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  1. The_Kreigsmarine

    Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    I originally created an EU account so I could play World of Warships with my friends, since they play WoT on the EU server and I thought they would do the same with Warships, however, there was a miscommunication between us and now I play WoW on the Eu server but they decided to enter it on NA (Because it's a bigger player base). So now I'm stuck on the EU server (I've asked for a server transfer from WG but they denied it) and I also asked if I could get the Sims refunded and buy it again on NA (Which was also declined). I just feel like I've wasted my money on something that I'm going to leave on the EU server and play on the NA without any premium ships (unless I do buy one). Anyone else find it hugely annoying that WG don't offer server transfers?
  2. The_Kreigsmarine

    Application Failed To Start

    Ok thanks lads, just installed Direct X and all is well.
  3. The_Kreigsmarine

    Application Failed To Start

    Ok, From these replies Im positive it's Direct X. However, do I need to do a fresh install or can I install direct X somewhere else too? BTW, it happens the second I click the Play button on the launcher.
  4. The_Kreigsmarine

    Application Failed To Start

    Ahoy, This si the second time I've tried to install World of Warships on my new Laptop,and I get the same error message. I have Windows 8.1 with an MSI GS70 Stealth Pro (488).I also have no problems running World of Tanks or any other application. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Error Message is as follows: Application D:/World_Of_Warships/worldofwarships.exe crashed at 6.13.2015 at 10:22:23 RenderContext::createEffect: Error Creating effectfor 'shaders/std_effects/per_frame_effect_pool.fx' (reason=E_FAIL(0X8000X4005): An undetermined error occured inside the Direct3D Subsystem Memeory Status: System: 88719360/322`=1225472 [2.75 % used] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Any suggestions?
  5. The_Kreigsmarine

    USS Midway spotted

    Well they'll need something won't they
  6. The_Kreigsmarine

    USS Midway spotted

    Those planes (Unless I'm terribly mistaken) are F2H Banshees. SO good luck to Wargaming in balancing that unless they add some sort of naval prototype of a Jap Jet Fighter. Or the J7W1 Shinden, which was a very interesting design...
  7. The_Kreigsmarine

    Need some help with the game client

    Morning, I recently installed World of Warships on my new laptop, along with World of tanks and other various programs. I did not encounter this error with World of Tanks but this is the first time I've seen it with warships. When I open the launcher and click play, World of Warships opens up but then crashes and gives me the the error " RenderContext::createEffect: Error creating effect for shaders/std_effects/per_frame_pool.fx (reason= E_FAIL(0X80004005) : An undetermined error occured inside theDirect3D subsystem". I have a feeling a file might be missing or corrupt, but I really need help with this. Thanks in advance lads
  8. The_Kreigsmarine

    Nautical/Sea/Ship Jokes Thread - have a laugh!

    They should pin this topic so it becomes an ongoing discussion, some of these are hilarious.
  9. The_Kreigsmarine

    How did you come up with your name?

    My name is pretty self explanatory I like history and since I have some European (Mainly German and Turkish) heritage I decided to put it as Kriegsmarine
  10. The_Kreigsmarine

    Historical Battle Mode

    A few weeks ago I had posted one of these threads, and it seemed to get a lot of positive feedback. Be interested to see where the developers would go with this (if they decide to do it at all of course)
  11. The_Kreigsmarine

    Clan Kudos: UK Based

    I'd actually be quite interested in joining this clan. I plan to play WoW as actively I play WoT (everyday practically) and a clan would be awesome.
  12. The_Kreigsmarine

    0.3.1 tomorrow 14 May ?

    I was actually going to post this as I was browsing the German forum this afternoon and spotted it. Someone beat me to it though .
  13. The_Kreigsmarine

    Ne zaman banlamayi düşünüyorsunuz ?

    Yakinda yeni bir gunceleme gelcek ve Wargaming oyuna ozel bir "Script kodu" koycak. Bu kod aimbotin calismasini engelicekdir. Pardon Turkcem biraz kotu, benim bilgisayarimda sadece Ingilize harfler var .
  14. The_Kreigsmarine

    British BBs terrible range?

    The reason the current Warspite (Queen Elizabeth Class BB) has poor range is because its the earlier version of the guns before the refit. I supposed that in the game, the actual Queen Elizabeth BB will have the stock configuration just like the Warspite we have now but also an upgraded version after the gun refit that allowed it to point its guns up an extra 10 degrees (From 20 max to 30).
  15. The_Kreigsmarine

    HMS Hood discussion

    I personally can't wait for a classic like the HMS Hood. It's such an icon and represents the pride of such a historic and important Navy. The Royal Navy has been along for hundreds of years and the Hood was almost like all of that rolled into one. If its a premium, you can bet Ill be buying in a heartbeat. Im waiting for the Royal Navy really eagerly now, almost as much as Im waiting to see the Kriegsmarine enter the game too.