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  1. I desperately need a facepalm smiley for the "reactions"
  2. Deckeru_Maiku

    General CV related discussions.

    Considering how much their intentions got f*cked up by what came out of the changes, one might come to the idea that WG doesn't know sh*t about their own game... it's as if the people "designing " these changes never played a single battle...
  3. & Am I wrong or is there still no solution for subs detecting DDs in smoke?
  4. Deckeru_Maiku

    dear diary, it's happening.... thank u!

    Maybe make sure to keep him off the booze or funny mushrooms or whatever he took to straighten up his writing skills ^v^
  5. Deckeru_Maiku

    are you serious WG

    So now cruisers start to face the same perils that DDs had since the HE rocketplanes were dropped on them like pigeon sh*t... Sounds okay to me... Now we just need another CV class to crap on BBs like that... hmmm... when will Russian CVs be implemented? ^v^
  6. Deckeru_Maiku

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    yes please.. make her a T4 ship... I'd love to have a Kita as a T4... sending waves and wave of love to the opposing team... ^^ that's like an Isokaze on steroids... ^^
  7. Deckeru_Maiku

    General CV related discussions.

    Well, that proves what potatoes most CV players - Unicorns excepted - must be, that they need that many planes to get over a battle without becoming useless... Or what WG thinks of it's playerbase - we need to feed them tons of planes, because they don't know sh*t who to preserve them, so they would run out of planes only 5 minutes into the battle and then be even more useless than with planes... In RTS it was possiible to de-plane a Hosho AND a Langley with a single Yubari... you try that now, you end up dead with 40+ plane kills... so much fun and engaging gameplay... Thanks for making this clear, El2a..
  8. Deckeru_Maiku

    Finally got my first coal ship and wow.

    Krispy Kreme isn't a bad ship. It helps to giver her Captain BFT and AFT for faster dakka-dakka and loonger range (would lover her to get a spotter plane *sigh*) and AFAIK Inertia Fuse helps, too... to get a bit fire chance back use Demo expert and flag.. and you're ready to go... And as I said Krispy Kreme is my "fun" ship, it doesn't matter if I win or lose in her (even though I manage 53% solo wins in her) but only watching the rainbows of fiery love descending on enemy ships... Many players seem to think that the constant dakka-dakka doesn't do no harm and ignore the Kreme... which often turns out as a mistake, when there's one fire after the other started, due to the sheer amount of shells coming at them. Yes, the KK is flimsy and can be obliterated by a single BB salvo. But that is true for many cruisers. On the other hand, if one is lucky and a bit angled and the enemy BB isn't that bright, you can point your nose at that BB and just sail along until you are in torpedo range, ignoring lots of AP shells getting bounced (if the BB shoots HE you probably go down fast ^^) Nothing better to burn down a Gneisenau that ignores the fiery rainbows of love for too long ^^ Oh and the Krispy Kreme was the first ship I managed to get from a supercontainer. And yes, at first I though WG would be trolling me, but soon I learned to love her... :)
  9. Deckeru_Maiku

    General CV related discussions.

    Although Your analysis is right on point, for a majority of CV players it will not matter, as they probably never will leave the dark regions of T4 and T6 which is where they try (and sometimes do) shine their light and manage to make other player's lives miserable.. Just replace any missing ships from other classes by bots. The good bots maybe. CV players will see no difference. ^v^
  10. Deckeru_Maiku

    Finally got my first coal ship and wow.

    I got my Krispy Kreme for having fun... Sometimes I just want to set the world - or at least some enemy BBs - on fire, and she's kinda good at that.... ^v^
  11. It wasn't that bad. Edinburgh was meh for me, then Neptune was okay again, but I royally s*cked at Minotaur and just couldn't find a way to make it work. I'm not made for T10 Island Hugging Meta... So I did reset and now I only have the T4 to T7 in my port, which I enjoy playing.
  12. and others don't give a flying f*ck about her ^v^
  13. Deckeru_Maiku

    Strange defeat after just 7 minutes ?!

    After a while some people - me, for example - tend to stop caring about winrate, as it's mostly influenced by other people (= 11 teammates and 12 enemies), which can often be seen by people doing tons of damage, several kills and a high personal rating and still losing the battle due to teammates getting sunk faster than one can sink the enemy...
  14. Deckeru_Maiku

    Finally got my first coal ship and wow.

    Soo... more damage, fewer kills and only half the winrate... doesn't look that successfull to me. ^v^
  15. I reset three ship lines up to now - US DDs, French BBs and RN Cruisers - and got no ship, due to not having many of those research points, because I reset lines that I didn't want to play again - except for RN Cruisers, but only up to the Fiji.