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  1. What you got in your Santa containers?

    crates are in the shop for me
  2. I managed 3 stars playing with randoms, I got 15 x "Halloween" camo 20,000 Free XP St louis/Igor camo (50% xp wooo) Unrelated note, can this scenario be proof that even if you give bbs an invincible consumable they will still somehow die in the first 4 minutes
  3. Summer sales

    I'm concerned they only did one tier 6 and then went to tier 8, since they did three tier 7 in a row. I want my Perth WG
  4. Summer sales

    Yeah true having a massive stack of doubloons is never worth it but having a couple of thousand laying around is always useful
  5. Summer sales

    Why what's happening with doubloons?
  6. Summer sales

    Its specific to that ship, it shows up in challenges An I bought the £20 bundle and got 8200 doubloon for the Belfast since i already own it
  7. Rank 1 requirements

    I agree with what everyone has said, you really only need time and to have average luck with mm. I managed to go from rank 17 to rank 1 in about 300 games, that's with me making some really stupid mistakes along the way and i'm really not a good player to start with. Some days mm loved me and gave me a 10+ win streaks, other days it loved putting Atlanta's on the enemy team. Just hoping next season i can redeem myself
  8. Anything would be better than the lexi right now
  9. Honorable Service - Clear Sky

    You're best off playing a carrier to get the achievements, preferably tier 8 or 9. Its easier to do it at that tier since the carriers have less plane capacity and less squads. At tier 8 there's also a chance you run into a bomber spec Lexi. Try to put your fighters a head of your allied ships so they have more time to kill planes before friendly aa shoots them down. You can also trying camping an enemy CV with your fighters, he may just give up on sending his planes out tho. Cruiser is also an option but the only real way to get that achievement reliable is to directly threaten the cv by chasing him. That's fairly risky since the player can still overpower and kill you depending on how good he is vs how good you are at dodging.
  10. For the same reason ammo on ships is not limited, it would kill the fun for new and casual players, the later being the majority of the player base. Not to mention cv's are already micro intense which puts the majority of people off playing them. So you would end up with an entire class played by a handful of very skilled players...leading to nerfs and then WG has spent money and effort on an unused class.
  11. Flagship-New Game Mode

    Perhaps it could be picked based on the highest karma rating in your team
  12. Ranked battles

    I would love it if they changed rank to tier 6 and 7 (like it was the first season?) and kept tier 8 for team battles I imagine ranked battles are going to be back next month after the Soviet cruisers get released
  13. Team Battle event (Saturday 12/03/16)

    I had fun in this event hope for more like it. Got to play the dream team twice, won 1 lost 1, they owe us a third match
  14. how to unlock royal navy?

    No no no the RN is in the game, if it wasn't people would post a stupid topic about them almost daily..... and i'm sure I would have noticed that.
  15. Progress for 16 point captain.

    Yep being a cv player is a hard life