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  1. Deckeru_Maiku

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I was too lazy to screenshots today, but I can show the WOWS S&N data: T4 battle with 1 CV per team but 3 bots for each team... was about a normal battle, until my team started to seriously eff up in the end. With 7 minutes to go (!) we were down 1 cap to 2, behind 400something to 700something points... and my Yubari was the only ship of my team left (at 60% HP or so) against the enemy Langley (50% HP), a Yubari (80% HP) and a nearly dead Derfflinger (I think..) controlled by human players (I think ^^) So I did what I had to do: go after the enemy CV while dodging bombs/torps/rockets, evading the enemy Yubari... when the Yubari showed up behind me, I had changed to AP ammo and was glad to see a nice broadside, which ended that threat fast. More dodging and a missed torp launch by me, but with a bit of luck I sank the CV next, giving me the Kraken and, unfair as I am, the special heal by Yamamoto as the reward... so when the BB appeared - really don't know why he did try to sink me, as their team was STILL 200 points and 1 cap ahead - I was surprised to see it having less than 2k hp left. Dodged one salvo, hit a couple times with HE shells and started a fire and.. Bingo... boom it went... That battle gave me 2k base (!) exp which was 1300 exp more than the number 2 player on my team *cough* The Leone battle was not so impressive. Except for the fact, that the battle featured three (3!) T6 subs per team... and two (2!) T6 CVs per team. Leone has okay-ish AA but no anti sub arms at all... Luckylierwise the enemy sub players were rather sub-par (pun intended) and two of them got themselves ganked within the first 5 minutes of the battle. And IIRC I managed to take down one of the enemy CVs and - more importantly - to win and survive (!) the battle.
  2. The main problem with that is probably that WG and the players have different ideas about what "worse to play" means.
  3. Official answers never fail to amuse me without end.
  4. Deckeru_Maiku

    Automatic ASW for CVs (Closed Testing)

    WG is sure that CV players are not able to handle all the multitasking needed to set a flight group on a save route, tab back to the CV hull, use the ASW mechanic as ordinary ships, then tab back to the flight group again.. well too much thinking and button pressing involved for the Special Player Support Class (aka CV). And I think WGs code bunnies would probably not be able to come up with a working mechanic for that anyway...
  5. Deckeru_Maiku

    General Submarines related discussions

    The usual: Ignore the negative ones and refer to the few positive ones as "player feedback was that they love submarines (and CVs)"
  6. In the current political situation, putting a russian Czar from a time of imperialistic expansion as a captain into the game feels a bit... patriotic? What will we get next? A "Z" camo?
  7. Let's hope the WG won't get Lavrov'd when trying to go to Serbia...
  8. Deckeru_Maiku

    General Submarines related discussions

    Just wanted to say that after being not allowed to post in this forum for about two (or was it three?) months and abstaining from posting for another month, I am now back. I even played the game on the weekend again, while not doing so while I was silenced in the forum. Nice to see that nothing has changed for the better. There's still subs in the game, CVs are about as healthy for the gameplay as ever and the motivation to play only PvP up to T4 and higher tiers only in PvE for missions is the same. Makes it easy for me to continue to not to spend a single cent on this game :) Apart from the above, did I miss anything vital concerning subs that happened in the last couple months?
  9. Deckeru_Maiku

    General CV related discussions.

    it's inability or maybe the unwillingness to do what would be needed to balance CVs, as that would mean too many CV players dropping the class like the dogturd that is commonly known to be
  10. Deckeru_Maiku

    Game experience after two months of not playing

    Always nice to hear that so many resources are spent on such vital additions to the game that are asked for by such an overwhelming majority of the playerbase.
  11. Deckeru_Maiku

    Moskva got sunk

    Late to the party, but I have to add that the lack of amphibious actions at the Odessa theatre shows the importance that Moskva had for the Black Sea Fleet and the whole Special Olympics Operation of the russians.
  12. Deckeru_Maiku

    General Submarines related discussions

    CoOp is bad enough with CoOp bots playing "hit that island" or "torp your allies". Not really a need to have useless bot controlled CVs (which don't seem to be able to use planes properly) or U-Bots (who stay underwater until their dive counter runs out) on either CoOp team...
  13. And soontm there will be bot controlled Supership, SuperCarriers and (Super)U-Bots to help out all those useless human players... Having bots in the human team in CoOp battles makes me want to lean back and see the catastrophy happen... torping allies, ramming islands, planes beyond useless and subs that don't do anything vital until the end of battle, when they have to surface due to no dive timer left... I really start playing again... and play a lot T10 CoOp battles... this will be utterly amusing... like a traffic accident. Horrible sight, but one can't just look away from it...
  14. Deckeru_Maiku

    Enough is enough !!

    I think I got more caps taken in my Tirpitz in CoOps than with any of my DDs... Standard procedure: pray for domination battle... if you get one go to 2. pray to spawn on either flank, hopefully alone.. if that happens go to 3. ignore the rest of your team and their struggles... go to YOUR cap and concentrate on the sole enemy ship that probably tries to keep you from taking the cap. watch half of your team get a single kill by going full kamikaze (usually DDs...) and after taking YOUR cap go on to do some more damage and stuff... hope you get lucky and even manage to get another cap, when the team failed to take the middle cap earlier (see "DDs going full kamikaze") works quite often for me...
  15. Deckeru_Maiku

    Best t5 tech tree ship for 2vs2

    Minekaze is mostly underrated, as people always compare it with the Kamikaze... in the right hands she's as nasty as her sister. Emerald... totally overlooked by most people, who struggle to play her. Torps are okay-ish and the smoke give her an edge in a radar-less surrounding. Nicholas is also nice... When going Premium: Krispy Kreme... best ship in the game at T5 Hill is also nice... and in the right hands and on the right maps the Okhotnik can be devastating... or get devastated on the not so right maps...