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  1. SyntheticApathy

    0.6.3 Public Test update

    Maybe you should all wait to see how it works on live server before grabbing your pitchforks and torches
  2. SyntheticApathy

    I'm done with "Try my luck"

    I gave up on trying my luck. Apparently I didn't have any to try so off to getting flags and camos.
  3. SyntheticApathy

    Torps disapear after getting destroyed

    He means They don't fire properly if you die while lunching them even though the sound goes off. So it appears like they disappear but in reality they never left the ship
  4. SyntheticApathy

    ShellShockers Recruitment - OPEN!

    Thanks for accepting my application to the clan. Having great fun sailing the oceans and sinking people with everyone here
  5. SyntheticApathy

    Whine threads in OBT: Place your bets

    I'm sure there is gonna be a thread about everything being OP but I expect there to be more threads/whinning posts about torps then everythihng else
  6. SyntheticApathy

    HMS Warspite - A Beauty and a Beast

    I have been wonder ever since they added the camo feature what the Warspite's camo looked like, since I don't have her myself and have at least 1 ships from the other nation I can view theirs and what they look like but not from the British tech tree. If possible can you please show a picture of her sporting her camos.
  7. SyntheticApathy

    New experience gains

    So what the hell did they do to the exp gain exactly, I just had this game and didn't even reach 3k. Anyone else feel like it might have been slightly over nerfed?
  8. SyntheticApathy

    Show us your best round.

    Here's the my best game so far Here's the other 2 tabs for anyone interested http://imgur.com/a/NsFyU