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  1. Just played a battle which has only 4 players

    To all those people stating that the time of day is vital for battles like this to happen: Both random battles with only four players per side I had in my "career" came during the early or late afternoon (german time) which usually means tons of players around... Okay, both times it happened when I took my Mikasa out to battle... *cough*
  2. Ships that need a buff

    In my Yubari I have an average of 3.43 planes shot down per battle. Considering that at T4 there are many battles without any CV (~30% I'd say) and that usually a Cruiser isn't the main target for sealclubbing CVs (who prefer yummy BaBBies who don't know anything about WASD.exe hack) I think I'm doing okay in the Yubari... quite a few Hoshos lost their entire TB loads on the fruitless attempts to sink that cruiser coming at them... and Langleys don't do much better... So in an average battle with one CV who makes the mistake to get his planes close to Yubari it's about 6 planes shot down... with two CVs this may go up to 10 to 12... my personal record were 24 destroyed planes in a single battle... some people just don't lean from failure, it seems... So... given the number of planes the T4/5 CVs have available, the Yubari has all it takes to be a pita for them... the only problem might be that experienced CV sealclubbers will stay as far away from her as possible... I've seen that happening a lot... Nonetheless any AA buff for her would be greatly welcomed by me... And as this is a thread about ships needing a buff: Krasny Krim needs a spotter plane!
  3. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    So... I take it that summer holidays have started? Or why are even more potatoes on the loose than usual? No weekend, so I tried to play high tier... boy, was that bad... two battles in the Ibuki with 60k average damage and one sinker each... but both ended with losses as the "team" was just... yukkk! So down some tiers... Königsberg was sure not going to... disappoint... me... oh Lordy, Lordy... the teams did it again, and I played like a potato too... so time for the "sure win ships" Tadaa... Vampire... 83k damage... 3 sinkers... 3 caps taken... survived the battle with - wait for it.... - 27 hp... yes, twentyandseven... and the battle was won. That was FUN! Yubari was next. And it was Epeencenter mode on Pig Race... but two CVs on each team - yummy! I only managed 7 plane kills - - and no sinkers and only 17k damage... but I got a couple cap assists and survived to see the win Ishizuchi with Yamamoto as commander... got into a knife fight with an Arkansas B, but I had some DD as help - even though I had to dodge some allied torps - and was able to have some fun after that.. even managed to sink the enemy CV... and another win... Still felt a bit naughty... so the Kamikaze came out. Business as usual, though for once it wasn't clubbing T7 BaBByseals but only T5 ones... still was good for 3 sinkers, 61k damage, some caps and a win. Good old Kamikaze rarely disappoints... And Crispy Creme... Did some of the good old Dakka-Dakka and managed to sink a - very surprised, I guess Omaha by sticking a full broadside of AP into it's broadside... Kaboom... Next was a FurryTaco that didn't expect torps coming around that island's edge... Kaboom... and then I managed to get torped by the dying Taco's own torpedoes... kaboom... Nonetheless the battle was won and 2 sinkers and 32k damage ain't too shabby.. So... 55% winrate. 47k average damage and 1.56 average sinkers... and an okay-ish PR of 1961 - I'll never get to a unicorn winrate if I don't play more constant, I guess.. but who wants to be a unicorn anyway, right?
  4. Mikasa is lackluster!

    As long as I can do my best Atlanta imitation at T5 - sitting behind an island and spamming HE at anything that gets in range - I don't bother much about hitrate yeah, that is the most logical reason... nonetheless the Mikasa still works great against those low tier russian cruisers and DDs
  5. Ah... generation smartphone again... How about "You want to learn something? Then try it until you have mastered it." All the kids today just want to get their stuff served on a silver platter, so they don't have to do much themselves... Add to that, it helps nothing to watch a unicorn go sealclubbing, when oneself has not a spark of skill at aiming and all that... the newbie watches 10 videos and enters the game and everything goes south from there... the team doesn't play as he has seen it in the videos... he is solo and not in a comfy division (like CCs usually are...) and his aim is utterly bad... So no, "we" don't need those guys at low tier. And newbs don't need them either. Some training missions by WG would be nice to learn how to play this game.
  6. I hope they just stay at "high tier". Low/Mid tier don't need them people.
  7. Map is okay as it is now, but players are losing braincells at an accelerated rate nowadays it seems... the potato percentage - P% - has increased greatly over the last couple months... or rather since WoWs hit Steam. I often wonder how all these people manage to function without a working brain in everyday life... but they probably don't and play WoWs instead...
  8. Mikasa is lackluster!

