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  1. LeSpass

    0.8.0 PTS - Bugs

    I have encountered exactly the same problem. As I select the squadron, the deck plane number indicator is reduced in the UI as normal. Unfortunately, the planes do not take off.
  2. LeSpass

    Graf Zeppelin on Ranked are broken

    As far as I know, the Graf Zeppelin that is available at the moment is the first iteration before the community testing began. That CV was pretty well known for being, putting it nicely, underperforming. The fighters cannot stand a chance against other CVs. The dive bombers have an horrendous delay on its drop, making it quite difficult to strike moving targets with them. From that, I could infer that the OP was standing still on a German BB waiting for the CV to nuke him.
  3. LeSpass

    My Graf Zeppelin test experience

    Here is my grain of sand. From my experience with the GZ Test 1, I have seen that the damage can depend quite a bit on the awareness of the target. We have to remember that there is around four seconds of delay on the bomb drop. When the BB is reacting to the dive bombers with the same trepidation it does to torpedo bombers, (by turning hard to one side), the maximum damage output I managed with all the alpha strike is 25k. Unfortunately, most players are not aware of the danger that the dive bomber has, and keep sailing in straight lines. In this case the damage dealt gets around +50k. The alpha damage is spectacular, and the impression on the victim that did not manage to dodge the drop can be a bit overwhelming. That said though, the overall damage is lower compared to other carriers of the same tier. One has to remember that penetration damage can be healed up to 50% while torpedo hits counts as citadel damage, way more difficult to heal. Not to mention about the lack of damage over time that carriers with torps and HE bombs have. The tl;dr version of this boring explanation is: if you play on a BB and want to avoid the alpha strike of the GZ Test 1, just turn hard the same way a cruiser has to do to avoid getting deleted by your guns.
  4. LeSpass

    New "Bastion" Mode

    In this mode, what I find gamebreaking is that you hear that annoying sound that happens on standard battle when the enemy is capping. In standard battle is tolerable because is not heard often but, in bastion mode you hear it everytime a base is contested. Imagine domination mode with that siren pounding your ears all the time. It makes me turn down the interface volume completly. Is a shame because the rest of the interface sounds are pretty good in my opinion.