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  1. Deckeru_Maiku

    I was supposed to finish the Benham daily missions today

    I took part in this event and all I got was 12 days of Premium and some ugly camos, that will only be used because of the captain xp bonus they give... ...and I didn't even get a t-shirt :/
  2. Deckeru_Maiku

    Does it all have to be so complicated?

    I never did learn anything for this game, except by actively playing, and still manage a - imho - decent winrate... so I think there's not really any "need" to study... some people maybe should study nonetheless... the time spent studying would mean they wouldn't potato around in game at the same time... ^^
  3. Deckeru_Maiku

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Jepp, that guy was... well, would risk a ban if Iused the word that comes to mind. He got all the reports I had left at that time and I hope he gets banned for a while at least...
  4. Deckeru_Maiku

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    It feels like MM is showing you the middle finger, when you end up in a T7 battle with your Krispy Kreme... ...but when the battle ends with a win and your Krispy Kreme being still swimming after doing two kills and ~40k damage it doesn't seem to matter so much anymore. ^v^
  5. Deckeru_Maiku

    What is your most played ship?

    I am a filthy sealclubber... That's why my most played ship is the Minekaze (633 battles, 57% winrate), ahead of the Yubari (632 battles, 58% WR) and *cough* Kamikaze *cough* (539 battles, 56% WR) My Krispy Kreme is my #5 - behind Warspite - with 445 battles and 54% WR.. Oh.. and all of these battles were done solo... no divisions... My most serious sealclubbing is done in the Vampire, though... 141 battles, 70% WR, 37k average damage and 1.72 average kills per battle. Also without any divisions. Krispy Kreme is fun... Krispy Kreme is love... shooting brightly flaming rainbows of hot love all over the map.... ^^
  6. Deckeru_Maiku

    What is your most played ship?

    Won't catch up that fast... I only play the Krispy Kreme once a day... every day though ^^
  7. Deckeru_Maiku

    Submarines ante portas?

    Corrected that for you :)
  8. Deckeru_Maiku

    Jean Bart Why Oh Why Did I Wait

    Nothing finer than getting close enough to a Yamato - sneaking close from behind an island - and pump 8 citadel hits into it's broadside from ~6 to 10 km ^^
  9. Deckeru_Maiku

    CV Rework Discussion

    Made it a bit easier to see for all them blind optically handicapped folks in this thread. ^^
  10. Deckeru_Maiku

    Chat bans

    me: zero karma often salty as fu** in chat, mostly when the team potatoes like utter potatoes quite a few battles done zero (null, nada, nix) chat bans Working as intended, I guess ^,^
  11. Deckeru_Maiku

    Ship trade in.......

    Could we also have an option to trade in teammembers in battles? ^^
  12. Deckeru_Maiku

    CV Rework Discussion

    What feels worst for me with this "rework" is the fact, that one of my favourite ships - the Yubari - that had been nerfed in it's AA capability shortly after the Beta is now nearly useless against the "new and improved" CVs. Yes, I get great numbers of planes shot down in most battles... but it doesn't help a bit, as deplaning a CV is no longer possible... so even with 20, 30 or more planes shot down, in the end my Yubari will get sunk by one rocket salvo after the other... Utterly broken...
  13. Deckeru_Maiku

    WG we have a problem.

    I'm sure you mean "other players' skill", right? ^^
  14. Deckeru_Maiku

    WG we have a problem.

    I'm never toxic... I'm always just stating facts... ^^
  15. Deckeru_Maiku

    Good advice, learn to play.........

    I manage to maintain an around 55% solo winrate without ever watching any youtube videos by "famous" people - except some of Jingles for the lulz... I guess if I would invest effort and time in analysing my mistakes in battles I could even have a better winrate - but I don't care too much about it... unless I lose a battle due to potatoes.. So... how to ltp? Just play...