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  1. Farwi

    Couldn't get go navy rewards

    Credits will do fine. Thanks WG! What shall I buy with extra 5 milions! ..oh, just what shall I buy..
  2. Farwi

    HSF in tha shop!

    If you atleast bothered with making preview of how HSF captains sounds and make in-game subtitles for them. If you made some additional fun HSF missions for everyone instead of one nice collection which f2p players will be colleting for ages. If we could buy hsf captain with doubloons. If we could buy hsf captain with free exp. If I could use 30% discount coupon you gave me for it. We do need to actually earn money, so we do have to sell things. Well, I really tried to make myself to buy some HSF stuff, but you made it really hard for me to justify it. You know what? I would probably forced myself buy captain for 10 euros, but I won't buy a bundle for 17 euros. Oh, I have Musashi camo, bonuses sucks and it's overpriced, but I had 5k doubloons from VIP code we get as prize on community tournament. Anime colaborations? Great idea! - Sees implementation. Oh. Scheiße!
  3. Omluva se přijímá a děkuji za pochopení.
  4. Ahoj, jedinej kdo tu plácá jsi ty a žádné sáhlodlouhé teorie ani smajlíky tě nezachráněj. Už nám prosím nepiš, neboť s tebou není možná žádná životaschopná diskuze.
  5. Farwi

    Pravidelné streamy se SgtColem

    Pár důvodů: 1. Obrovské množství času/práce/domlouvání s nejistým výsledkem 2. Představuješ si to jak Hurvínek válku, nemůžeš brát přeci to co lidi píšou na fóru jako nějakej hodnotu a fakt xD a představa že někdo něco udělá když nemá zdrojovej kód a WG to pak převezme a implementuje je úplně mimo. Programování není lego. 3. Žádný odměny ve hře za neoficální turnaje. Ani expy a credity, odměny od WG pro výherce byl výsměch. 4. Blbost. 5. Měli by jsme se konečně dočkat první verze clanowek snad již v září. Líbí se mi jak nás tady kritizuješ, když Cole jen napsal že díky upgradu netu může steamovat xD Jako v pohodě, ale to co píšeš jsou sluníčkový pohádky.
  6. Farwi

    Karma, reporting, the whole Shebang.

    When I hit +100 karma, can I please get "Good boy" achievement?
  7. Farwi

    Public Test 0.6.0 - Changes for Test 2

    This situation around RPF reminds me of the times, when last ship positions on minimap wasn't in game yet. I just finished enemy ship, but lost track of situation and did not know, where would enemy pop up. I was the last one alive. I was like, damn how should I turn and angle? My teammate said watch the minimap. Ehm? They are on the left side behind that island. Are you sure? Yes, I am. You don't have last positions? Where do I turn it on? It's mod. Oh, ok, thanks, I guess.. We won. It just sucks if someone have more crucial informations than you. Because mods aren't banned, I was glad they added: - dmg meter - last positions - smoke circles boundaries - shell ap/he different tracers But RPF is just too much, I don't want it, but I will probably be forced to take it or I will be in disadvantage : / This is not fun skill design. With so many radars, hydros, planes and last positions on minimap I think there is really no need for other pointer that says: Hey, you don't need to pay attention, just follow the arrow and you will find someone to hunt or to run away from. Maybe, just maybe, I could imagine RPF as upgrade module for IJN DD to help them contest caps. But it would be better nerf USN DDs concealment or make mirrored nation/amount mm for DDs...
  8. Farwi


    Can we get atleast achievement for 99 karma please?
  9. I have Tirpitz and I would really like to get free camo for free exps grinding. You know other kids got it, why we can't? : (
  10. Farwi

    How to get back a premium ship that I sold?

    Hi, please let us know how it went with WG support. I would like mine Arkansas back too : (..I sold mine, cause I did not have any port space. I was playing for long time purely free to play and had no idea, that I will play so much of WoWs.
  11. Farwi

    Premade divisions never top tier?

    Well, divisions are strong indeed. Solution? Give us rankeds, team batlles and clan wars, so we don' need to play randoms xD Simple as that.
  12. Farwi

    Campaign SoV M5T6

    I am pretty sure it's bugged. I had twice 4 achievements per match and this mission was not completed, so I skipped it for now.
  13. Who would fear Yamato Hotels? ;)
  14. There are 2 friendly BBs in this picture. But only one is manly. Do you know which one? ; )
  15. I'll try my luck too, thanks : )