN). Now maybe its just me , I don't know, but I am running out of planes in game which didn't happen before patch.
  7. Crysantos, got a question. As I don't have hi level BB except Tirpitz which I don't really think is a reference for normal tech tree. Do you have a hi repair cost on t9 BB like taiho without getting scratched? I'm just wondering if you also get 73k service bill without any damage to ship?
  8. But isn't the win ratio dependent on who is your team? I mean it doesn't matter how good you are you cant replace 11 idiots ( no insults intended to anyone ). So how is the win ratio a determining factor? I can understand the argument of over performing as that is dependent a lot on yourself.
  9. Thanks for the answer
  10. airmac1

    Manual Torp Drops should Go !

    So basically it doesn't matter what WG does it cannot satisfy people? Then might as well remove torpedoes from game. I don't play CV below t8 so cant really say, but I cant insta kill a BB with 2 TB squads so I guess I'm doing something wrong and will need to look this up so I can also do it
  11. I got a simple question, not complaint or anything. But I can't but notice that in some ships you got HI win ratio. Now I've heard many people use that stat as an argument of CVs over performing. Does that now mean that the BBs you got these rates on are over performing?
  12. airmac1

    Manual Torp Drops should Go !

    What I find interesting is that all other players tell whining CV players to suck it up with the recent patch nerf, but still you got more people asking for more nerfs. I saw even someone saying DDs are OP. Do people even look when they post something? The new patch has been applied now wait to see the results
  13. airmac1

    When are you going you nerf torps?

    Is this a troll post? Everyone knows DDs have problems. CVs got hit for being OP, if its right or not will be seen with time. I knew there would be a different class that would be called OP because of human nature. But seriously, DDs?
  14. airmac1

    Manual Torp Drops should Go !

    Are you saying since the patch CV's are still owning on the field? To be honest it hasn't really been what I've had as problems. What I have been having is getting sunk more often by DD's and good play for them. But I haven't had to pay to much attention to planes anymore on my ships, even when playing my CV's. But I also don't do seal clubbing so don't know about how good CV's are below t8
  15. Out of curiosity how has the patch solved the cross drop of TBs on DDs?