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  1. urzusevenxl

    German Destroyers Nerfed Before Launch

    This nerf if you want to call it that was flagged early on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G10ngZV-3IQ&t=297s by stuntman9630.So no one should be surprised least of all the CC's . Youtube culture being what it is,get your content out first does not always equate to it being right.The CC's should of learned from the British cruisers fiasco that a ship you play in test phase will not be the same upon release & should preface their thoughts & views on such ships with a noticeable disclaimer.As it is WG have stated that they wish to remove invisi-fire as a mechanic from the game,I'll still play the line as I like the look of the ships & will find some way to make them work & enjoy them.
  2. urzusevenxl

    So, Missouri = P2W Iowa?

    Well since I'm on the Baltimore grinding towards the des moines I'll just suck it up & soldier on. BTW I just finished my grind of the German bb's from the Nassau to the Kurfurst Loved them all,my next line to grind? British crusiers & regardless of what WG does to Battleships or not I will always play cruisers.
  3. urzusevenxl

    So, Missouri = P2W Iowa?

    Not fast no,but almost all tier 9 crusiers with the right modules can get there range out to anywhere from 18k to 20 k .See how good your hit rate against a crusier with the steering gears mods on at 18k pus range while he spams HE at you in your bow on Iowa is.
  4. urzusevenxl

    So, Missouri = P2W Iowa?

    What is your point? That somehow 1 premium t9 bb that a lot of people will not even get is somehow going to break the game.This is a gimmick to get more people to buy her because if you have the Iowa already there is very little reason besides historically ones to get the Missouri.I just do not see this affecting gameplay regarding crusiers as you seem to think it would .Just my two cents.
  5. urzusevenxl

    So, Missouri = P2W Iowa?

    Guys I really don't see a problem with the Missouri having radar.All tier 8 & above soviet & american cruisers get the radar consumable as well as 3 premium tier 7 cruisers so far.Let's say the free xp needed was 600,000 ,at current conversion rate you would have to spend 30,000 doubloons to get that amount of free xp. By contrast that 30,000 doubloons will get you six premium camo's for your tier 10 ships.So which would you rather have? 1 tier 9 premium bb or 6 premium tier 10 ships of your choice.If I had that amount of doubloons lying around I know which one I would pick.
  6. urzusevenxl

    Kamikaze R

    Op ,see this video first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S_7G1_Y4E4 & then make your decision after.If WG hold true to the stats in the new ijn dd lines the premium Fujin or Kamikaze R will be the choice of any ijn dd driver at tier 5.
  7. urzusevenxl

    Prince Eugen Available to purchase now !

    Just looking at the pictures again of the Eugen,can someone tell me how the Eugen gets the full Rheinburg camo but the Bismarck which you have to pay for with doubloons only gets half her camo?
  8. urzusevenxl

    Prince Eugen Available to purchase now !

    Both the other T8 premiums the Atago & Kutznov have a least some uniqueness about them that helps you in game ,the Atago's heal & Kutznov's smoke.The Eugen is just a re-skinned Hipper that is actually 5 euro's dearer then the Scharnhorst which at T7 is a vastly superior ship for less money.As for the bundles especially the supreme one OMG WG.
  9. urzusevenxl

    Gneisenau - am I missing something?

    OP,you will not be able to out run a Gneisenau in a Nagato ever because of the huge gulf in speed also because of the speed advantage she will be up with her crusiers compared to the Nagato & even more so the Colarado who will be lagging behind.Do not dismiss the speed difference as a Gneisenau will always be able to dictate the battle ,if he 's in a bad spot he can disengage from a Nagato or Colarado with his speed the same cannot be said for those ships.
  10. urzusevenxl

    Gneisenau - am I missing something?

    Faster speed,better armor,better aa,better concealment & oh yeah torpedoes .I believe that in a few weeks stats will show the Gneisenau at the top of the tier 7 bb;s.
  11. urzusevenxl

    [] DDs I Feel For Ya *Insert A Maniacal Laugh*

    Radar has not impacted on the game so far due to it only been available on t8 or above russian cruisers which most people who play CA's have yet to grind up to.However with the advent of radar been available on us crusiers the amount of ships able to use radar in high tier games jumps dramactcally .Domination mode looks like the most affected game mode because as soon as the enemy spot a cap being taken & no visiable enemy they will pop the radar to light up the dd.let me you tell 30 secs being visiable to half to enemy is a lifetime for a dd.Also I feel the IJN CA's have been left behind with the radar consumable on the US & russian cruisers & HAS buff to the german cruisers.
  12. urzusevenxl

    Premium shop: Mikhail Kutuzov again for sale

    Well ,I already have her from before & once you get a handle on her she is a excellent ship on a par with the Atago & superior to the other 3 Tier 8 cruisers all of which I have.Good work to WG to bring her back without the bundle,if you can afford her then by all means buy her as even without premium you will make money on her.last night I had a game where with a premium account on a defeat after repairs I still cleared 700k credits.A absolute must buy IMO if you like cruisers.
  13. urzusevenxl

    How to win vs 4 Shimakazes in 8 minutes, HaHa! ;)

    I'm sure the foremost thought running through the shima players was not been found by those Khabarovsk's which considering you were in a Benson & effectivly scouting for the 2 Khab's ,had a shima been in the middle it would in all likelihood not have ended well for the shima.
  14. urzusevenxl

    Animosity is recruiting!

    A warm Welcome to all our newest members,looking forward to sinking ships with you all.
  15. urzusevenxl

    Kamikaze R in the premium shop - That was fast...

    I hear what you say Aldramelech & to a large degree agree with the point that people should be allowed to buy the Kamikaze but WG should have let a larger period of time pass ( maybe 2 months rather than a week after the end of the project ) before bringing the ship to the premium shop to give people who did do the missions & got the pearls just a sense of exclusivity for a while.