    @UANick Listen to this man, OP... he does nearly as much damage in Mikasa as me and even has a better winrate! And I don't really see any need to buff Mikasa... alas, any buff would of course be greatly appreaciated. There's another ship that, compared to Mikasa, is really in dire need of a buff: please give the Crispy Creme a spotting plane!
  9. Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Best DD for T7 battles is - as for T4, T5 and T6 battles - the Kamikaze. 'nuff said...
  10. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    So... got back in the afternoon and had time for a couple battles... two in Ishizuchi - a loss and a win - with mediocre stats... two in Königsberg - a loss and a win - with okay-ish stats (in the lost game) a loss in my Ibuki, with some horrible teammates and mediocre stats by me... time to take out the safe ships... a win in my Kamikaze. 29k damage, 1 kill and the cap to win the game (standard battle) a win in the Yubari - 41k damage, 1 kill, 11 Hosho planes shot down and the cap to win the game... (standard battle) a win in the Vampire - 29k damage, 4 kills and the cap etc. etc. a loss in the Crispy Creme... darn it, but I became the main target of half the enemy team in a T7 battle right from the start. Still made 26k damage and ended ahead of 5 other ships in the score list of the losing team.. Teams today were quite ugly again... so I did my best to secure wins by capping when possible. Worked out a few times and didn't work out a few times... Still it was good enough for a 55% winrate, 31k average damage (meh ), 1 average sinker (meh2 ) and only an average 1200 PR (meh3 )
  11. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Spend too much time rendering nudes and having pizza from a grill with my wife's family the last days, but today was BattleTime tm again. Weekend... so low tier... or rather even lower than usual tier for me... Did horrible in three battles in my Vampire today. I have a 70+% winrate in it usually... today it was 0%. Did only 28k average damage and horiible teams didn't help either.. bah.. just forget about it... Ishizuchi with Yamamoto on the wheel... Felt nasty, so I went after the enemy DDs... got two of them and a cruiser for 36k damage and a win. Itchy Suzi - the first HE spammer! Orion in a T5 battle - so what? Okay, I got sunk, but I did 64k damage and lead a - solo - push that made half the enemy team break up their attempt to go ahead over a flank and go after me, giving our side the advantage on that flank. I got sunk, but the team managed to win against a disrupted enemy. Felt even more nasty, so Kamikaze came out... 58k damage and 3 sinkers, a cap or two and being a pita to the enemy team... the usual stuff for a Kamikaze, right? In every battle before there had been CVs around, so Yubari was called into action... and no CV was there... so I had to go and look for some DDseals to club. Got one... and a cruiser too... and some damage on BBs... 72k total with the 2 sinkers in a won game Arkansas B - and of course there's a CV in the battle... My team entirely ignored the enemy DDs which secured our loss in a Domination Battle. I only managed 47k and a sinker, but couldn't carry a T5 battle with mentally handicapped players being in the majority on my team Still some more battles to go in the Königsberg before she gets grandfathered... although.. I'm not really sure if I want to grandfather her. And a battle like the one today, with 101k damage and a kraken in a won game. Finally got taken down by a really nicely done torpedo cross drop by one of the enemy team's two CVs, but that didn't keep our side from winning a minute later... Seems Kö'berg tries hard not to get finally grandfathered and gives me good games lately... And the last one... for once a win in the Crispy Creme. Didn't manage a sinker, but 41k damage and a lot of annoying was done against the enemy team... So... 60% winrate, an average of 50k damage, 1.6 average sinkers per battle and a 2200 PR at WoWs S&N... looks like last friday somehow... Tomorrow we'll meet some fiends so no battles for me again... but there's always sunday...
  12. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got me my Solo Warrior so long ago that I don't even remember in which ship I got it... Probably was in a low tier DD... And I had a battle, where running as fast as possible secured a win for my team, too... it was my battle in the... ...Ibuki. It was a dmination battle on "Ice Islands" in which I first went to the northern-most cap alone - at least for a while, until a Roon followed me. Together we sank a Minotaur there - the only enemy ship challenging the cap. Went west and south from there, sniping at the enemy around the other two caps and trying to fade from the enemies' memory between salvos. For a short while our team held all three caps, then attrition set in and more and more of my allies went down. Enemy took the south and middle cap, but with only 30 seconds and a big lead I chose wisely to leg it as far as possible. So I secured the win - yay! - and ended the battle with (only) 66k damage, a sinker and - tadaa - a Dreadnaught Award. As the weekend is over it was some higher tier battles for me today, so I took the Bismarck for a ride... valiantly steamed ahead, right into the enemies, leading the push... except there was none, as usual... so after a while I went down in the focus fire, with nobody around to give me a breather... only 66k damage and not even a sinker, but at least the team managed to win the battle Hsienyang... not sure if I like this ship. First battles I did in it I tried radar and learned that I'm no good with radar, especially with a not fully retrained captain... So the battles before ended with me sinking fast and mostly losses... or all losses? Well, this time I chose smoke instead of radar and it felt a lot better... Yeah, I'm more of a sneaky sealclubber I guess... two sinkers and 49k damage and a win... Captain is now retrained, and I'll see if it makes much of a difference... And the fourth and last battle of the day: Crispy Creme... somehow I wonder if it's the ship or the unluckyness of the non-irish, but I seem to get potato teams with a much higher percentage in the CC than in any other ship... My alled ships decided to suicide hard and fast against the enemies while I was fighting a retreating battle nearly from the start. As too many ships were able to target me after a while, the "retreating battle" didn't go on for long. I managed a sinker and 27k damage, but went "Boom" myself soon after. The only loss of the day... One thing that really makes me wonder is how I manage to have a 74% winrate (over nearly 50 battles) in my Ibuki, even though my stats are rather... mediocre... only 51k average damage and 0.7 average sinkers per battle in it.. still I often survive and games are won... luck with the teams? Surely it can't be skill from my person... Among all of my ships with at least 10 battles the Ibuki is #6 by winrate... #5 is Vampire (75% / 49 battles), #4 Gadjah Mada (77.5% / 40 battles), #3 Tenryu (80% / 10 battles), #2 Storozhevoi (80% / 10 battles) and #1 is Chikuma (90% / 10 battles). The next T8+ ship by winrate is my Bismarck with 53% on place - tadaa - 76. Seems I fit better into the low/medium tier bracket, except for when using the Ibuki?!?
  13. camping BB

    Yes. Usually there's also at least 1/3 of the BaBBy Driver's brain removed in the process. Then there's a reduction of their manual skills as soon as they get close to an island, so they can't use the A or D key properly, leaving them with only the W and A key. Which fits their "kemp bush" mentality perfectly... Any more questions?
  14. Tin foil hat... (TFH)

    This sounds too much like "american" to me. Which I ain't. And have no intention to become. If You want an answer to your question, than adressing me as a Forumista would be more proper