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  1. Deckeru_Maiku

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    @havaduck I know what Your problem is: You have to play the evening shift, which is when most potatoes are around... look at me, playing in the early/late afternoon: 14 battles solo random today... winrate 78.57 % ^^ Among these were pearls like a 135k damage, six sinkers loss (!!!) in my Kamikaze. Which was made up for by a win with one sinker and 6 k damage, in which I got sunk 3 minutes in the battle... And yes, I had some other battles again where the team did win - or lose - for me, but also some really nice ones like... a 72k damage, two sinkers win in my Southern Dragon, which I survived with 1000 hp left a 150k damage, one sinker win in my Nelson... DDs don't really like to be shot at with high-caliber HE at 15+ km I guess... just look how they run... ^^ an average 97k zero sinkers win in my Musashi... turn nose towards enemy, full speed ahead, hope for the team to follow... go down guns blazing and pray that the team uses the disruption you caused on the enemy to their and your advantage... for once they did... a 40k zero sinkers win in my Shiratsuyu, in which I only capped and spotted and annoyed enemy BBs by getting visible by shooting at them and then dodging theitr shells or smoking up and soon starting it all again... oh, how these BBs can run.... ^^ and the utmost final win of the day in the last battle... and of course in the Crispy Creme... a T7 battle once again. And boy was that a battle.... The map was Fault Line, Standard battle, with me starting on the north-west side, following another cruiser and two DDs going south. Soon the first enemy Cruiser was spotted and the glorious rainbow of HE fire went in it's general direction... It was a bit bad that one of our DDs was a bit potatoish, as he soon went down to a torp. So the battle on the flank turned into my personal retreat, as there was too much gunpower up against me and too few allies (and I had already taken a bit out of a BB salvo... ouchie...) Long story made short: five minutes left to play... my team consisted of me and a damaged DD.. the enemy had a nearly dead Emile Bertin (that had already tried to sink me, but failed, and had taken quite a bit HE/fire damage in return), a DD (that was setting course to our cap) and a quite fresh Nagato. Oh, and we were behind about a few points.. about 100 or so... So playing defensively was no option. Our DD went after the enemy DD, while I tried to get the finishing shots on the Emmy B. and failed, as he managed to pull out of sight, but still was able to spot my Crispy Creme (nearly visible from orbit... even when not shooting). I caught a glimpse of the Nagato and managed to lob some shells at it, setting it aflame... our DD finished off the enemy DD and set course to the enemy cap. The clock was ticking.. The Nagato had set it's course toward me, but as our DD closed in on the enemy cap, he was able to spot the Nagato for me. And again I was able to lob some shells at it... We had to sink it... or the near dead Emmy B, which was nowhere to be seen... until it suddenly appeared at the enemy's cap, with about 100 hp left... While the Nagato came around the island between it and me our DD sunk the enemy cruiser... and suddenly we were a few points ahead... the win was close, at least if I managed not to get sunk... a salvo of torps I sent at the Nagato failed to reach it, but it made it turn away from me - big mistake - while I turned my bow in its direction. A salvo of the Nagato's AP shells came at me... and missed... the dakka-dakka-dakka of my guns increased and the Nagato started to burn, repaired, and burned again.. and the clock ticked... And before the Nagato was able to send a second salvo my way the time ran out... Game Won.. 40 points (or so...) ahead... Glorious Battle - Glorious Win! On the result screen I noticed - hadn't before - that the Nagato had already sunk four ships before I came after me... Boy, had I been lucky...
  2. Deckeru_Maiku

    DD cry babys

    I can only pray for the OPs fear to come true... A flood of fresh DD players coming in, because they think they are now invulnerable... Oh, the fun I will have hunting them down in my BBs, main guns loaded with HE and the knowledge where they lurk from all the DD games I played... ^^ Oh, did I mention already the good old saying "Don't feed the troll or he will leave his feces at your door.."?
  3. Well, WG has given the reason... Izumo needs to be able to blast away from maximum range as all good BBs are supposed to do... ^^ Never had any problems with range in Izumo myself... it's way more fun to wreck a Musashi/Yamato by shoving a couple shells in their broadsides from ~10 km or so... oh those poor sods thinking they are invulnarable, just to get citadelled to no end... ^^
  4. Deckeru_Maiku

