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  1. Holaadian mini patch good???

  2. Holaadian


    Ok and the CV's are F useless again. FFS I cant see any damn DDS in patch now even less. WTF do i have to fly up the ...holes to spot them :P?? And midways torps were OK little wide spread and easy to todge but fine. WTF i have to use now HE bombs???? I f loose 10 planes out of 20 just to drop first time.
  3. Holaadian

    Kicked out of battle?

    DAmn drunk russian hamsters. I f told them to get that moose looking like one from Chernobyl years ago but noooooooo it's to mean it eats children it chews through stalinium. F cheap chineese hamster knock offs.
  4. Holaadian

    ''Technical issue found'' - unable to log in

    SRy sry i moved little to left. MY bad ill move back ASAP 1!!
  5. Holaadian

    I'm not RANK 1 yet because........

    Got the flags, rest i don't give a [edited]about.
  6. Holaadian

    Summer Sales....... when exactly does it start?

    Hope it's next week when i have vacation. :D
  7. Holaadian

    The French Battleship's Thing

    French bb get 2 speeds bacwards :D ??? Had Dunkirk long time now but i only use it for operations feels great there but in randoms nahhhh. So yeah they can bring out french BB line we just neede more PVE to use them in.
  8. Can anyone translate this BS??? Sounds like lot of crying and whining from noob. Gawd i read it like 5 times and i still don't get wtf is this on about. WoT ranked battles.
  9. Holaadian

    What's your favourite ship, and why?

    1 love 1 life. HMS Seacow (minotaur) as RN bbs are coming can't say what ill like from there but Eror looks great.
  10. Holaadian

    Thank you For making my day shine.

    Well been pretty horrible weekend again whit mostly looses and utter crap because bbs in my team didn't have a brain cell to share. Must been wild Friday night and someone lost it again. Then comes today and still bad. Though ok this will suck and will loose 3 bbs down in first 5 mins and only have 1 cap. Ok some how manage to get few kills back and 1 yamato actually manage to find a working brain and rammed enemy kurfust to death. Then there's 2 ships left 1 NC bb, 1 NO trying to cap C fighting my team cruiser at north side of the island while i sneak up from south. And he had no idea i was coming till i was at 4 km range and his guns were all other way. At first i thought ill blast him whit my guns fast but then was like nah torp time for funs. And so i did from 1 or 2 km away he had 0 chanse to dodge and he missed his shot into me. Ok yay win for me and a great win. Then few mins later i get PM from that guy. Here's a link for replay of my awesome cheating. If you want to get my cheat mods plz PM me. [edited] [edited] [edited]
  11. Holaadian

    standar battlke

    Sums up this weekends PPL in my team. Not a f brain cell found anywhere.
  12. Holaadian

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was just trying to get my second box. (was bad loot) The HMS Seacow.
  13. Holaadian

    De Grasse: Wargaming, my two cents.

    In short it will be the pre nerfed t6 baquet we getting from French line atm. You could have f sold the 1956 model ALOT but this crapyeah few ppl thats it.
  14. Holaadian

    Dominant one-sided battles

    How to notice that your in 1 sided match. Who can point out 5 things wins a sandwich !!! (might be half eaten)
  15. Holaadian

    Dominant one-sided battles

    I am whit you on that one. Theres been many many times where i hope that some one from my team or few will detonate and we can continue the battle as were winning so much.