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  1. I really can't remember a time since beta when this wasn't the case...
  2. Did a little correction for you... And although You are mostly right, the above is not true for bot CV captains. They are absolutely horrific. Which is the reason, why I choose co-op battles whenever a "shoot xx planes" mission allows it. For the current "shoot 25 planes (over any number of battles)" mission I chose my Langley and co-op and did it in one battle. 29 enemy planes shot down... with the 1-1-1 setup. Yeah, I didn't do much damage, but I didn't have to, as the team was cutting through the bots like a hot knife cuts butter. So I just concentrated on the enemy CV and his planes. But I only had time for one (!) airstrike before our team reached the enemy cap and the first cruisers started shooting at the bot CV... Doesn't matter - mission done.
  3. we will surely miss you as much as we did before you came back.
  4. Yeah, same thing as for me.I tried my Orion first. Did some 80k of damage and two sinkers, but the battle was lost and the exp wasn't enough. Next attempt was in my Leander. Usually good for some nice exp. Didn't do too good though, only 32k damage and two sinkers... and 1400 base exp Perth was the next one... and a fiasco. Don't even want to remember that battle or the players in it. I tried my Bismarck next, hoping that a T8 might mean better exp but doing a push along one side without getting supported made it a short battle with too little exp. So my Benson came out for the next battle. Of course it was a T10 battle. And I got sunk while defending a cap without getting support... I was close to giving up. But I took out my Bismarck for another ride. And it was again a T10 battle with Yamatos and all the bells... I took being low tier as the reason to let others do the tanking, but nonetheless ended up taking a cap and defending it against two cruisers and a BB. In the end I had racked up short above 100k damage but no sinker. A cap and several cap defenses were added... and the darn mission was finally done! After that, I had another battle "just for fun" in my Emile Bertin (ya, trying to get some flags of course...) and ended with two sinkers and 78k damage done and about 175 flags total... So... just an ordinary day at WoWs
  5. ...but whoever is responsible for her hairstyle should be flogged and quartered!
  6. Seems my pendulum got stuck on the "you have a team of monkeys" side today.
  7. As I had the rare firsthand experience to witness @xXx_Blogis_xXx in his Saipan today, I can only say two things: Saipan isnt't OP. @xXx_Blogis_xXx in a Saipan is. So nerf @xXx_Blogis_xXx !!! @xXx_Blogis_xXx is a nasty, nasty, nasty person. He event went so far to torp a Blyscawizca who competed with me (in a Blyscawizca, too) for a Cap, denying me the kill. Nasty, I say! Nasty!
  8. Today I joined forces with @xXx_Blogis_xXx for a few battles, because I had to get some more kills for the DD mission. He wanted to do it at T7 in his Saipan (nasty @xXx_Blogis_xXx) so I took my Blyscawizca, in which I'm usually not really that good... only 36k average damage and 53% winrate (both solo)- Somehow the battles magically seemed to go my way and having a CV whom I could trust to do his stuff properly helped a lot. Did two battles in 2 man div, and for a third @AmazingBeaver joined us in his Nagato. Result were three wins (two of which I even experienced not sunk...) and 7 ships sunk by me and an average damage of 52k done - mission done. As I had time for one more battle, I turned to my Nelson next (with the other two staying in their chosen ships...) for another win, but a mediocre battle for me (only 49k damage...) in which the only great achievement for me was a blind shot over 13km range at a (damaged) DD that had just smoked up and scoring the kill with it, which secured me completing the mission about hunting DDs in anything but a DD.
  9. Well, I got dedicated captains for nearly all my IJN ships, so the one I use on the Yubari (and only on the Yubari) can do with being specialised on AA
  10. easy... Start your post and when you reach the point where a name should be added use the @ sign and then the name of the player. In your case it would be @ + NothingButTheRain. After the first couple letters of the name a list should show with possible entries. @nothingbut would give a list with 4 possible hits, @NothingButTheRain being one of them.
  11. If You want AA at T4 get a Yubari. Plays like a DD without smoke, terrible torpedo launcharc and only two turrets... but those planes just keep falling out of the sky around it. True, it has been nerfed since beta, but it still is an airplane graveyard for CV captains not knowing it...
  12. Cool... another russian ship I wouldn't want to play even if I got paid for it. Lucky me who won't even have to find an excuse to not play clan battles, because I'm too bad for it anyway and would have to rent a ship for it as I don't have a T10 anyway
  13. Uhm... seems I'm totally on the loss here. How would a "nation-state" (had to check wikipedia for that, as I don't ever thought of Germany as being one... with Germany being full of people originating from all countries of Europe around it since the Medievial Age... and only being Germany for a bit more than 100 years and before that an assembly of many small different countries with different local dialects...) "officially replace" a word? Well, yes, that's what was supposed to happen with "Nase" and it didn't even work then... Also the concept of "native germans" is quite weird to me. We have Frisians, Bavarians, Suebes, Thuringians, Saxons and Nethersaxons and.. and... and... all living in Germany. Many of them have been invested with more than a drop of "foreign blood" over the centuries. If one would check, I bet theres a lot of roman blood in great parts of the southern germans. And - depending on the distance to the next neighbouring country - also dutch, belgium, danisch, swedish, polish, russian, french etc. etc. etc. blood. The "german language" - germanic - wasn't even a language spoken in all of germany for quite some time in history. All the different tribes had their own dialects, and some even have them now. When a frisian meets a bavarian and they both speak their regional dialects, it is as if they were from different countries... Add to that, that over the centuries all the time new words have been added into the german language, sometimes replacing older words, not by law, but because they weren't used any longer. So we have latin bits... since napoleonic times quite a bit french and since WW2 a lot of english injected into common german. Some of these "injected" words are then later replaced by a germanized version. Again, not by law, but by common usage. As I wrote already, only the french would be stupid enough to do this by law... Then there are the words, that get kinda re-injected into the german language. Like the "Hamburger". The word "Burger" isn't an english term associated with a beef patty. In fact, before the americans "invented" the Hamburger, there has been a "Hamburger Beefsteak" as a local dish in Hamburg (the city) for quite a while. Germans took that recipe for a steak made from chopped beef to america and the americans added ketchup, salad and a soggy bun to it and after WW2 re-imported it as a novelty to germany. So hamburger is more a german than an american word. AFAIK there is no "Record of Officially German Words" that keeps people from using words not being in that record by punishing them. We have the Duden, but that is only a dictionary... okay, it is used as vocabulary and grammatical base for official papers and stuff. But all the time it gets upgraded by including words that rose to common usage. So it's not the state changing the language - it's the public by using new or different words.
  14. hmmm... windowlicker, ey? Should I take that personal? Nah... I'm to old for that... so old, I even had to google what windowlicker is supposed to mean.
  15. Ich hatte knapp 67% winrate... da darf Freitag der 13te gern monatlich kommen