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    It makes playing a BB easier, sure.. but it makes winning harder for the team, as they can count on at least 2 or often 3 of those BBs on their side being utter potatoes, that do nothing to the effect of winning the game... Alas, it's the same with DDs... when it's 5 vs 5 DDs the chance for getting outpotatoed rises enormously... So I do strongly agree with limiting the number of DDs in a game. Especially, as I usually do better when playing DD in a battle with only 3 of them per side compared to having 5 nasties going after my backside... but for the same reason, the number of BBs should also be limited. The only class that should always be in the battle are cruisers, as they are - in my eyes - the probably most important class WHEN THEY DO THEIR JOB. Although I would love to see a fairer MM as radar is concerned... having a battle with 0 vs 3 radars is no problem when in a BB - I even love to try to pick out those enemy radar cruisers first if I get the chance - but it gets really annoying in a DD when you know the enemy knifefighters have guns to support them, while there's only blind stonethrowers on your side...
  5. Deckeru_Maiku

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yeah, weekend finally caught up with me... 10 battles today, only 50% winrate... still better than some other weekends I remember though... ^^ And the battles themselves weren't anything to brag about, not even the wins except for... ...the battle in my Nelson (Mission to damage/destroy 20 ship components... who would take any other ship than this gorgeous HE slinger for that...) Somehow I ended up with a DD and a cruiser on the right flank and saw the rest of the team either going left or idling around our cap - standard battle - where we faced at least half the enemy team coming at us... somehow we got through, but not without losses... our DD went down and on the other flank it also looked dire, as the enemy had managed to get a good push going against the odds. The Cruiser and I set course for the enemy cap and managed to arrive there, just to be met by two BBs and a DD securing it. A short while later there was only me versus a BB (Dunquerke) and the DD... and while I concentrated on taking down that Baguette, my secondaries were supposed to take care of the DD... The Dunkerque went down, but the DD had survived and managed to sink me with some well placed torps... Then he set course to go after my teams surviving three BBs sitting in our cap (two of those at nearly full HP - go figure...) but he ran out of time in the end and only manage to sink one of them (a full HP Fuso which had literally done NOTHING during the battle). So he got some +Karma from me for the effort but we got the win an I had two sinkers and 83k damage done on my statsheet. Can get only better during the week, I hope...
  6. Deckeru_Maiku

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    I know just too well how it feels sometimes... I have the tendency not to stay in a battle after I get sunk and not to play a ship more often each day than it takes to get the first win. So I usually play a lot of different ships each day. And right now, with RN DD missions calling for high numbers of everything and me still trying to do the US cruiser mission chain that means I'm playing about each of my T8/9 ships at least once per day (or more, 'til the first win). As that "after X battles as lowtier You get a battle as high tier" only seems to work WHEN YOU KEEP PLAYING THE SAME SHIP (!!!!!) I am used to have five to six battles on T8 being the lowtier. Doesn't matter much to me, when I'm in a DD. It can work out when I'm in a T8 BB - Bismarck can do the job... - but it usually is a struggle in a T8 cruiser... The better it feels, when you really make it to the #1 slot in a T8 Cruiser in a T10 battle... ^^
  7. Deckeru_Maiku

    The reason games now last less than 8 minutes

    Well, it's their own website, so they didn't have to sign to follow any rules... so of course WG can go naming/shaming as much as they want... ^^
  8. Deckeru_Maiku

    disable clan drops

    Can't think of anything more enjoyable than having a division of [SCRUB)s or [UNICS] on the enemy team... negates the need to see who might be the most opportune and skilled targets on the enemy team... ^^
  9. Deckeru_Maiku

    Almosr ready to Quit this game

    The what??????? What game have you been playing? Can't have been WoWs... Or do You consider lobbing shells at each other from maximum range, like so many BaBBies did since the beta, a "brawl"? I don't...
  10. Deckeru_Maiku

    Please do something about tier 8 matchmaking

    The problem that shows up most often though is, that as a T8 you end up in a team full of T10 potatoes and then have to try to carry the battle... which, if it works, can be fun... nothing better than ending up in the #1 slot of the winning team in a T10 battle with a T8 cruiser, way ahead of any of the mighty T10 BBs... *löl*
  11. Deckeru_Maiku

