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  1. Deckeru_Maiku

    Fantasy vs reality Submarine Edition.

    You mean the one that single-handedly won the Battle of Tsushima for the russians?
  2. Deckeru_Maiku

    General CV related discussions.

    There's probably people around who would pay money to see that...
  3. Deckeru_Maiku

    Why does Groningen not have a Radar?

    IMHO there's quite a few other things in the game that are worse than ships that can radar from smoke for... what? 30 seconds max or so? and most of them have wings..
  4. Deckeru_Maiku

    Why does Groningen not have a Radar?

    That's the reason why there's no ships in game that can radar from smoke.... Oh... wait...
  5. Deckeru_Maiku

    How would you define "carry".

    Only watched the first two, but, dude, why don't I don't get such potato enemies? Okay, as the CV you slaughtered some innocent T6 enemies, frustrated that BB that you kinda charged at and then the DD saved the day with his CV kill... And in the Harry's Gummi you encountered the masters of potatoes it seems, letting do "DD things" nearly unmolested. Add to that a shipload of luck in form of missed shots against you and the result isn't unexpected... But yes, managing a win while you teammates compete for the "most innovative way to get sunk award" is carrying... but you also got a shipload of luck
  6. Deckeru_Maiku

    ships Radar

    With just a little effort you could have seen that I've around since the end of WoWs beta phase... so, yes, I was around before radar was introduced. And I played all ship classes then. I was around when invisible firing for ships with gun ranges beyond their visibilty was removed. Played all classes then, too. Only after the CV reeework I stopped playing CVs. So... Radar in the form it is in the game is shitty game design. So is hydro. And "group spotting". And most other crutches WG put in the game to dumb it down for potatoes (mostly those that are commonly called "BaBBies" (= players that concentrate on playing BBs without even a basic knowledge of the game's mechanics; not used for really skilled BB players). So putting sh*tty game mechanics into the game because laziness or inability to programming something proper is... sh*tty game design. See CV reeework, submarines that will come, radar and hydro working through kilometers of rock and quite a few other mindboggling stupid design choices.
  7. Deckeru_Maiku

    9 vs 9 random match

    I always appreciate it a lot when I get the rare experience of a lower number of players in a random battle. From my experience it makes the battles way less static and a lot more rewarding for people playing tactical, compared to the "lets go with the herd and hope we can overwhelm the enemy" approach often used in 12vs12. Of course when ending up in a 9 vs 9 with two CVs on each team - and yes, had that happening several times of the last two years, and not only at T4 - can be an one of a time experience...
  8. Deckeru_Maiku

    How would you define "carry".

    This.. doesn't need to be a lot of sinking or damaging ships, but can be anything from tanking half the opposing team to allow your team to pick them off or going through the channel on Two Brothers, at that one rare moment when it leads to not getting blapped when coming on the other side, to halt the opponents' advance and allows your team to regroup and do the final victorious push... in the case of WoWs that should of course be two sacks of potatoes...
  9. Deckeru_Maiku

    General CV related discussions.

    The most disturbing thing about this is, that You know that it's utter oxfeces, and still have the bollocks to write it down here, just to defend your precious little win rate adjusters toys... but luckily we all got to that from you long ago, so not taking anything serious what you bring to the "discussion" has become a habit anyway
  10. Deckeru_Maiku

    PSA: server transfer

    No, I brought other peoples political views into the discussion.
  11. Deckeru_Maiku

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    just thinking of today where four (!) bot ships (3 BBs and a cruiser) got stuck on Two Brothers map when trying to go through channel.... now add Dutch Cruisers, Hybrids and submarines into that... ... I bet enormous amounts of lulz will be had...
  12. Deckeru_Maiku

    PSA: server transfer

    You could do the sensible thing and just relocate to europe again!?! Just imagine come 2024 that orange man might be back and you would get into the stream of political refugees trying to go from the USofA to europe
  13. Deckeru_Maiku

    ships Radar

    yeah, that is probably the most over-used excuse for sh*tty or at least lazy gamedesign...
  14. Deckeru_Maiku

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    I will play subs... ....in CoOp (of course only if WG makes it possible... else I won't play subs) to force a bot controlled sub into the battle and to share lots of lulz about the genius programming it surely will show...
  15. Deckeru_Maiku

    Dutch cruisers

    Seems that I'm too dumb to use that Kickdown.... sorry... Kijkduin properly. Did 9 battles in randoms today in her. Got my full share of +0/+1/+2 MMs and lots of potato teams... still I got 5 wins (not really by my effort/skill) but kinda abysmal damage (avarage 29k), kills (average 0.33) but splendid plane kills (average(!!!) 12.44 and there were a couple battles without CVs...) without skilling into AA with my 6 pts captain or using the fighter consumable. Plane damage... rather meh... but on the right map with the right enemies one can keep the enemies from advancing because "oooh... there might be the OP dutch planes coming for me if I advance..." which was the influence on the meta that I expected... and yes, three skilled Kijkduin players in a division CAN wreak havoc with enemy ships when they coordinate well enough... The one thing that bothers me most is, that I'm not sure how that Airstrike timing works. Is it always 15 secs for the bombs to splash into the water? 'cause when used in less than maximal 10 km range I think (!) the timer after starting the attack showed only 7 seconds (or so) once... Guess it's going to the training room for me to check it out... tomorrow...