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  1. Calapine

    I can't Log in to the game!

    This is from the WoT support page, but should be applicable for WoWs as well: Link to create a support ticket: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/Tickets/Submit Good luck
  2. Calapine

    Furutaka needs turret rotation speed buff.

    Well... Furutaka...poor girl, please adjust ANY of its stats, preferrably positively this time ;) Furutaka - Am I playing it wrong or is it just bad? Furutaka...failure or not? In short, you are not first one to notice certain issues with everyones favourite fail-ship. It is a pretty safe bet that Furu will get some balancing love sooner or later...
  3. Calapine

    Help with Aiming

    @ OP: Aslain's modpack has a selection of crosshair for your fancy. Personally I am using this one: The green on green water contrast is a bit bad on this picture but in-game visibility has never been an issue for me. Cala
  4. Calapine

    Hosho Help

    Yep, that was a while ago. The advantage of manule control is being able to drop your torps closer. Auto drop gives you something like this: But if you use ALT you can do this: Note that if you drop the torpedoes too close they wont arm and just bounce of the ship. Which is (one of the) reasons it's best to turn INTO the torpedo spread when trying to avoid air torps.
  5. Calapine

    questions on captains

    Level XP 1 1200 2 1300 3 1500 4 2100 5 3400 6 5800 7 9600 8 16000 9 25000 10 37000 11 53000 12 74000 13 102000 14 136000 15 179000 16 231000 17 294000 18 369000 Hope that helps. Cala
  6. Calapine

    Edge of map

    The edge of the map doesn't affect shells or torps. But what happens is one velocity vector get's zeroed out (not sure how to express that well in English). But in short, it's harder to estimate the correct aim and if you use the normal lead for a ship going in a straight line you will overshoot. With time one gets a feel where to aim, until then best way to hit is to fire a single shot, see where it lands, then correct and fire the next shot, etc... just cycle through the guns and keep a stready "stream" of shells.
  7. Calapine

    SchrottiGER´s "Cafe Sehrohrtiefe WG"

    Danke Wie gesagt, wenn der Code hilfreich ist kannst Du ihn (oder atamaxx) gern weiterwenden. Ist ja ein Kompliment wenn ein Mod gut angekommt, ob bei Spielern oder anderen Moddern. Was mir ein bisserl wehgetan hat war der Vorwurf ich würde die Arbeit anderer unter meinem Namen vertreiben, um das ging's mir eigentlich. Schön das sich das geklärt hat. Werd meine Postings auch editieren. Cala
  8. Calapine

    Why do I loose my camo?

    It's not an upgrade, it's a consumable. Like premium damage control. I would prefer it being a one-time purchase with doubloons as well, but this is how WG decided to implant it. 8/12k isn't really that much though... Cala
  9. +1 That's a great idea. A simple confirmation dialog along the lines of "You will be matched against higher tier ships. Do you really want to do this? YES / NO" that pops up if a division has more than two tiers spread would be a nice start.
  10. Yes, you can. Look in the Game Options > Controls > Collision Avoidance system > Turn Off
  11. Hello! Recently it came to my attention that not everyone knows about the pitfalls of division matchmaking and how to avoid them. What am I talking about? This: And this: Military experts are calling this a "Failplatun". So what's happening here? The matchmaker creates games in a +/- 3 Tier band. So a player single-joining in a T5 Kongo might be matched against against a T8 Amagi in the worst case (5+3=8). Matchmaking for divisions works exactly the same, except that the game matches the division according to the highest Tier ship in the platoon. If the same Kongo player teams up with his Atlanta (T7) friend he/she will now have to face everything up to T10 (7+3=10). Good luck going up against a Montana or surviving a Hakuruy strike... In short: Teaming up with higher tier ships is essentially playing the game on hard mode! How to avoid this: Ideally create divisions with same-tier ships only (Example: T5 Kongo + T5 New York + T5 Minekaze) OR: At least avoid spreads greater than plus/minus one and if possible use ships that are strong for it's tier. Example: A Fuso (T6) has enough firepower to hold it's own with ships one tier higher. For carriers: Always be the highest tier ship in platoon. Tier-power spread for carriers is much bigger than other classes. Low tier planes will be useless against high tier AA fire. Thank you and happy sailing, poi, GL & HF, etc etc... Calapine
  12. Fuso makes playing battlesheep fun again: (XP is with flag bonus). For the first kill RNGesus was watching. Less than 2 minutes into the game: Aoba spotted, sailing in a straight line and showing me the broadside. So I am skipping any ranging shots and just aim right at the waterline and double-click. Result: 2 citadels and enough normal hits to one-shot it with the first salvo fired in match.
  13. @ johny_mnemonic: Sent you a PM!
  14. Calapine

    Hosho UP

    A trick I used to get air superiority against Langleys: When escorting my TB with the fighter, wait until the enemy fighter jumps the bomber (players always went for the juicy Torpedo bomber, not the escorting fighter...) and then stick your fighter on his. Loss of about 1 out of 4 TB planes, while killing his entire 6 plane fighter squad.