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    hmm... lets see... Me: 12k battles... 3325 in BB (27.7 %), 4109 in Cruisers (34.24 %), 4068 in DDs (33.9 %), 495 in CV (4.125 %, long ago) = DD main You: 3k battles... 1607 inn BB (53.33 %), 962 in Cruisers (32.06 %), 405 in DDs (13.5 %), 35 in CV (1.16 %) = utterly objective "all classes player and definately not a BB main at all" Fun fact: not only do I have more battles total in BBs and Cruisers than You, but also a 3% better winrate in both classes... As I'm not a DD main, I won't mention the 6% better winrate I got in that class, as it would be no indication about knowing facts about how a class plays... Everybody knows that even without having played a class ever one can have detailed knowledge of it anyway. And as you mentioned me negrepping you: yes, I do in this thread, each time you post utter ox-feces, which you do astoundingly often. And yes, it is some kind of revenge, as You did start negrepping me in about every thread in which I posted anything slightly negative about BaBBies... a term which does not automatically mean all BB players. Only a certain, utterly mentally challenged part of the BB community falls into that category. @all other_posters in_this_thread It's not advised to feed trolls. When fed, they feel the need to drop some feces on the forum. We don't really need a second Starbuckcrying, do we?
  12. Deckeru_Maiku

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    Easy to solve: give them BB only battles... then they can perfect their favourite playstyle too... or just do BB things...
  13. Deckeru_Maiku

    The direction of the game, and the meta.

    Often enough it's a great help to have some brainless guys on the oposite team... but of course people only remember the times, when they couldn't make up for the potatoes on their own team... Nonetheless, the different skill levels of players are one of the main problems in the game... I also agree with most of what @Reaper_JackGBR wrote above, even though some of it doesn't concern me the same as it does him. The worst thing that I could imagine would be the game getting so effed up, that I only log on to play some low tier battles in my most favourite sealclubbing ships.
  14. Deckeru_Maiku

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Same number of battles as yesterday (= 11) same winrate (54%) and even the same number of battles survived (36%) with only less average damage done. Two losses in the Southern Dragon, as my shoulders weren't broad enough to carry those two teams involved... One loss in the Fletcher, where I effed up.... and a loss in the Crispy Creme, where two kills and 42k damage done weren't enough to compensate for potatoes... Shiratsuyu brought me a loss and a win, with the win feeling really nice... Domination on Two Brothers... I managed to cap D (coming from the north) and sank the enemy DD competing for it. I alsoo managed to stick enough torps into a BB to get it sunk. Next came a Dallas, that didn't think it could be killed being broadside to an IJN DD - but AP proved him wrong. The last was a Bayern, that tried to run away on our flank, then suddenly and totally unexpected - *LOL* - faced a swarm of torpedoes when it came around and island. Four of them meant the Bayern went down and the game was won by points... Result of the battle: 4 sinkers, ~90k damage done, a cap... and a win. One win in the Benson, where the team made up for me being an idiot that got sunk right at the start of the battle. A win in the Yugumo, where I didn't do much better, but at least managed a cap... but the team was way better than the enemy, so BBs and cruisers had a field day and just annihilated the enemy team for a 12 to 2 win or so.. A win in my Dunquerke, where I first accompanied a DD who went capping, stumbled into about half the enemy team, backpaddled out of trouble gaining an Dreadnaught award for handling my heals right. When the cavalry arrived, I was able to push ahead again, just to find a Jervis near the map edge... I guess the poor sod was quite a bit surprised, to see a BB not running away from hm, but going after him with blazing guns... I had a bit help from our CV who kept him spotted... and in the end this DD was my only sinker in the game. Just 43k damage done, but a win.. In my Musashi I managed another win, with no sinkers but 82k damage done and ~2 million tanking before I went down. The game was already won at that time, just a bit of mopping up had to be done... And a nice win in my Izumo (also one of my favourites, with 57 battles, 59% winrate, only 58k average damage though) in which I did 99k damage, one sinker and quite a bit "taking a tactical position and annoy the enemy a lot without them being able to focus you down". So those 99k were spread around among several ships, with only a cruiser being dumb enough to think his broadside would be immune to my shells... This game also ended with a win... Still weekend and still in the >50% winrate range... all is well...
  15. Deckeru_Maiku

    Charleston - How can more veteran players get it?

    Due to implemented Newbie Protection at low Player Tiers there ain't no seals to be clubbed at low tiers anyway, unless one starts a new account every couple days to stay within that protected region oneself, which then would exclude sealclubbing with an 19 pt captain. tl/dr: there is no sealclubbing in WoWs - only potato mashing... ^^