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  1. I'm not a friend of the idea to implement subs into the game. Here's why: WG will definately eff-up implementing them. BaBBies will have another excuse to kemp bush because of now even more torpedo soup!! But there's one really good reason for subs being implemented in the game... Potatoes will flock to them, as they will appear as the "ultimate weapon" - invisible, powerful and deadly... Well.. and another reason...
  2. What's with the DD meta these days?

    I just play for fun There's some reasond for the lack of division play: I usually play during german early afternoon only I prefer to immediately leave a battle after getting sunk - happens often - and jump in the next ship... to get sunk again... rinse, repeat.. I don't really like T8+ play, which reduces the number of possible divisions.. and even though I think my winrate will rise like dough if I would play more divisions, it would also meant I would have to set back my personal interest for the common good of the division... solo I can dowhat I want and - when I see that I got a potato team again - go YOLO if I want to... Divisions would probably be boring, when I would do them with all those windowlickers from my clan (and allies). Just look at my division winrate... always winning would be boring soon, I guess..
  3. What's with the DD meta these days?

    Radar... and too many dumb BaBBies kemping bush... sorry... islands instead of playing aggressive and giving support. Capping is for suiciders now with the phat radar meta... so I usually spot and see what my "allies" do. Usually they do nothing useful, so I go for damage, to get at least some exp out of the loss...
  4. The problem with Seal Clubbers

    hmmm... lets see... Vampire, 69 battles, 71% winrate, 35k average damage, 1.57 average kills... yeah, seems to qualify... Campbeltown, 78 battles, 64% winrate, 32k average damage, 1.35 average kills... maybe this one too... Right now I rather prefer to club seals in my Yubari or Crispy Creme... or better, look for those Kamikazes and Fujins at T5 and club them
  5. I could understand rage because of getting TK'ed on purpose... but because of losing Karma??? Karma??? Karma is so utterly useless in this game, I nearly wet my pants every time I manage to gather 10 pts - which usually means about every 6 months or so and never stays about that for longer than a couple days or so...
  6. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    At least tell us if he was pink or not... Met @TomBombardil in a Lyon in my "assembling of players" - as I can't call that a team... at least not those on my flank... - while overextending in my Bismarck. The allied DD in front of me suicided without need and the cruisers and other BBs behind me did their best "kemp bush" WoT imitation. Tom was busy capping the middle cap when I got sunk and left the game... don't even know if it was a win or loss... Nonetheless nice to see You
  7. Carriers are not good for the game

    With the problems associated with potato controlled BBs the presence of potato controlled BBs in the game had been severely reduced to the point where I only saw potato controlled BBs in maybe 9/10 games. Now I suddenly see them in 10/10 games and I'm noticing how it's severely impacting my enjoyment of the game. For me potato controlled BBs add nothing positive to the game, they do however add lost of frustration. I don't see this changing without a rework.
  8. Considering the utterly "interesting" gameplay at T10 I probably won't ever own many T10 ships for very long. Or at least won't play them often. So many of the ships I have now will stay in my port and see the sea probably more often than any T10.
  9. Win Rate and High stat player attitudes

    I never check peoples stats before, in or after a battle. I never tell anyone to play PvE, because that wouldn't be fair to all the good players playing PvE. But when I see someone playing like an utter brainless potato, I usually tell him to go play something else instead of WoWs... something that doesn't need any tactical skills maybe... something fitting for his mental state... like... Bingo perhaps...
  10. CV Rework Discussion

    Watched the video... Gameplay looked as if it would be utterly boring... flying around with a single squad of planes to find a target, then do four attacks with short pauses between them... then start the long flight back... Okay, one positive aspect - that strafe I never managed is gone... but at least for me the fun of having to multitask all over the map to be effective for the team is also gone Right now I only rarely play CVs and only at T4 when I want to club some seals... I guess that won't change after the "CV rework" but I guess we will see a lot less skilled and many more unskilled CV players in the future. Which will proabably make playing DDs even more fun, which is okay for me. Nonetheless, this rework WILL turn out horrible in the end. Remember, it's WG doing it... the one thing we can always have trust in, is that WG will f**k it up in the end
  11. At least for me that even wasn't what stopped me from playing CVs. Never was a great CV player, but also not an utterly bad one - solo winrates of 59 to 69% up toT7 aren't THAT bad - and it wasn't even the change in torpedo drops. For me it was the addition of strafing that killed the fun of playing CV. I just wasn't ever able to manage a single good strafing attack. Hammer & Anvil Torpedo drops were easy-peasy, but hitting that damn key at the exact time needed to do a proper strafe always evaded me... So I'm stuck to play my two left T4 CVs whenever a mission for them comes up. But only then, as using them makes me feel dirtier than using my Kamikaze with the 19pt captain to club some seals. Nonetheless I expect WG to utterly [edited]up the CV rework. And the attempts to get it working somehow... because WG just can't into CV.
  12. Kicked out of battle?

    crap like this happens when they give them hamsters vodka instead of water...
  13. Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Really great game... just what utterly baffles me when I watch videos like this is that sometimes none of the enemies shows the slightest interest in shotting at that ship that is again and again and again shelling them... Except for that one salvo that nearly sunk him, @wilkatis_LV wasn't really that often shot at, even when he was spotted... astonishing... don't know why, but when I'm trying to do such a display of skill usually every enemy that spots my rear end sends shells my way... Is that some kind of unknown bonus coming with being a "known name"?
  14. Radar Discussion Megathread

    You got an answer. You don't seem to understand the answer. You seem to ask for detailed information about something, that nobody in his right mind would give here to possible opponents on the forum. Considering you have 10k+ games and quite a few of them in DDs it seems quite astonishing to me, that you pretend to be so utterly useless in cruisers against DDs. So you probably are either a troll or just an donkey's backside. Or both.
  15. What is left to say... Booo! Hissss! Pfui!!! This is a scandal!!! Sold my St.Lucifer a while ago.. or rather Grandfathered her after 150 battles with only (!) a 55% winrate and 33k average damage and 1.47 kills/battle. I thought that was enough sealclubbing in this ship...